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Mayr Antriebstechnik presents backlash-free Couplings for all drive constellations and reliable Safety brakes for vertical axes. Here are some new features in the standard kit. The intelligent monitoring module "Roba-brake-checker"Comes up with new versions. It monitors and supplies safety brakes sensorless and provides data security.

The Roba brake checker is now also available in an AC voltage version. In a further expansion stage, the module also takes over the control of the brake and replaces a rectifier. Switching state monitoring and brake control are thus combined in one device and users save additional components. In addition, even small brake sizes from a braking torque of 0,7 Nm can now be supplied and monitored.

The intelligent and sensorless Roba-brake-checker (pictured above) detects the movement of the armature disc by analyzing current and voltage and knows in which condition the brake is located. The module monitors the state of the switch, temperature and wear, as well as the pull or pull reserve, with which the magnet is still able to attract the armature disc. During monitoring, significantly more parameters are mapped than with microswitches and initiators. When the traction reserve is reached, the module sends an early warning signal that a certain operating time of the brake is still possible. In addition to the pure signal it delivers z. B. via an optical interface data to switching time, current, voltage, resistance, power and relative attraction current. The latter allows conclusions about critical operating conditions of the brake. An evaluation program shows if everything fits or if there is something to do. For example, an air gap that becomes too large is detected in advance. Maintenance can be planned, remote maintenance possible.

mayr20819When it comes to automating production and assembly, loading and unloading machines quickly and efficiently, or handling workpieces, all movements must be performed accurately. Therefore, the shaft couplings, which transmit the torques from the drive unit, for example, to the guidance of a gripper, work very precisely while withstanding the high loads. For this purpose, the drive specialist offers a wide range of backlash-free, high-performance metal bellows, elastomer and disk pack couplings for a secure connection between the shafts - from servo couplings to industrial couplings and heavy-duty couplings. Currently, the standard kit has been supplemented by numerous new hub designs and intermediate sleeves - most recently a new long intermediate sleeve for the "Roba-ES elastomer couplings.

If there is an unintentional lowering or falling in the case of suspended loads, the load must be brought to a standstill within a very short time. The company's brake concepts are tailored to different machine requirements, offer the right solution for every application and are based on a technologically leading friction system.

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