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Optris shows how easy that is Infrared camera "Pi 640"with a standard optics in one Microscope optics can be converted. The new microscope lenses were specially developed for the requirements of the electronics industry.

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More news from Optris

  • Control The IR Tour 2020 from Optris starts with the goal of conveying the non-contact infrared measurement technology in an understandable and descriptive manner. In numerous infrared workshops, Optris teaches participants the whole world of infrared temperature measurement. The duration of the workshops is about half a day. Experienced Optris application engineers, in cooperation with sales partners and customers from the DACH region, deal with the physical IR basics and provide many compact, practical application examples for industrial environments.
  • Hannover Messe Hall 11, Stand A61 Optris has developed a ratio pyrometer for applications in metallurgy. Here a high level of vapors, dust and similar disturbing factors are the order of the day. They all have a negative impact on non-contact temperature measurement. The new pyrometer defies all these adverse conditions and ensures reliable measurement of temperatures in applications such as melting or on metallic surfaces.
  • The infrared cameras and pyrometers from Optris can now be easily operated with a smartphone or tablet. For this purpose, the specialist for infrared measurement technology provides the new IR mobile app for Android in the Google Play Store. The cumbersome fiddling with a laptop during setup, for example, can be omitted in many applications.
  • SPS Hall 4A, Stand 126 Touch displays, for smartphones and tablets, for example, use ultra-thin glasses, the manufacture of which places special demands on temperature measurement technology. Optris has launched the new CT Laser G7 infrared thermometer for this application. It precisely measures the surface temperatures of glasses in the range from 100 ° to 1200 ° C.
  • SPS Hall 4A, Booth 126 When measuring temperatures in processes using lasers, the infrared camera must be insensitive to the stray light from the laser. The new "PI 08M" from Optris is ideally suited for such applications because it has a very narrow-band spectral sensitivity at 800 nm.
  • FMB Hall 20, Stand H20 Hall Based on a model in which a glass pane is transported on a conveyor belt from a heating zone to a cooling zone, a self-triggered line scan is used. There is a very narrow slit between the two zones, where an Optris thermal camera can measure the object. The video shows how the line scanning function is set up in the "PIX Connect" software.
  • Control Hall 4, Booth 4423 The infrared cameras of the "Compact Line" Xi 80 and Xi 400 from Optris have been supplemented with new industrial accessories for use under extreme conditions. The system is modular and so the water cooling housing, the blow-off attachment and the shutter can be used individually and in combination.
  • Optris is again offering free workshops on non-contact temperature measurement technology in 2019. In cooperation with sales partners and customers from the DACH region, the physical basics and the state of the art are presented in half-day seminars.
  • As of January 1, 2019, Optris GmbH changed the subline of its logo: "infrared thermometers" became "infrared measurements". The change was made because the infrared camera product group now accounts for almost half of total sales.
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