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Planetary, rack and other gears

Nord0519For bulk transport offers Nord Drive Systems powerful drive systems, Reliable, safe and robust, they ensure trouble-free operation even under the harshest environmental conditions. They can be individually controlled for precise, dynamic bulk material feed control.

abm0119Logimat Hall 3, Stand B19

ABM introduces suitable angular gearboxes from ABM for intralogistics, which are available in 2 and 3 stages. They offer a high efficiency of more than 90% and are therefore much more efficient than worm gears with an efficiency of only 40 to 70%.

The new planetary gearheads from Framo Morat offer high gear quality, low backlash and long life. The G-series includes the high-end gearboxes GSD (flange gearbox), GSB (inline) and GSBL (bevel gearbox) as well as the high-end economy series GSN and GFE.

nord0818Robust, durable and durable is the industrial gearbox of Nord Drive Systems for moving stirrers, mixers and grinders. Two additional sizes and extruder flanges are now added to the modular series, offering new solutions for heavy-duty applications.

servotechnica0718The low-backlash Helical planetary gear from Reckon are new in the range of Servotecnica. They offer an extremely quiet running and are available with a variety of shaft bearings. Thanks to its subdivision into five different series, the ideal planetary gearbox can be found quickly and easily for any application.

nord07181Nord Drive Systems has its two-stage Helical Worm Gearbox SK 02040 undergone a fundamental redesign. The new SK 02040.1 made of high-strength aluminum replaces the previous cast-iron product. The die-cast aluminum block housing guarantees maximum strength and rigidity with low weight.

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