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Thursday 02. October 2014
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Applications, technical articles, product news from

Applied research, automotive, renewable energy, food industry, medical technology, microsystems technology, Mobile Machinery

Applied Research

  • Live-circuit inside the battery discovered phenomenon lithium plating

    TUM0314 Research Report

    Lithium-ion batteries are considered as energy storage of the future and are indispensable especially for electric mobility. You can save a lot of energy, but are relatively compact and lightweight. When charging the battery, but is metallic lithium and deposits, the battery life may be reduced - or even a short circuit occur.... Read more

  • The fuel cell for home

    fraunhofer0314 neu Research Report

    It converts chemical energy directly into electrical. But the market breakthrough of fuel cell was made so far. Too complex were the systems. Fraunhofer and Vaillant have developed a simple device for home use. The researchers were responsible in particular the construction of the prototype, the design of the overall system, the design of ceramic components and... Read more

  • Low-loss design increases performance with plastic gears to 75%

    handtmann0314 neu Together with the Research Centre for Gears and Gear Munich Technical University have researched in the past four years, according to optimized tooth geometry with plastic-steel gear pairs Handtmann Elteka and SPN Swabia precision. Now are the results. Main advantage of using plastic gears is their dry running ability. Disadvantages here are the resulting high friction coefficients in the tooth contact... Read more
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  • Safety shock absorbers protect end positions in a driving simulator

    ACE310314 User Report

    Motek Hall 1 stand 1426

    The development of new vehicle security systems promises more protection and comfort for customers and improved market position for manufacturers. This testing and optimization through to series production run is not too long and too expensive, a new driving simulator has been developed and put into operation at the University of Stuttgart.... Read more

  • Increase of energy chain systems in automobiles

    igus0314 Whether in passenger cars, commercial vehicles or special vehicles - the demands on energy supply solutions are becoming increasingly complex. After steadily increasing the number of lines in automobiles that are frequently on the move. In addition, due to the increasing electrification of cars increases, the demand for Cable carriers , Move and protect the cables securely. Igus deals with... Read more
  • High-performance compounds for highly stressed gears

    luvocom0314 Plastic gears displace today thanks to their technical and economic advantages in many industrial applications, the conventional metal versions. The requirements of the industry of plastic gears have increased significantly in recent years. Lehmann & Voss has reacted to this and new materials developed for this application. With them, the gears can be produced, compared to the previous... Read more
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Renewable Energies

  • Housing and enclosure systems for hub and tower

    rittal0314 Wind Energy B6 Hall, Booth 459

    Provides for all areas of wind turbines - whether on land or at sea Rittal appropriate housing and enclosure systems - from the hub on the nacelle to the tower. The standardized, modular system technology is characterized by high assembly efficiency, stability and vibration resistance. More efficiency potentials by...
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  • Robust, accurate encoders for wind turbines

    posital0314 Wind Energy B6 Hall, Booth 538

    Posital provides a more comprehensive program than 120.000 models of absolute and incremental encoders, which has grown even to extreme environmental conditions. The encoder thus are ideally suited for measuring and positioning in Wind Turbines as the yawing of the nacelle by azimuth drives and the monitoring and adjustment of...
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  • Construction of the largest floating solar power plant in Japan

    kyocera0314 The Kyocera Corporation, Century Tokyo Leasing Corporation and the Ciel et Terre International have announced that they are in this month to build the world's largest floating Solar power plant will begin. The floating solar power plants will be developed and run on the platform "Hydrelio" Ciel et Terre from. The building comprises two power plants... Read more
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Food and Beverage Industry

  • Connectors with signal transmission for beer production

    Odu0314 On Saturday it was time to "O'zapft is" at the Oktoberfest in Munich. The largest folk festival in the world including the beer. Is used in the preparation of the Biermaß ODU with an application-specific connection bespoke solution used. The "Mini-PC Snap" convinces with perfect signal transmission in CO 2 Measurement equipment, which in the... Read more
  • Plastic chain for less maintenance and higher productivity in the industrial bakery

    Tsubaki0314 User Report

    The operator of bakeries must place the highest demands on automated processes for economical and efficient production. Here it is important to avoid unwanted downtime and time-consuming maintenance intervals within the highly interrelated in large part production steps such as mixing, fermenting, shaping, baking and cooling. Tsubaki offers a variety of quality brands, which this... Read more

  • Stainless steel safety switch for the Food Industry

    leuze0314 Motek Hall 7 stand 7526

    If a high level of safety (SIL 3, PL e) is required and cleanliness and hygiene play a major role, for example in the food industry, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics, play the Stainless steel switch S420 their benefits fully from. With the new safety hinge switch in stainless steel Leuze Electronic triggers mechanically and hygienically...
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Medical Technology

