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Industrial image processing for machines and plants

isravision0919Motek Hall 7, 7214 Stand

The high power sensor "Powerpick 3D" from Isra Vision achieves maximum speeds with the "Quad Camera Technology" and empties wire mesh boxes extremely fast. "Minipick 3D, on the other hand, is optimized for components up to a few millimeters in edge length and thus meets even requirements for applications in the fields of precision mechanics, electronics, the toy industry or comparable industries.

The new plug-and-play 3D D435e camera from Framos Designed specifically for industrial requirements and harsh environments such as robotics, logistics or retail. The precise and easy-to-implement 3D technology with GigE Vision enables advanced automation applications. It has the "Intel®s Realsense" technology.

cretec0819High flexibility and the finest detection capability of features in industrial image processing are directly linked to intelligently controlled lighting quality. Modular variable LED systems of individual formats from Cretec optimize the precise image processing economically and technologically.

stemmer0619Allied Vision extends the functional scope of the ultra-compact macro-camerasthat are equipped with Sony Exmor Pregius CMOS sensors, two attractive features. These entry-level models now support Precision Time Protocol (PTP), which enables precise synchronization of multi-camera systems, as well as Trigger over Ethernet (ToE).

Baumer0519Control Hall 3, 3504 Stand

Five new models with 10 GigE Vision compliant interface to use optical cables extend the range Industrial cameras of the LX series from Baumer, The cameras are suitable for applications that require a high bandwidth of 1,1 GB / s over long distances. Depending on the SFP + module used, long-haul solutions up to 10 km can be realized - completely without a media converter.

optoengineering0419Control Hall 4, 4404 Stand

In the "TC Core Plus" series of Opto engineering These are wide-field telecentric lenses for area-scan cameras designed specifically for the latest-generation 1 / 1,8 "and 2 / 3" CMOS sensors. Its optomechanical design is suitable for measuring large objects in confined spaces.

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