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centrosolar2009 since the legislature has increased the tariff for the internal use of solar power. Respond to the increasing demand Centrosolar Combined with a new product that allows for maximum use of self-generated electricity: a hot water heat pump combined with a photovoltaic system. To develop the new self-consumption solution Centrosolar has concluded a cooperation agreement with Glen Dimplex Germany GmbH, which with its Division Dimplex's leading manufacturers of heat pumps.

A heat pump water heater uses the available heat in the ambient air as an energy source for the central hot water heating up 60 ° C. The device works with about 3 / 4 environmental and energy about 1 / 4 stream that is needed to operate the heat pump water heater.

This current component provides the new product combining the solar system. Core of the system is a smart energy manager that controls the interaction of the photovoltaic system and the heat pump. The energy manager controls the power consumption of the system and ensures that the required power is obtained in sunny hours. Centrosolar this one is the complete photovoltaic system Cenpac 3.x consisting of 16 modules with a total output of over 3 kW peak. The heat generated by the clever combination drive the photovoltaic system with the heat pump water heater promises high efficiency and sustainability. More than 50% of the required electricity for hot water is produced by the solar system environmentally friendly self. The solar power replaces power, enabling an independent water heating in households. The well-insulated hot water tank in the heat pump is also used for energy storage. This increases the proportion of self-produced flow, which is not fed into the public network, significantly. The plant operator easily achieved in this way a self-consumption rate far above 30% and benefited from the maximum feed-in tariff.

Intersolar A6 Hall, Booth 280

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Applied Research

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Low-loss design increases performance with plastic gears to 75% Monday, 23. June 2014 02: 48 Together with the Research Centre for Gears and Gear Munich Technical University have conducted research in the last four years for optimized gearing geometries with plastic steel gear pairs Handtmann Elteka and SPN Swabia precision. Now are the results. Main advantage of using plastic gears is their dry run capability. Disadvantages here are the occurring high coefficient of friction on the tooth contact, and which in comparison to steel gears lower thermal conductivity of the material. read more
Li-Fi module doubled data rate - 10 Gbit / s Tuesday, 17. June 2014 16: 18 To transfer large amounts of data at lightning speed and without annoying cables from one device to another, the researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems work IPMS from using light as the transmission medium. The optical wireless data transmission is intended to serve as an alternative to wired data transfer and replace established standards such as USB 3.0, USB 3.1, Gigabit Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet 10. read more
Circuits and sensors from the printer Wednesday, 21. May 2014 01: 18 At the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Applied Materials Research IFAM in Bremen researchers with different printing processes manufactures electronic components and sensors. Tiny resistors, transistors, conductors and capacitors are initially written on the screen and then directly applied to two-and three-dimensional surfaces, for example on boards. read more


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Nano-supercapacitors for electric cars make way free for mass market Tuesday, 01. July 2014 12: 10 Research Report

An obstacle on the way to mass-market electric cars are the long load times of the batteries, which are not comparable with a normal tank operation. Novel Supercapacitors with nanomaterials developed by the Fraunhofer Institute and ten partners, should pave the way to the mass market. You can save significantly more energy than currently available models.
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ISO compliant 26262 Hall switches for automotive applications Monday, 23. June 2014 02: 01 Micronas has the expansion of its Hall-effect sensor portfolio with the new "HAL 15xy "switch family announced. This sensor family is designed ° to 40 ° C for various applications in the automobile for use in harsh conditions-150. There are a three-wire version with short-circuit protected open-drain output or a two-wire load current source output with a wide range of different temperature-independent, constant switching points are available. read more
Seat default and H-point determination before the crash test Monday, 16. June 2014 13: 44 Before the dummy is placed in the crash vehicle, various points and angles must be determined so that the doll is positioned compliant construction in the vehicle. One of these values ​​is of the H-point (hip point). Aicon 3D Systems offers now for the crash test the solution "Move Inspect DPS"For seat preference and determining the H point for different test scenarios. read more

Renewable Energies

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High quality metal moldings in thermoforming or metal spinning process for wind turbines Monday, 07. July 2014 12: 56 Typical for the needs of the wind power plant manufacturers is that they require only small or at most medium-sized batches of a component usually is. Due to the consequent specialization in the two metal forming process, press and deep drawing can Helmut Rübsamen just satisfy the desire for precision parts in small numbers easily. These are usually pre-finished components made of high tempered steel grades, aluminum alloys or non-ferrous alloys, which are then often mounted up in the air on site. read more
Special lubricants and tailored services for wind turbines Thursday, 03. July 2014 11: 20 Wind Energy B5 Hall, Booth 525

Under the slogan "Solutions for more wind force" represents Klüber addition to highly efficient special lubricants be comprehensive, specific to the needs of the Wind energy industry tailored portfolio of services vor.Der synthetic adhesive lubricant "Klübersynth AG-14 61" has been specially developed for gear and pinion drives and plain bearings, such as azimuth bearings in wind turbines.
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Storage systems for solar power by 17 kW Tuesday, 13. May 2014 11: 11 Intersolar B3 Hall, Booth 130

The new generation,Piko 'string inverters Kostal rounds off the product range to 17 kW. The Piko BA sensor reduced in the new inverters, the electricity costs. Due to the high current capability, the inverters are already prepared for the future with high-performance modules. Furthermore, up to three independent MPP trackers ensure an optimum operation, for example at different roof orientations.
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Food technology

