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From the engine to the complete drive system

gmn0919SPS hall 3A, booth 200

The wide range of high-speed electric drives for almost every requirement of GMN consists of three product groups, which differ in their degree of customizability, among others: MSP Basic complete motors, semi-flexible solutions of the PSM series and customer-specific custom-made products.

faulhaber0919Motek Hall 8, 8412 Stand

More and more applications in the fields of robotics, prosthetics, laboratory automation, medical technology, pumps and in the equipment of aircraft cabins require a high torque with a very short overall length. Faulhaber will be launching the flat brushless DC motor family BXT with grooved winding meet these requirements.

TA0919Motek Hall 6, 6225 Stand

Expanded with the micro servo actuators MSA Technical drive elements the portfolio to very small and powerful types. They offer loads up to 100 N, speeds up to 80 mm / s and strokes up to 56 mm. A micro-controller and a potentiometer as absolute encoders are integrated into the small housing.

servotecnica0919Servotecnica expands with new brushless flat motors Series SVTM F its product line for application areas such as medical technology, robotics or drone technology. They offer high torque in the smallest space with a simple design and high-quality material selection.


Andreas Wiessler, Head of Magline at Siko GmbH, Buchenbach

Safety, precision and high integration density achieved Siko through the use of magnetic sensors for motor feedback systems. What is so special about these motor feedback applications and how important they are for robotics, and in particular for direct drives, is explained below by Mr. Wiessler.

faulhaber0419The brushless DC servo motor 1645 ... BHS from Faulhaber offers extremely short response time, high RPM, and large radial load. It extends the BHx series with 16 mm diameter to an even more compact version, which is only 45 mm long. In addition, this extremely powerful BLDC motor causes little vibration and heat generation. This makes it suitable for applications with high power requirements and tight installation spaces.

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