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gimatic0919K Hall 10, Stand E55

Gimatic presents two innovative sprue grabs for picking parts from plastic injection molding machines: Into the Series DD and a PB series The gripper specialist has integrated a patented Afragesystem, which eliminates previously existing disadvantages when gripping.

fruitcore0919Motek Hall 7, 7420 Stand

Fruitcore Robotics "Horst" (Highly Optimized Robotics Systems Technology) has developed a powerful and cost-effective 6-axis industrial robot with a new kinematic approach that can be quickly implemented and easily programmed without any specialist knowledge. This is made possible by the new drive technology and the intuitive software. It gives the user decisive operating advantages.

wagner0919Motek Hall 3, 3301 Stand

Friedemann Wagner presents the Parallel gripper PGMwhich is quite simply constructed. It is very compact, easy to maintain and functionally leads to an always centering gripping system. The pneumatically moved piston transmits via a hard-chromed piston rod its movement directly onto a guide slot, the so-called deflection piece.

Motek Hall 7, 7227 Stand

Weiss Robotics presents the smart handling solution "Gripkit"for the robot, which makes it easy to implement pick-and-place tasks.

formhand0919Motek Hall 7, 7226 Stand

As part of the 4.0 industry in handling technology, flexible grippers are becoming increasingly important instead of the often-used rigid and inflexible grippers. So far, it is customary to construct or procure a separate gripper for almost every object. The shape handTechnology is now an efficient and effective alternative. The combination of granulate-filled cushions with a low-pressure surface vacuum has created a gripper with unmatched flexibility.

auvesy0719In the data management software "Versiondog" from Auvesy From now on you can manage the data of Kuka KR C4 robot projects. As of version 7.0, the solution that includes versioning, comparison and backup is completely integrated. Additional paid software or the Versiondog script package are no longer necessary.

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