The Automatica will take place again this year in Munich after 2022, although it was previously held every two years. This is where the specialists of the Drive Technology and Automation in assembly and handling technology, industrial robotics with or without Artificial intelligence. They display their components, systems and solutions. The leading trade fair will take place from 2023 together with the Laser World of Photonics instead.

Automatica 2022



Sustainability and green technologies for automation

Automatica 202324.04.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX | The goals, which the UN and many manufacturing companies in matters CO2-Reduction have set are necessary, ambitious and cost money. However, the implementation also generates new markets, creates interesting business models and offers the Robotic and automation as key technologies great opportunities.

Automatica 2023 from June 27th to 30th in Munich will show intelligent automation and robotics as well as possibilities for sustainable production.

Intelligent automation can make a decisive contribution to achieving the desired Climate targets by improving the energy efficiency of production or by reducing waste for resource-saving manufacturing processes.

In addition, the assembly and handling technology provides new approaches for Recycling and circular economy. And it helps to manufacture sustainable products more economically. In short: It optimizes at production and product level.

Visitors to the world's leading trade fair for intelligent automation and robotics will find exhibitor solutions for a wide variety of applications. Automatica 2023 will show how these are favored in a wide variety of industries. Especially the view green technologies in the fields of power generation and mobility promises to be exciting.


Automatica and Laser World of Photonics at the same time from 2023

Messe Munich Dr Reinhard Pfeiffer22.06.2022/2023/XNUMX | From XNUMX, Messe München will be two of them Organize leading trade fairs together. The Automatica changes to the odd years and will take place parallel to the Laser World of Photonics. The trade fair for automation, which is currently taking place, will open its doors again next year. Both of the world's leading trade fairs will take place for the first time from June 27th to 30th, 2023 and then every two years in Munich.

With this, Messe München is further increasing its attractiveness and customer benefits for exhibitors and visitors. The combination of trade fairs geared towards trend technologies will also ensure additional attention for their core topics. "As production generalists, both Laser and Automatica offer solutions for all sectors and there are intersections that can be expanded," comments dr Reinhard Pfeiffer, Managing Director of Messe München.

The decision is all the more logical since the range of exhibits at both trade fairs fit together perfectly: lasers have become indispensable in cutting, welding, labeling and recording in highly automated production lines. And robotics relies on laser-based and optical image processing. At the same time, many laser applications are only possible when combined with the Robotic economically strong – one Win-win situation also.

Automatica does not take place, new format is being developed

Automatica 2020 cancelled

27.03.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX | Due to the tightening travel restrictions due to the corona pandemic, the Messe München decided that had already been postponed from June to December 2020 Automatica to cancel. This step was carried out in coordination with the VDMA Robotics + Automation Association as the ideal sponsor and the Automatica advisory board. The new date is June 21 to 24, 2022. A new format for 2021 is being developed.

Falk Senger Messe MunichNo significant change since March in the effects of the Corona Pandemic on the trade fair landscape: After Messe München decided in March, in coordination with the VDMA trade association Robotics + Automation, to move Automatica from June to December, it was canceled today after all .

With the postponement to the latest possible date in the year and the development of a comprehensive protection and hygiene concept, Messe München had done everything to ensure that a safe trade fair could take place. The current development can now Rethinking is imperative.

Falk Senger, managing director Messe München, comments on the decision: “A trade fair lives from its participants. But too many of our exhibitors and visitors could not have come to Munich because of the travel restrictions. That's why we ultimately had to decide to cancel Automatica 2020. It is all the more important now to look ahead. We are working hard on new offers to bring the industry together and move it forward. "

More and more countries are subject to travel restrictions

Due to the increasing number of infections, more and more European regions and countries Travel restrictions pronounced. The travel situation outside of Europe has not improved either. National and international corporations have also issued internal travel bans.

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Most exhibitors fear that only a few of the originally expected visitors on site will be. For this reason, participation in Automatica -2020 is no longer an option for you. Under these circumstances, which are unlikely to improve either, Automatica cannot fulfill its purpose of bringing supply and demand together. Holding the trade fair in December would cause lasting damage to the fair.

Patrick Schwarzkopf VDMAPatrick Schwarzkopf, Managing Director of VDMA Robotics + Automation, confirms: “Because the external conditions have recently deteriorated significantly, a reassessment of the situation is now inevitable. We are happy that Messe München reacted flexibly and is now breaking new ground with the industry. "

New presence format and digital offer

The industry's need for personal contact, exchange and presentation is unbroken. For this reason, Messe München is working with the exhibitors to develop something that is adapted to the general conditions of the corona pandemic Presence format with digital building blocks. The new event is intended as a compact 'fair before the fair' for early summer 2021 and is intended to be an add-on to the trade fair.

In the future, Automatica will expand its digital offering and offer additional options for networking exhibitors and visitors. The online event series Let's talk by automatica Top-class experts, providers and users should regularly comment on current issues and shed light on trends relating to robotics and automation. Essential elements of the supporting program planned for the fair in December are to be offered virtually. One example is the International Symposium on Robotics ISR.

Wilfried Eberhardt KukaWilfried Eberhardt, Chairman of the Automatica Advisory Board and Chief Marketing Officer of Kuka AG regrets: "We upheld the Automatica until the end. However, the current incidence of infection makes a successful world-leading trade fair impossible and would have damaged its claim and image.

That's why our plans are now moving towards a new event next summer to bridge the time until Automatica-2022 and to give the industry a necessary, positive impetus."

In June one was still hopeful

"Under the given circumstances, it is not justifiable for our exhibitors to let the trade fair take place in mid-June, for health and economic reasons," said Falk Senger when the event in June was postponed to December. We looked forward with confidence to a successful together with the industry Automatica 2020 to be held in December.

The decision to postpone the event was made by Messe München and the VDMA Robotics + Automation Association, taking into account the numerous feedback from exhibitors. "As the ideal sponsor, we from VDMA Robotics + Automation support the postponement of Automatica 2020," says Patrick Schwarzkopf.

AutomaticaAutomatica 2023 trade fair special | Trends & Innovations

Due to the current situation, those responsible assessed the opportunity for exhibitors and visitors to participate in March 2020 as increasingly low. The travel options were severely limited, plus there was the Imponderability further development. This fundamentally jeopardized the feasibility of the fair in June. 

In the spring, Wilfried Eberhardt also considered the postponement of the leading trade fair to the end of the year to be the right decision in view of the current situation. In December, the fair should as important driving force act for a successful time after the crisis and help the industry to emerge stronger from the current exceptional situation.

Now everything turned out differently and Automatica was also canceled as the last major trade fair for automation in 2020. The new trade fair date is 21. to 24. June 2022 at the Munich exhibition center.

Concept of the automatica

Automatica is a marketplace for automated, intelligent production from all branches of industry. The leading trade fair for intelligent automation, which takes place every two years, accompanies and shapes the transformation of industrial production from automated to autonomous production. Topics include drive technology, control technology, service robotics, handling technology, industrial robots, industrial image processing, cloud computing, automation technology and much more.