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Brakes for safety and energy management

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Mayr Antriebstechnik presents new versions of the intelligent modules "Roba-brake-checker"And"Roba-torqcontrol". You can easily and quickly monitor safety brakes, or allow even and gentle deceleration of machines - even with variable load.

leantechnik0818The stepless holding brake SHB of Leantechnik Clamps loads quickly, without play and with high rigidity. It reduces the risk of danger on gravity-loaded axles and increases the service life of the system. Its Fail Safe function guarantees the direct and secure fixation of the load even in the event of a pneumatic failure.

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Increasing digitization demands that data on drive and brake systems can also be evaluated. Electromagnetic brakes offer the perfect basis for this because of their design principle. Kendrion supports the system providers in the implementation and evaluation of the signals present in the brakes and specifies the limits to be set for the respective application.

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Michael Koch presents the Dynamic Storage Manager "KSM 4.0". The device can be used to compensate for DC circuits from 180 to 540 V DC voltage level. It can buffer excess energy and replace missing energy.

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Two intelligent drive modules from Mayr Antriebstechnik make brakes fit for the challenges of the 4.0 industry and enable preventive fault detection and maintenance: With the intelligent module "Roba-torqcontrol"(Right), brake reactions can be adapted and machines can be stopped. In addition, the module "Roba-brake-checker"(L.) To switch state, temperature, wear and traction or tractive force reserve.

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The "Roba-linearstop "safety brakes For heavy-duty vertical axes reliably protect persons and material in machines and plants. For applications where no compressors or units for compressed air and oil hydraulics are used Mayr Antriebstechnik An electromagnetic version of the linear brakes series. The fluid-free version ensures a clean braking solution, especially in the medical or food industry.

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