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Turck0619Mit der der VS8-Reihe seines Optosensorik-Partners Banner Engineering bietet Turck jetzt Miniatursensoren zur pr√§zisen Erkennung in engen Baur√§umen oder in der N√§he sich bewegender Objekte an. Die optoelektronischen Sensoren erkennen sehr kleine Teile und weitere schwierige Objekte, die andere Sensoren leicht √ľberfordern.

gimatic10619Up to now, there have often been only either specific ones on the market grabType for UR robots or a universal gripper that is very large, heavy and costly. Gimatic has recognized this and has launched its plug-and-play program as a starter kit for the new "E Series" from Universal Robots (UR). From ten types and 20 variants, the user can select the right gripper for their application. These flexibly and precisely access different parts.

stemmer0619Allied Vision extends the functional scope of the ultra-compact macro-camerasthat are equipped with Sony Exmor Pregius CMOS sensors, two attractive features. These entry-level models now support Precision Time Protocol (PTP), which enables precise synchronization of multi-camera systems, as well as Trigger over Ethernet (ToE).

The University of California, Berkeley has developed a robot that can hop like a flea. The one-legged "Salto-1P" can bounce very high and precise and is very agile. Sloping or moving surfaces are no problem for him. The only thing missing is the sparkling idea for a meaningful application.

Manifold0619DJI presents with the "Manifold 2"A particularly compact and powerful onboard computer especially for use with drones and thus the next generation of autonomous robotics. With the additional processing power, users can process complex image data directly at the drone and receive results immediately. Drones can also be programmed to fly autonomously, identify objects and avoid obstacles.

Baumer0619technical articles

The optimal way to more efficiency in the production is the standardization, although the demands on individualization increase. But is that possible? Every industry, every machine, every application needs the appropriate technical solution. A good example of this are sensors whose properties must always be precisely tailored to the specific application. For Baumer applies: standard must not mean average. In six dimensions, the sensor specialist gives its performance promise "Beyond the standard".

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