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If lightweight and durable wear parts are required for the development of efficient vehicle components Igus with his 3D Print Service the right answer. Users can order their special part made of tribologically optimized plastics in just a few seconds online. You can choose from 55 lubricant-free iglidur materials.

Especially for a short-term production of wearing parts is the advanced 3D printing service of the Motion Plastics specialist. The solutions are made of the highly wear-resistant "Iglidur "Tribo-polymers manufactured. Tests in the laboratory show: They are up to 50 times more resistant to abrasion than standard plastics and keep in terms of wear resistance with sprayed parts, The printed wear parts are also light and quiet in motion - important criteria for vehicle construction. For example, printed solutions are already being used in turbochargers, as swivel bearings in wheel carriers or for the storage of a gas ring in special vehicle construction.

In the 3D printing service, the user has the choice of different production processes: he can manufacture his component in the SLS process using the tribo plastics Iglidur I3, Iglidur I6 or alternatively using seven different filaments using the FDM process. To ensure that the individual component consists of the optimum Iglidur material for the respective application, the manufacturer also offers the "Print2Mould" process. For this purpose, an injection molding tool for the special solution is printed in 3D printing and then inserted into the injection molding machine. This allows the user to freely use the Iglidur material range with its 55 tribo polymers.

The way to a lubricant-free special solution is quite simple: Call up the 3D printing service, upload the component's step file and select the appropriate material. The price for the production (in the case of the Print2Mould process including the costs for the injection molding tool) as well as information on the material, precision and flexural strength can be seen directly online. After selecting the right tribo plastic, the user can enter the quantity and directly request a quote or initiate the order. The additively manufactured special solutions are already available after 3 to 5 days. In the case of the Print2Mould process, the sprayed solutions are ready for dispatch after 10 working days.

Product Manager Tom Krause gave 2017 a lecture on Igus' 3D printing:

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