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minebea0919 Weighing Module "Novego" from Minebea Intec was specially developed for the high demands of the food industry. The complete hygienic solution is easy to install, reliable and reliably delivers accurate weighing results in weighing processes, even at shear forces of up to 20% of the nominal load.

In the weighing of goods so-called shear forces cause unwanted measurement uncertainty for weighing processes. These forces arise z. B. when switching on rotating mixing devices and can distort the weighing result. This has negative effects on the cost-effectiveness of processes, especially if the quantities delivered or received are cost-intensive.

With Novego there was a solution to these requirements, which has now been extended by two additional load levels. Due to a special design, the modules were insensitive to such influences. The high C3 measuring accuracy according to the R60 guidelines of the international organization for legal metrology OIML is ensured by several high-precision strain gauges.

In addition to the high measuring accuracy, users benefit from a modular system. Versatile feet and adapters with sophisticated details ensure easy and safe installation even in existing systems. In addition, otherwise conventional mounting kits and restraints against acting forces can be omitted. The weigh modules have an integrated mounting kit with 360 ° restraint that eliminates the need for time-consuming handlebar alignment, anti-lift protection and anti-tip protection. Novego is also designed so that containers are moved back to their original position after deflection.

The hygienic design ensures efficient cleaning processes, for example through minimized horizontal surfaces, which ensure easy draining of liquids and thus faster drying. Through the use of FDA-compliant silicone and the new weighing technology, extremely corrosion-resistant 1.4418 stainless steel with low surface roughness, the weigh modules meet the strict requirements of the food industry.

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