  • Non-magnetic resistors for audio applications

    WDI0314 Electronica B6 Hall, Booth 255

    U.S. manufacturers Tepro Vamistor, belonging to the EIT electrical engineering group, (Sales WDI) introduces its new RA series resistance. This axial leaded metal film resistors are non-magnetic and non-inductive. They have been developed specifically for purest sound reproduction and high resolution audio signal processing, for example for medical technology. For this series resistance is very...
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  • Thermal imaging camera prevents spread of Ebola fever

    optris03141 Motek Hall 9 stand 9400

    Virus epidemics as the H1N1 virus 2009 / 2010 and the Ebola virus 2014 are highly dangerous and provide a global demand for appropriate screening techniques, allowing a fast and non-contact detection of potentially suffering from fever travelers. Optris offers with their Thermal imaging camera "PI 160" "PI 160" a cost-effective and easy...
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  • Potting in medical technology increases the functional safety

    Scheugenpflug0314 The electronics in medical technology is under extreme requirements in terms of quality and reliability. Failures in medical technology electronics such as pacemakers, tools for surgery or ventilation masks are a definite "no-go". The trend here is clear for the potting of electronic components to protect and to ensure optimum sterilization of these products... Read more
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Microsystem Technology

  • Magnetically hermetic pump for exact resin-hardener dosage

    hnp0314 Motek Hall 7 stand 7306

    Many production processes include the application of adhesives and encapsulants. Usually then come polyurethane and epoxy resins are used, which are delivered in two components to mix and ready to use by the user on site. The exact resin-hardener ratio decides the production process over product quality or damaged goods. High-precision micro annular gear pump...
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  • Stepper motor 12-fold driver with LED and PWM

    elmos0314 neu Elmos presents the E520.02 a semiconductor for the control of up to 12 loads. The 12 times stepper motor driver IC is distinguished by its comprehensive protection functions. The security features include short-circuit protection in case of detection, limiting and diagnostic, which ensures safe operation even in case of inductive loads.... Read more
  • Integrated distance measurement for miniature hydraulic

    micro-epsilon01142 neu Control 1 Hall Stand, 1304

    Developed specifically for use in the small titanium and stainless steel hydraulic cylinders Micro-Epsilon the new sensor " Indus Ensor EDS -28-G-CA-U ". The 13 g light and 56 mm small sensor is based on the eddy current principle and is extremely sturdy and temperature resistant. The product series Indus Ensor EDS is in the years since...
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Mobile Working Machines

  • Magnetic angle sensors in tough harvesting

    novotechnik10314 Cover story

    SPS IPC Drives 4A Hall, Booth 125

    Increase not only in the industrial automation but also for mobile applications, the requirements for the sensors used constantly. Contactless angle sensors are becoming more common in agriculture therefore required. Magnetic procedures apply here often as favorites. They also work under harsh environmental conditions reliably,... Read more

  • Robust camera system for rear area monitoring in mobile machines

    ifm0314 Not only a sealed, weatherproof aluminum housing in protection IP68 / IP69K, a temperature-controlled heating plate has the new Camera system "O2M "By IFM Electronic . Moreover, it offers high shock and vibration resistance nor the E4-approval. The system is also equipped with an analog video output and universal. ... Read more
  • Electric pump with an attachable compact Li-Ion battery

    cemo0314 neu Compact, mobile diesel filling stations allow time-saving refill of fuel in stationary and mobile devices directly on site. Opposite canisters allows the system to safely transport large quantities and by nozzle without spilling refuel clean. The mobile tank units of the DT-Mobil Easy series of Cemo offer with tank volumes of 125 to... Read more
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hoven1211The construction of tunnels is one of the most demanding challenges in civil engineering. For used tunnel boring machines that must work in the tunneling process through very hard rock, has Hoven Hydraulik customized hydraulic components. The Stolberg develop and manufacture on behalf of customers including application-specific feed cylinder with particularly high power density and compact dimensions.

With tremendous force these hydraulic cylinders provide below ground for the necessary contact pressure of the drilling head. Variety of soil conditions, strong vibrations and permanent stains impose extreme demands. For maximum performance, the cylinder of resilient materials, manufactured with minimal tolerances and engineered sealing and bearing solutions.

A current project is the construction of 3000 m long pressure tunnel in Reisseck II pumped storage power station in Austria. There you initially wanted the old feed the cylinder boring machine repaired again translated. The higher performance was desired, however - due to heavy wear - not realizing by Recylindering. So developed and manufactured the hydraulic cylinder specialists new feed - tailored for the demanding task and the limited space inside the tunnel.

In the machine with a bore diameter of 7,03 m now afford four newly manufactured cylinders feeding force totaling 12.750 kN. The maximum piston rod stroke is 1,75 m. Each cylinder weighs more than 3 t. The nickel-chromium coating on the piston rod and a proven sealing concept protected from mechanical damage.

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