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Amsys0619Sensor + Test hall 1, 340 Stand

With the new "Barometric Air Pressure "(BAP) Sensor SM1131 introduces Amsys, among others for medical technology, a high-precision absolute pressure sensor in a compact SOIC-8 housing for SMD mounting. The compact OEM sensors for measuring barometric air pressure in the range from 150 to 1800 mbar offer 16 bit signal processing and an accuracy of 1 mbar in the temperature range from 0 to 80 ° C.

The entire working temperature range is very broad with -40 ° to 125 ° C and allows a versatile use with a still very good accuracy of 2 mbar.

The output of the pressure and temperature proportional information takes place via I²C interface. Alternatively, a ratiometric analog output (SM1111) or a version with digital SPI output (SM1171) is available. The integrated Asic allows calibration and temperature compensation during production. The fully balanced SM1131 are offered in a standardized Soic8 package for automated SMD assembly. The Soic pressure sensors are self-contained and do not require additional circuitry.

As an application, the manufacturer recommends applications in which the barometric air pressure or low relative pressures in price-sensitive areas must be determined by consecutive measurements such as in medical technology, blood pressure measurement, in the case of negative pressure wound therapy or weather observation.

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