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auvesy0719In the data management software "Versiondog" from Auvesy From now on you can manage the data of Kuka KR C4 robot projects. As of version 7.0, the solution that includes versioning, comparison and backup is completely integrated. Additional paid software or the Versiondog script package are no longer necessary.

ags0619The Cobots are on the rise. But what if the standards offered by robot manufacturers reach their limits when simple pliers are not enough? The plastics industry demands flexible solutions that can be adapted to the product. AGS offers with the new MRK-Gripper Kit the flexibility and versatility of its "Precigrip" grippers.

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The IRB 6790 is the latest Foundry Prime robot in the ABB portfolio. It offers degree of protection IP69. All surfaces of the robot are coated or made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion. This makes it suitable for washing and cleaning applications with 100% humidity.

gimatic10619Motek Hall 3, 3221 Stand

Up to now, there have often been only either specific ones on the market grabType for UR robots or a universal gripper that is very large, heavy and costly. Gimatic has recognized this and has launched its plug-and-play program as a starter kit for the new "E Series" from Universal Robots (UR). From ten types and 20 variants, the user can select the right gripper for their application. These flexibly and precisely access different parts.

The University of California, Berkeley has developed a robot that can hop like a flea. The one-legged "Salto-1P" can bounce very high and precise and is very agile. Sloping or moving surfaces are no problem for him. The only thing missing is the sparkling idea for a meaningful application.

Gimatic is provider for EAOT (End of Arm Tooling) solutions and presented his robotics expertise in a small video. The user can now view these in advance via Augented Reality.

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