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Sunday, August 30, 2015
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Applications, technical articles, product news from

Applied research, automotive, renewable energy, food industry, medical technology, microsystems technology, Mobile Machinery

Applied Research

  • Floating stations communicate with wireless routers on the Internet

    bfh0315 In the current student project Smoje (Smart buoy) the Berner Fachhochschule stuck technology and consulting the Netmodule AG. Each floating station a wireless router NB1600 is integrated, which enables communication with the Internet. In the vote of the components and protocols, the company contributed its longstanding embedded expertise and project expertise.... Read more
  • Combustion engines with built-in lightweight cylinders plastic housing

    fraunhofer0215 If cars are lighter, and the motor must slim down. For example, by preparing him FRP: Such cylinder housing weigh up to 20% less than aluminum structures at approximately the same cost. Because they can be produced by injection molding in high volume. A prototype of such a motor was at the Hanover Fair... Read more
  • One cubic meter of small micro-camera based on solar technology

    CSEM0215 Research Report

    Sensor + Test 12 Hall, Booth 441

    "Vision-In-Package" (VIP) of CSEM is the first system of its kind that brings together all the elements of a camera system to less than 1 cm³. The hitherto smallest complete camera system on a microchip with an optical component, a processor and a wireless transmitter in an easily integratable... Read more

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  • Common mode choke suppresses interference frequencies in the automobile

    rutronik0315 The increasing use of electronic components in automobiles makes strategies against interference frequencies for providing security increasingly important. For this offers Murata ( Sales Rutronik ) His "Common Mode Chokes" for In-Vehicle Ethernet applications now also in size 1210. Thanks to the unique ferrite material technology and sophisticated winding technique the manufacturer provides the serial low insertion loss and... Read more
  • Hydraulic dampers for camping fun in the camper

    ACE10315 User Report

    Motek Hall 5 stand 5124

    The T5 of Volkswagen is considered the family bus and vans in Germany. The company specializes Maxxcamp to transform this vehicle into a multifunctional variant. From sunbathing areas and cabinets on a camping toilet to hobs and built-in coolers: leaves in a few minutes... Read more

  • Active haptic feedback in the car interior of the Audi Q7

    preh0315 IAA Hall Booth 5.1 A26

    Preh presents solutions as user habits of smartphones with the safety requirements of the vehicle operation can be optimally combined. The scalable actuators technology enables inter alia a haptic feedback of touchscreens and touchpads. For this, the manufacturer diverse patterns of innovation and the first production product with this technology: the completely...
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Renewable Energies

  • The low-and space-saving capacitors for wind turbines

    ftcap0315 HUSUMwind Stand 4C02

    FTCAP offers a range of capacitors, which are suitable for use in wind turbines. One example is innovative capacitors modules: The patented concept, the user will receive a pre-finished assembly, so that no additional assembly is obtained and in case of damage a rapid change is possible. Let the busbars...
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  • Inverters for photovoltaic systems in commercial buildings

    Delta0315 With the "RPI M50A" provides Delta a three-phase, transformerless inverter in front with 50 kVA, which provides the maximum output power of the product line. He is very well suited for use in commercial PV systems. The inverter reaches a very high efficiency of 98,6% and provides a good ratio of energy density and size. Thanks... Read more
  • Participate standby batteries for wind turbines

    yuasa0315 Addresses the booming market for wind power Yuasa Battery with their robust NP7-12 and 5-NPH12 standby batteries. As currently the only types in the market these downwardly standards are TÜV-tested. The test according to DIN EN 60068-2-6: 2008, DIN EN 61373: 2011 and 60068-2 DIN EN-27: 1995 confirmed the shock, vibration and vibration of the... Read more
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Food and Beverage Industry

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Medical Technology

  • Facts, trends and future prospects of the pharmaceutical and medical technology

    mitsubishi10315 Technical Articles

    Motek Hall 7 stand 7301

    The requirements for the production environment in the pharmaceutical and medical technology are naturally very high. Last but not least are the stringent cleanroom criteria a particular challenge. A current trend is the process optimization to increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (Overall Equipment Effectiveness, OEE). An increasing networking and the use... Read more

  • Reliable power supply for medical applications

    pewatron0315 Pewatron launched developed specifically for medical applications AC / DC Switching Power Supplies PM150 and PM301 of FSP Protek. The two meet impressive equipment or exceed the safety requirements of the standard series IEC / EN / UL / CSA 60601-1 2-60950 and 1MOPP. They are therefore well suited for medical devices (except life support systems) as well as for laboratory, ITE and industrial plants.... Read more
  • Cameras for life science, medical technology and microscopy

    rauscher0315 The "Pulse" cameras from Basler ( Sales Rauscher ) With resolutions up to 1,2 5 megapixels are equipped with the latest CMOS sensor technology, offering global shutter and rolling shutter options. The USB3 Vision camera is embedded in a robust metal housing and is supplied with a tripod adapter and a CS mount connection for lenses. The connection can be... Read more
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Microsystem Technology

  • Nano- and microfabrication for research

    nanoscribe0315 The installation of a 3D printer by Binnig and Rohrer Nanoscribe on Nanotechnology Center (BRNC) opened ETH Zurich and IBM Research entirely new opportunities for their current and future research activities in the field of nano- and microfabrication. With the Photonic Professional GT the precise on the market 3D printer was used to produce nano-... Read more
  • Ready to install microforms for micro injection molding

    meusburger0215 Meusburger now offers pre-finished microforms with extensive accessories. The mold bases for micro injection molding are especially suitable for use in Babyplast machines and are available in various shape design versions. Ready to install Auswerferpaketsysteme with precise positioning of the ejector and ideal guide is optionally available in two different versions from stock. This provides... Read more
  • Modular dosing system as a kit for chemists

    hnp0215 Achema Hall 8.0, Stand J98

    Chemists need smallest precise amounts of fluid for their various tasks. HNP Microsystems this presents the modular metering "Modos", which can be individually equipped using the modular principle. Heart of the system is a micro annular gear pump....
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Mobile Working Machines

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centrosolar2009 since the legislature has increased the tariff for the internal use of solar power. Respond to the increasing demand Centrosolar Combined with a new product that allows for maximum use of self-generated electricity: a hot water heat pump combined with a photovoltaic system. To develop the new self-consumption solution Centrosolar has concluded a cooperation agreement with Glen Dimplex Germany GmbH, which with its Division Dimplex's leading manufacturers of heat pumps.

A heat pump water heater uses the available heat in the ambient air as an energy source for the central hot water heating up 60 ° C. The device works with about 3 / 4 environmental and energy about 1 / 4 stream that is needed to operate the heat pump water heater.

This current component provides the new product combining the solar system. Core of the system is a smart energy manager that controls the interaction of the photovoltaic system and the heat pump. The energy manager controls the power consumption of the system and ensures that the required power is obtained in sunny hours. Centrosolar this one is the complete photovoltaic system Cenpac 3.x consisting of 16 modules with a total output of over 3 kW peak. The heat generated by the clever combination drive the photovoltaic system with the heat pump water heater promises high efficiency and sustainability. More than 50% of the required electricity for hot water is produced by the solar system environmentally friendly self. The solar power replaces power, enabling an independent water heating in households. The well-insulated hot water tank in the heat pump is also used for energy storage. This increases the proportion of self-produced flow, which is not fed into the public network, significantly. The plant operator easily achieved in this way a self-consumption rate far above 30% and benefited from the maximum feed-in tariff.

Intersolar A6 Hall, Booth 280

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