The process engineering Made by Jumo has expanded its portfolio to be comprehensive Automation solution for procedural engineering Processes expanded. Now, with the “Varitron” system and the new graphical program editor “Smartware”, customer-specific solutions can be easily configured without any special programming knowledge, as this article uses the example of Cleaning in Place (CIP) cleaning to illustrate. Jumo contributes all of its expertise as a system and solution provider. 

Jumo brewing system CIP



Automation platform from the sensor to the cloud

Jumo CIP cleaningThe automation solution presented is very user-friendly and versatile. It allows users in a variety of industries to reduce costs. For example, plays in the Food industry in the brewing process Process engineering-The manufacturer's solution plays a crucial role. All processes from mashing and lautering to wort boiling and cooling to fermentation and filtration can be efficiently controlled.

The heart of the automation platform is the Jumo Varitron Automation system. It allows for a consistent solution through various smartware applications Sensor up to the cloud.

Three user groups in focus

The focus is on three user groups: manufacturers of process engineering systems, system operators and end users.

  1. Manufacturers can use the Smartware Setup to define individual process steps and system types.
  2. Plant operator benefit from the software, which enables intuitive creation and editing of programs and recipes using a graphic editor. With simple clicks, predefined process steps can be selected, linked and setpoints set.
  3. The End user can then visualize and control the program flow using a display on a web panel or tablet. The user interface can be individually adjusted, as can the graphical program editor for consistent and intuitive operation.

Other applications from Scada to Cloud

Additional applications such as the following can be used for monitoring, batch recording and individual report creation Smartware Scada and the Jumo Cloud be used. The Smartware Scada runs locally at the customer and offers detailed process control and monitoring. The cloud, on the other hand, offers an all-round, worry-free package for the user and enables worldwide access to the system and batch data.

Cleaning in place in the brewing process

Jumo Varitron CIP cleaningThe Cleaning in Place CIP cleaning process is an essential part of the brewing process. CIP cleaning is a process for Cleaning of process systems in the food, pharmaceutical and beverage industries. The process consists of flushing the systems with cleaning agents without having to dismantle them.

Jumo offers a large selection to match this EHEDG certified sensors and intuitive, user-friendly control software. The sensors are suitable for wet cleaning in closed systems without prior dismantling. This corresponds to EHEDG Type EL Class I.

Quality and food safety are sustainably ensured by the CIP process. The parameterization of the Cleaning media, the temperature, flow rates and the duration of cleaning are essential factors for cleaning success and can be precisely controlled using Jumo technology.

Integrated CIP control

The CIP control runs on the manufacturer's own Varitron system and is completely integrated into the automation system of the brewery plant. It supports various CIP procedures, such as single and dual circuit procedures, and also enables the implementation of SIP (Sterilization in Place) processes. The process flow can be individually adapted to the requirements of the system and the product such as food, beer or dairy products.

Cleaning in Place CIP cleaning

Jumo brewing system CIP cleaningIn most cases, the first step in CIP cleaning is to pre-clean the systems with the last rinse water from the previous cleaning. This assumes that a stack water tank is available. Afterwards it is rinsed with hot water. This is usually followed by a cleaning step with caustic soda. After further rinsing with water, cleaning is often done with nitric acid or phosphoric acid. If there are no further requirements, after another rinse with water collected in the stacking tank Cleaning completed.

When cleaning Temperature, flow, concentration of the cleaning media and the duration of cleaning are the essential factors for cleaning success. The higher the cleaning temperature, the higher the cleaning success. On the other hand, excessive temperatures can also cause damage to the system.

Monitoring of cleaning parameters

An essential aspect of the CIP control of a CIP system is the monitoring and regulation of the Cleaning parameters. Jumo offers an extensive portfolio of sensors and controllers that can be easily integrated into the system. The Data acquisition takes place in real time and can be used to monitor and optimize the process.

Essential batch recording

Jumo PLCFor the Documentation Batch recording is essential for CIP cleaning and the fulfillment of quality and hygiene standards. With the Smartware Scada and the Jumo Cloud, this task, like the brewing process, can be completed quickly, easily and efficiently. Both systems enable detailed recording of process parameters and the creation of individual customer reports.

The CIP control is operated via an intuitive browser-based operating concept, which is tailored to the user. The operator can follow the process visually and intervene manually if necessary. The CIP system offers a high level of flexibility and makes it possible to control even complex CIP processes efficiently and safely.

Open architecture

Another advantage of the automation solution is the integration into existing plants and systems. The Varitron system is easy to use thanks to its open architecture and support for standard interfaces into existing infrastructures incorporate. This opens up a variety of possibilities for modernizing systems and optimizing processes.

Conclusion: Comprehensive and intuitive automation solution

In summary, with the Varitron 500 and the Smartware Program, the automation company has a comprehensive and intuitive automation solution created that can be used in many industries, especially in the beverage and brewing industries.

Not only can the various process steps be carried out with it Beer production controlled efficiently and precisely, but also comprehensively monitored locally, the batches are recorded and individual reports are created. The Jumo Cloud acts as an all-round, worry-free package and enables a seamless connection between the sensor and the cloud worldwide without a VPN.

Frequently asked questions

What is CIP and SIP?

  • Cleaning in place (CIP) is a mostly fully automatic cleaning process in the food industry in which internal surfaces of closed systems can be cleaned with little or no dismantling.
  • Sterilization in Place (SIP) is an extension of CIP cleaning to include additional sterilization. The sterilization in place cleaning takes place after the CIP cleaning. SIP cleaning kills any active microorganisms in the system.

How does CIP cleaning work?

CIP cleaning (Clean-In-Place) in German: cleaning on site, cleans production systems without dismantling. The CIP process is efficient and safe, saves time and ensures thorough cleaning. It includes several steps:

  1. Preparation: Removal of coarse contamination
  2. flush: Flush system with water
  3. Cleaning: Use of cleaning agents that circulate through the system
  4. flush: Remove cleaning agent residues with water
  5. Disinfection: Application of disinfectants
  6. Final rinse: Final rinse with water to remove any residue.

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