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centrosolar2009 since the legislature has increased the tariff for the internal use of solar power. Respond to the increasing demand Centrosolar Combined with a new product that allows for maximum use of self-generated electricity: a hot water heat pump combined with a photovoltaic system. To develop the new self-consumption solution Centrosolar has concluded a cooperation agreement with Glen Dimplex Germany GmbH, which with its Division Dimplex's leading manufacturers of heat pumps.

A heat pump water heater uses the available heat in the ambient air as an energy source for the central hot water heating up 60 ° C. The device works with about 3 / 4 environmental and energy about 1 / 4 stream that is needed to operate the heat pump water heater.

This current component provides the new product combining the solar system. Core of the system is a smart energy manager that controls the interaction of the photovoltaic system and the heat pump. The energy manager controls the power consumption of the system and ensures that the required power is obtained in sunny hours. Centrosolar this one is the complete photovoltaic system Cenpac 3.x consisting of 16 modules with a total output of over 3 kW peak. The heat generated by the clever combination drive the photovoltaic system with the heat pump water heater promises high efficiency and sustainability. More than 50% of the required electricity for hot water is produced by the solar system environmentally friendly self. The solar power replaces power, enabling an independent water heating in households. The well-insulated hot water tank in the heat pump is also used for energy storage. This increases the proportion of self-produced flow, which is not fed into the public network, significantly. The plant operator easily achieved in this way a self-consumption rate far above 30% and benefited from the maximum feed-in tariff.

Intersolar A6 Hall, Booth 280

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Applied Research

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Improved simulation for centrifugal casting of large titanium components Monday 07. April 2014 05: 05 The ESI Group announces the release of a major study known whose focus is on the process modeling of the centrifugal casting process for large titanium components. The results of the study will contribute to faster development of cost-effective manufacturing techniques for titanium components in the aeronautical field. The progress made to increase the competitiveness of Europe and China in the aviation industry and strengthen the strategic cooperation between the two regions. read more
Optical system with one-sided welding electrode tip Friday 04. April 2014 18: 24 Research Report

For two years, three research centers and four industrial companies within the European collaborative research project, 'Smart Dress worked on the development of a fully automated system for monitoring, optimization and post-processing of electrode tips for Resistance spot welding in the automotive industry. The Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS in Dresden contributed attend the optical measuring system, with the wear of the welding electrodes can be determined quickly and accurately.
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Materials research for fuel cells and electric energy storage at the nanometer scale Friday 21. March 2014 09: 27 Hannover Messe Hall 27, as D55

Research Report

The core elements for new mobility concepts or for a future-oriented building energy management increasingly are emerging fuel cell and electric energy storage. Accordingly, the EWE Research Centre Next Energy Concepts and results from these two research areas in the center of his presentation.
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New composite materials for displays prevents glass splinters in case of accident Monday 07. April 2014 05: 13 Schott and Delo cooperate in the development of a fracture-resistant cover glass composite of high strength aluminosilicate glass in combination with special adhesives for vehicle displays and thus ensure more safety in road traffic. Here, a high-tech adhesive connects the display with the special glass. A series of experiments has shown that the new displays meet all safety requirements of the automotive industry and protect vehicle occupants against cuts. read more
Speed ​​and distance sensor for precise braking tests Thursday 27. March 2014 08: 50 Sensor + Test 11 Hall, Booth 308

Technical Articles

Genesys presents the GPS Speed ​​Sensor ADMASpeed ​​with integrated inertial sensors. This eliminates the known disadvantages of pure GPS speed sensors. The compact device is optimized for braking tests and provides precise data of acceleration, speed and distance via a CAN interface in real time. All vehicle movement data are calculated using the proven technology ADMA (Automotive Dynamic Motion Analyzer). ADMA-speed is small, compact and easy to assemble.
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Steering wheel concept for automated driving Wednesday 19. March 2014 09: 24 Articles TRW Automotive has developed a new steering wheel concept, the Rinspeed has shown in his study "Xchang E" at the Geneva Motor Show. Various multi-functional features and an integrated hands-on detection open in automated driving situations, new opportunities: the flexible positioning of the steering wheel allows the driver either to steer the vehicle itself, the passenger to hand over the control or the steering wheel in the automated driving mode in the center of the vehicle to park in order to focus on other activities can. read more

Renewable Energies

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Photo Scanning method for non-invasive characterization of defects in solar cells Tuesday 01. April 2014 12: 59 Sensor + Test 12 Hall, Booth 566

The Technical University Wildau presents the photo scanning process non-destructive detection of defects in solar cells. The data allow conclusions on fundamental physical parameters of the cell as the efficiency or mechanical disturbances. It allows a comprehensive characterization of a variety of different types of solar cells.
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Oil recovery from waste plastics Tuesday, 25. February 2014 18: 17 Ifat A4 Hall, Booth 519

Lödige presents new pyrolysis process for recovering oil from waste plastics. As a manufacturer of specialized reactor solutions he decisively driven the development of this new technology. Currently there are two pilot projects in the large-scale implementation: preparation of fluff plastic from vehicle recycling and recovery of oil from recycled plastic.
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Measure vibrations on offshore wind turbines Wednesday 19. February 2014 09: 34 Hannover Messe Hall 11, as F43

Offshore wind farms connected to the mainland high-voltage direct-current transmission systems. The current flowing through the electrical system generates mechanical forces that excite the structure to vibrate. The knowledge of this strain allows sensitive components safer to construct. For the acquisition of the operating deflection shapes Polytec provides the three-dimensional scanning Vibration detection system PSV-500.
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Food technology

