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EKS angel introduces the new Managed Gigabit switch "E-Light-4G-M", which was especially developed for industrial and building automation, intelligent transport systems and smart city applications. As it is only 30 mm wide, this switch, which supports Profinet and is prepared for TSN, enables a high packing density in the control cabinet, thus reducing operating costs.

It has eight electrical ports (10 / 100 / 1000-Base-TX) and two optical uplinks (1000-Base-FX) for singlemode or multimode fibers that can carry data over distances of up to 100 km. Redundancy procedures such as MRP and RSTP ensure fast network reconfiguration. The software works with all browsers and operating systems, from Linux to Windows to Apple and Android. This allows the switch to be managed both via PC and smartphone and tablet. The diagnostic functions can be linked to alarms that are displayed via SNMP, e-mail or relay.

The IP40 protection switch, designed for a temperature range of -70 ┬░ to + 20 ┬░ C, has a redundant power supply (12-60 VDC) and complies with all relevant EMC standards. The rugged metal housing for DIN rail mounting measures 155 x 30 x 102 mm. The electrical ports have sockets for RJ45 plugs. The optical uplinks support the Bidi technology, with which data can be transmitted over one fiber in two directions via the SC plug. There are also variants with ST, and E2000 connection technology.

The switch can be managed via SNMP and a web interface. Its self-explanatory user interface, which is similar to consumer-related operating concepts, makes it easy to configure and monitor without special IT skills. Evaluable parameters include the status of the ports, the temperature of the device and its power supply, or the state of the fiber links. For data backup and software updates interfaces for USB sticks and SD cards are available.

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