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Drive elements for power transmission

Tsubaki1218Regular inspections of the chain drives in plants can avoid unexpected failures by timely replacement of the roller chains installed in them. Tsubaki has extended its range of chain wear gauges by large sizes for the maintenance of such chain drives. The new chain wear gauges were designed for BS sizes RS20B to RS48B and ANSI sizes RS100 to RS240.

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The drive elements "chain" is in principle a simple component. But once it fails, it can cause high costs through an unplanned production shutdown. Of course, regular inspections should ensure smooth operation. But it is even better if the quality of the chains does not require any maintenance at all. Thanks to its 100 know-how, Tsubaki offers numerous chain innovations that significantly reduce maintenance.

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When it comes to lack of service life, excessive wear and unreliability of drive chains, it is advisable to look outside the box and consult an alternative supplier. In the present case, a Dutch steelworks was able to increase the productivity of its heat treatment in the long term. As? By him Tsubkaki has replaced its fail-safe lifting chains with high-tech chains with a lifespan of up to 15 years.

mulco0518Mulco is expanding his High performance timing beltFamily "Move" to a new division with 15 mm. As with the versions in 10 mm pitch, a significantly increased belt rigidity was also the most important development goal for the 15 mm pitch. This is of particular importance because the load capacity of a toothed belt transmission is usually limited not by the tensile strength of the toothed belt, but by its rigidity.

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Nitta Industries Europe presents "Zeroseam" series seamless belts for drive and transport tasks. The new design of these seamless flat belts combines the key advantages of existing belt types in one product: high flexibility and flexibility, a wear-resistant top layer with a strong grip, as well as tailor-made dimensions to customer specifications, even in small batches.

tsubaki0218If chain strands in machines have to be operated in pairs or several times in parallel and synchronously, it is necessary that the drive elements have exactly the same length. To ensure that offers Tsubaki the optional service "Match + Tag". This ensures that the chain strands have a max. Have a length difference of 0,5 mm.

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