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Couplings for drive transmission

Ringspann0719EMO Hall 3 stand E22

Ringspann presents the new clamping coupling for fixing driven rotary swivel tables in multi-axis machining centers. Immediately after its premiere last fall, this mechanical-hydraulic high-precision solution has become the favorite of numerous well-known manufacturers of machine tools and turn-pivot portals.

flender0619Flender completes its 2017 featured "N-Arpex" coupling and introduces two further expansion stages with eight and ten bolting points. As a result, the coupling series covers a diameter of up to 988 mm and a torque of up to 2.000.000 Nm. Due to the compact design and an enlarged bore capacity, a size jump is also possible.

Jakob0619To follow the ever increasing demands for higher performance offers Jakob Antriebstechnik the metal bellows coupling "KPP". Its rated torque is above 600 Nm and the maximum torque at approx. 1200 Nm. It has to withstand operating speeds up to 10.000 min-1 and thus extremely high dynamic loads.

ruland0519Ruland offers now Oldham couplings with hubs made of stainless steel 1.4305. Designers can now choose from an additional standard option when designing systems for corrosive, vacuum or cleanroom environments. The stainless steel couplings are backlash-free, can compensate for any offset shape and are structurally balanced.

ringspann0319Hannover Messe Hall 25, Stand D13

Using modern sensor technology and telematics has Ringspann developed a condition monitoring system for housing freewheels. In particular, the operators of complex multi-engine systems and their maintenance engineers thus have the opportunity to monitor in advance all important performance and MRO parameters of the installed freewheels - in real time and remotely. Data analysis, remote maintenance and functional integration in higher-level control systems are included in the offer.

Tsubaki01192Hannover Messe Hall 24, as B35

Tsubaki offers couplings and shaft-hub connections for the machine tool industry for the metalworking industry. The "Power-Lock" shaft-hub locking components are designed for simple and highly secure connections, the "Real-Flex" clutch has been optimized for finite element analysis and the "Jaw-flex" clutch complements the range with very good vibration damping properties.

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