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Couplings in stainless steel for Special Environments Wednesday 19. March 2014 12: 22 The coupling program of Schmidt coupling provides specially adapted coupling versions for applications such as packaging machines for the pharmaceutical and food industry, coating equipment under vacuum conditions or medical facilities. For use in explosive gaseous atmosphere, the joint coupling "Loewe GK" is made of stainless steel that has dissipative sliding bushings. read more
Automation systems in thermoforming machines not only increase the efficiency Wednesday 12. March 2014 12: 00 Cover story Hannover Messe Hall 14, Stand H08 Are in thermoforming machines for efficiency, for example, uses the Indian manufacturer of thermoforming machines Rajoo the Automation from Baumüller. This provides numerous opportunities to reduce energy consumption and to increase the overall efficiency of the system. Starting from the selection of the right motor up to the motion optimization by software and an exact control of the heaters. In addition, material wear and committee be lowered such improvements and increased product quality and productivity. read more
Capacitive sensors with IO-Link unravel secret to Black Box Wednesday 12. February 2014 11: 16 Hannover Messe Hall 9, as D36

In contrast to inductive sensors, capacitive sensors also detect non-metallic materials. Typical applications are found in the wood, paper, glass and plastics industries, but also in the food and chemical industries. IFM Electronic is now presenting capacitive sensors for contactless detection of objects or levels which come with an IO-Link Interface "see what's going on."
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Medical Technology

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Robot assisted syringe handling in confined spaces Tuesday 15. April 2014 10: 55 Components Hall CS, Booth 118

User Report

Together with Robotronic presents Mitsubishi Electric at this year's Components first time, a new handling solution for the supply of pre-filled syringes into a final packaging. With its particularly space-saving design, a high processing speed of up to 600 syringes per minute and the possibility of easy, fast converting between different syringes and disk formats, the solution is unique in the world.
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Low-pressure sensors for respirators Tuesday 08. April 2014 05: 19 Sensor + Test 12 Hall, Booth 523

AMSYS presents the new Pressure sensor series SM9541 Silicon Microstructures, which is specifically designed for use in respirators. The low-pressure sensors are constructed from a more advanced silicon cell (MEMS) and a complex CMOS ASIC. During the production they are individually calibrated and temperature compensated. With a resolution of 14 bit and an accuracy of ± 1% FS over the entire temperature range of-5 ° to 65 ° C, the sensor is particularly suitable for medical applications.
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Compact palletizing system is endoscopes for medical Wednesday 26. March 2014 10: 51 User Report

Automatica A5 Hall, Booth 227

By "Vario stack"Has IEF Werner an open and modular palletizing developed that can be adapted to any task tailor-made. The user can operate the palletizer with an integrated product handling and connected to an existing robot or handling system. In addition, the extremely compact palletizer can default with pallet trucks or conveyor belts loading - from the band loader version even from the side. In use, this palletizing system has, for example, already at a manufacturer of medical products.
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Microsystem Technology

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Integrated distance measurement for miniature hydraulic Wednesday 26. March 2014 08: 45 Control 1 Hall Stand, 1304

Developed specifically for use in the small titanium and stainless steel hydraulic cylinders Micro-Epsilon the new sensor "Indus Ensor EDS-28-G-CA-U ". The 13 g light and 56 mm small sensor is based on the eddy current principle and is extremely robust and temperature-resistant. The product series Indus Ensor EDS is established in the displacement measurement on or in the hydraulic cylinder for years and based on the eddy current principle.
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Linear actuator for high-resolution and stable positioning opto-mechanical components Tuesday, 18. February 2014 09: 20 Hannover Messe Hall 17, as C42

With the N-470 Linear Actuator Physik Instrumente (PI) can easily automate the adjustment of mechanical and opto-mechanical components. It can be subsequently integrated into popular Kippspiegelhalter or move tables to align the beam path optical structures. He provides travel of up 7,5 26 mm and is available in Vacuum versions to 10 6-hPa or 10 9-hPa. The installation of the custom components can be made via threaded or clamp shaft.
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Ultrasonic sensors M12 as an alternative to inductive and capacitive sensors Wednesday 29. January 2014 09: 12 Micro Sonic has his compact class Ultrasonic sensors to the "nano" expanded. With only 55 mm total length including plug it is the shortest M12 ultrasound sensor with a binary output on the market. The compact sensor has two sensing ranges: 250
and 350 mm. It is available with analog or switch output.
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Mobile Working Machines

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Wireless Monitoring of harvesters in a field trial Wednesday 02. April 2014 09: 53 Sensor + Test 11 Hall, Booth 221

User Report

Even in agricultural technology development cycles become shorter and the demands on product quality are getting higher. These challenges in tractors, self-propelled harvesters and mounted implements can only be overcome with extensive series of measurements in practical field trials. The increasingly complex interplay of ECU software, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components must be carefully tested. Has in common with the company Grimme IMC measurement systems a solution for an automated, wireless data measurement developed to harvesters in the field.
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Battery power and inverter save around 30% energy Monday 03. March 2014 10: 55 Hannover Messe Hall 27, as E7

Refu Elektronik presents Universal Battery modules for applications in mining or transportation. They allow, for example, to reduce the operating costs through intelligent energy management by at least a third. High storage and recuperation extend the operating time per charge. The execution of High Power Battery module is well suited for mobile harbor cranes etc. or with a particularly high demand for peak performance. It provides high efficiency with reduced exhaust and noise emission.
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Radio-based industrial communication in the cloud Friday 14. February 2014 11: 21 Hannover Messe Hall 8, as D35

Schildknecht presented with the "Data Eagle "series for radio-based industrial communication. The DE 7000 M2M Gateway is now part of a complete solution, which includes in addition to setting up the channels of communication and the provision of a cloud storage area, for example at Amazon S3, a user-specific customizable platform for data presentation, data analysis and global data observation.
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