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Lubrication-free components for the packaging industry Tuesday, 13. May 2014 14: 10 Presented on the Components Igus a variety of new products from the food compliant Tribo-tape to completely made-energy chain systems. These are specially designed to meet the high demands of the industry and optimized in terms of wear and hygiene regulations. To the competent machines economically as possible and in accordance with the guidelines of the Food and Beverage Industry to construct the plastics specialist provides both individual components and complete systems for drive technology. read more
Non-contact, inductive encoders in stainless Wednesday 30. April 2014 09: 04 Sensor + Test 12 Hall, Booth 143

As part of larger projects provides Turck now a robust stainless steel version of contactless, inductive Encoder series QR24 to. In the new version EQR24 the wear-free encoders for use in suitable Food and Beverage Industry as well as in many other applications. With V4A stainless steel housing (1.4404) and an active area of ​​PA12-GF30 plastic withstands the device itself aggressive chemicals and high pressure in the cleaning process.
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Intelligent IP69K drives with soft start and precise speed control Monday, 19. May 2014 01: 26 For a dynamic speed adjustment and independent process control in applications that require regular cleaning with high-pressure steam jets, North Drive system provides efficient Drive units in hygienic design. Straight motors with integrated frequency inverter is available in protection IP66 / IP69K for a power range of up 0,37 1,1 kW. read more

Medical Technology

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Ultrasonic sensors for level measurement of drip chambers Monday, 14. July 2014 10: 55 Presented with the clamp-on sensor "SONOCHECK ALD" (ALD Air Level Detector) Sonotec a contactless-type ultrasonic sensor for monitoring the fluid level in drip chambers, which are, inter alia, in the dialysis or parenteral nutrition. The ALD sensors are a modification of the sensors of the ABD series. read more
Sonderpalettierer inhalers provide accurate and quick to Tuesday, 08. July 2014 13: 55 User Report

After assembly and final inspection inhalers must be quickly and accurately placed in trays and then stacked on euro pallets. For this difficult task, a manufacturer of medical products commissioned the Black Forest specialists IEF Werner. The experts planned and delivered in the shortest possible time, an automated and tailored to the specific requirements palletizing solution. This was made possible by standardized components.
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iPhone ECG derivitization as an alternative to ECG devices Tuesday, 01. July 2014 09: 57 A joint study by the German Heart Institute in Berlin and the Klinikum Ernst von Bergmann in Potsdam concludes that the new mobile 12-lead ECG can be considered as an alternative to conventional ECG electrodes with 4 10 electrodes. This can be checked at any time own heart activity. read more

Microsystem Technology

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Stepper motor 12-fold driver with LED and PWM Monday, 21. July 2014 12: 29 Elmos presents the E520.02 a semiconductor for the control of up to 12 loads. The 12 times stepper motor driver IC is distinguished by its comprehensive protection functions. The security features include short-circuit protection in case of detection, limiting and diagnostic, which ensures safe operation even in case of inductive loads. read more
Integrated distance measurement for miniature hydraulic Wednesday 26. March 2014 08: 45 Control 1 Hall Stand, 1304

Developed specifically for use in the small titanium and stainless steel hydraulic cylinders Micro-Epsilon the new sensor "Indus Ensor EDS-28-G-CA-U ". The 13 g light and 56 mm small sensor is based on the eddy current principle and is extremely robust and temperature-resistant. The product series Indus Ensor EDS is established in the displacement measurement on or in the hydraulic cylinder for years and based on the eddy current principle.
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Linear actuator for high-resolution and stable positioning opto-mechanical components Tuesday, 18. February 2014 09: 20 Hannover Messe Hall 17, as C42

With the N-470 Linear Actuator Physik Instrumente (PI) can easily automate the adjustment of mechanical and opto-mechanical components. It can be subsequently integrated into popular Kippspiegelhalter or move tables to align the beam path optical structures. He provides travel of up 7,5 26 mm and is available in Vacuum versions to 10 6-hPa or 10 9-hPa. The installation of the custom components can be made via threaded or clamp shaft.
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Mobile Working Machines

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Electric pump with an attachable compact Li-Ion battery Wednesday, 30. July 2014 08: 55 Compact, mobile diesel filling stations allow time-saving refill of fuel in stationary and mobile devices directly on site. Opposite canisters allows the system to safely transport large quantities and by nozzle without spilling refuel clean. The mobile tank units of the DT-Mobil Easy series of Cemo offer with tank volumes of 125 600 l to sufficient supplies for larger machines in agriculture, forestry or construction industry.
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Large display for mobile machines Monday, 26. May 2014 22: 43 The "BasicDisplay XL" for mobile machinery IFM Electronic clearly visualized machine functions and displays instant information important system messages. For a variety of communication tasks the unit incorporates a powerful CAN interface. The E1 type approval by the Federal Motor Transport Authority is present. Managed by a continuous film, the sonnenablesbare display offers a resolution of 480 272 x pixels with an aspect ratio of 16: 9. Graphics can be displayed with a color depth of up to 256 colors.
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Antistatic hose solutions to promote and extraction of bulk materials Monday, 05. May 2014 06: 12 Norres presenting its vastly extended range of permanent anti-static tubes. These provide a consistent constant conductivity without migrating antistatic agents. A property which strengthens the reliability of these tubes in bulk everyday use and application areas substantially enhances. read more