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The traditional family business Beyer Maschinenbau plans, develops and builds efficient packing and palletising systems for the beverage and food industry. The patented "Roba-DS " Disk pack couplings from Mayr Antriebstechnik transmit precise torques in these systems. In lifting applications, the "Roba-linearstop" safety brakes reliably ensure the safety of people and materials.

The most popular non-alcoholic cold drink of the Germans is natural mineral water. Per capita, every German citizen drank an average of around 2018 l per year in 145. When it comes to alcoholic drinks, the Germans actually like to drink beer. Here, the average annual consumption is 110 liters per capita. Intelligent and powerful machines are required to efficiently, quickly package, transport or sort beverage bottles for efficiently and quickly packaging, transporting and sorting beverage bottles.

mayr30919Beyer Maschinenbau from Roßwein in Saxony specializes in the development and design of packaging and palletising systems for the beverage and food industry. Customers include not only well-known mineral wells and breweries, but also other renowned beverage producers. "Whether a large brewery or a small family business, we plan and build conveying and packaging technology that is specifically tailored to the needs of our customers - from the individual machine to complete systems," explains Till Beyer, who today is in the fourth Generation leads. The packing and palletizing systems sometimes have to lift very heavy weights and load them in the exact position. That's why the machine manufacturer relies on the robust and powerful Roba-DS multi-plate clutch from Mayr in Mauerstetten. The proven Roba-linearstop safety brakes in pneumatic design also ensure the safety of people and materials.

Palletizing technology in several axes

mayr20919With the "Multipal" palletizing family, Beyer offers a wide range of different column and portal palletizers as well as industrial robots, which can be designed with up to three, four or six axes, depending on the application and the task. "The Multipal machines depalletise pallets in layers, for example, with empty crates. The gripper head always lifts one layer with eight or 16 boxes from the pallet and places them on a conveyor belt, "says Till Beyer, describing one of the possible applications.

After that, the boxes travel over the conveyor belt, for example, into the cleaning or filling system. When filled, the boxes come back again, are stacked by the palletizer in rows or rows on the pallets and are then ready for transport. "Depending on the application, our palletizers can lift payloads up to 700 kilograms and process up to 4000 boxes per hour," explains Till Beyer. To ensure that operation always runs smoothly with these services, all movements must be highly precise, ie the boxes must be stacked exactly one on top of the other or bottles must be positioned exactly in the compartments of the boxes.

From the drive unit to the gripper head

The couplings, which transmit the torques from the drive unit, for example, to the guidance of the gripper head, must work with high precision while withstanding the high loads. The Roba-DS disc pack couplings are used here. They transmit the torque without backlash and extremely torsionally rigid and compensate for radial, axial and angular shaft misalignment. They not only ensure precise torque transmission, but also protect the bearings installed in the shaft train from undesirable loads. The Roba DS are robust, reliable and temperature resistant. In addition, they work wear-free and thus reduce the necessary maintenance to a minimum.

Power density combined with freedom from play

Matched to the respective drive units of the various palletizing and packaging machines, Roba-DS multi-plate clutch packs are used in different sizes and with different torques. Depending on the application and requirements, clutches in very short designs or with intermediate sleeves of up to three meters are sometimes necessary. For all disk pack couplings, the nominal torques specified in the catalog can be used without any restrictions. A reduction of the nominal torque due to displacement, load spectrum or balance request is not necessary. The couplings are compact, high-performance and build very small. They transmit torques up to the rated torque absolutely free of play and with a constant high torsional rigidity. The specified shaft offsets can be exhausted in total to 100% without influencing the transmittable torque.

Safety for vertical axes

mayr40919In order to increase the safety of the Multipal and Multipac palletizing and packaging machines, Beyer Maschinenbau equipped the systems with Roba-linearstop safety brakes from Mayr. "The brakes ensure safety in the lifting applications," explains Thomas Luckmann, Head of Design at Beyer Maschinenbau. "Take a belt, for example, make sure that nothing breaks. These are protective cells in which no persons are present during operation. During maintenance, however, these areas must also be entered. The brakes then ensure the safety of the staff. "

The brakes work according to the "fail-safe" principle. So they are closed in de-energized state. The braking force is generated by compression springs. The Roba-linearstop acts on a separate brake rod. When the brake closes, the rod is kept free of play. The brake works without self-reinforcing wedge effect and thus acts in both directions of movement.

As a compact brake unit, it can be integrated easily, quickly and without complex adjustment work into existing machine and plant designs. In addition to the pneumatic version, they are also available in electromagnetic and hydraulic versions. All drive operators' linear brakes are suitable for emergency stop braking. In addition, the pneumatic version is also tested and confirmed as a fully-fledged dynamic braking device by TÜV. It easily complies with the test principle for emergency braking with holding function for linear movements (GS-MF-28) of the BG Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BIA). This requires both without and with load transfer 1 million circuits and in addition 1000 dynamic braking.

Each individual safety brake leaving the Mayr factory must pass an 100% test after complete assembly and adjustment. All measured values ​​are archived together with the corresponding serial number of the brake in the electronic database. This ensures 100% traceability.

Roba-DS in the video

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  • FMB, Hall 20, Stand C31 Cover story The traditional family company Beyer Maschinenbau plans, develops and builds efficient packing and palletizing systems for the beverage and food industry. The patented "Roba-DS" multi-plate pack couplings from Mayr power transmission transmit precise torques in these systems. In lifting applications, the “Roba-linearstop” safety brakes reliably ensure the safety of people and materials.
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