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microcontrol03191Bauma Hall A2, Booth 337

Micro Control is present in MSR-based markets and is market-shaping in I / O technology, interface definition, control and MSR in heavy-duty environments. With the solutions of the provider, analog measurement signals can be transferred to the fieldbus interface in the middle of the process. Now, with the "μCAN.8.dio-Snap", the company is presenting an I / O module with "FD ready" functionality.

The hat rail module can be operated in a classic CAN / CAN open network or optionally in a CAN open FD network. Thanks to the FD-ready functionality, the operator can easily switch the module at any time.

The existing infrastructure will continue to be used without any additional investment. Even installed cables and plugs do not need to be changed / replaced. The available power through CAN open FD achieves previously unimaginable, but in the future absolutely necessary dimensions. Especially the technological advances in metrology require these performance parameters today.

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