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The drive platform "Kannmotion" from koco Motion and Adlos has been extended by several features. Among other things, the cooperating partners have recently demonstrated what this means, using a coin sorter at the SPS IPC Drives 2018 in Nuremberg.

harmonic1118SPS IPC Drives Hall 4, 240 Stand

In particular, the drives of the fourth and fifth axis in machining heads of machine tools nowadays require robust drives with a large hollow shaft, a high degree of protection and a precise gearbox. Also for the direct recording of the tool compact constructions with tilt-stable output bearing are required. The Servo drives of the "Canisdrive"From Harmonic Drive meet these requirements.

minebea11118SPS IPC Drives Hall 1, 350 Stand

Success Story

Innovative high-tech applications and state-of-the-art sensor technology would probably have been the last thing in the cowshed before 20 years ago. However, this traditional image of agriculture has long been outdated. Farms are in some ways similar to industrial companies. Today, almost every fifth cowshed in Germany has jumped on the bandwagon of digitization. There may be the BLDC motors from Minebea Mitsumi PM DM not missing.

kostal1018SPS IPC Drives Hall 3A, Booth 310

Kostal wants with the new "Inveor MP "series Introducing a new dimension in decentralized drive technology: the motor-mounted performance class is intended to be particularly efficient, universal and intelligent.

deltaline1018Electronica Hall B3, Booth 343

Delta Line presents the extension of the "Athlonix" series: The new "Portescap 22DCP" DC motors with 22 mm diameter offer high efficiency. The bell armature motors are based on Alnico magnet technology. The engine is available in the two variants noble metal commutation and graphite commutation.

siemens1018SPS IPC Drives Hall 11, 100 Stand

Siemens is expanding that Motor Management System "Simocode pro"With a new basic unit for standard motor applications. Simocode pro V PN GP has a Profinet connection and thus enables easy access to Profinet communication.

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