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Sunday, December 11, 2016
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Applications, technical articles, product news from

Applied research, automotive, renewable energy, food industry, medical technology, microsystems technology, Mobile Machinery

Applied Research

  • Li-Fi instead of WLAN: High-speed data with guaranteed delivery

    fraunhofer0416 Electronica Hall 4, 113 Stand
    SPS IPC Drives 2 Hall, Booth 500

    Li-Fi technology, ie the use of light to exchange huge amounts of data, established wired or radio-based wireless transmission techniques could soon supplement in highly automated production environments or even replace. Of developers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS in...
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  • Fraunhofer OHB Systems enter into a strategic partnership in the field purity technology

    fraunhofer30316For exploration of the solar system, as well as modern communication and navigation systems satellite and space systems are needed who have the highest demands on quality, reliability, cleanliness and functionality as the systems usually have to work failsafe over several decades. Read more
  • Realtime Li-Fi for industry 4.0 to replace cables and connectors

    fraunhofer0316 Cover story

    ECOC booth 327

    A development team at the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS in Dresden has a light si-Fi communication module developed which enables wireless networking devices that are used in industrial production. The optical transmission technology not only allows the exchange huge amounts of data, but also meets the high real-time characteristics of... Read more

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  • Robot controlled defect detection on reflective surfaces

    micro epsilon0416 To meet the increasing quality requirements in the production requirements, was " reflectCONTROL " Automation developed the smallest defects recognizes safe with reflective surfaces. It is used for fast inspection of glossy and lacquered Teilenwie in automotive interior parts. The sensor is attached to a robot and therefore can also parts with complex geometries... Read more
  • Novel gearbox seal lowers CO2 emissions by 0,8 g / km

    freudenberg0416 Technical Articles

    Freudenberg Sealing Technologies introduces a new generation of low-friction transmission seals. The "Levitas" -Dichtringe suitable for installation in all types of automated transmissions. The special design of the seal means that forms a hydrodynamic oil film between the seal and the opposing surface during operation. This reduces the friction so... Read more

  • Intelligent battery charger for automotive and industrial

    liberton0416 The Swedish Powerbox Group introduces the Smart-DC / DC-ENA200 load module before the newest member of its automotive line. The module is based on the latest technologies for intelligent charging technology and thus also meets the new requirements for intelligent and flexible loading solutions in the automotive sector and in industrial applications.... Read more
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Renewable Energies

  • Drive technology and control brings up to 80% higher efficiencies in wave power plant

    siemens10416 The Nemos GmbH has developed a wave power plant that supplies compared to competing products around 30% higher efficiencies. Following the success of the pilot plant in Denmark is scheduled for commissioning 2017 the first large-scale plant. The combination of the connection to existing offshore wind turbines, the use of existing infrastructure and the use... Read more
  • Spherical roller bearings for the main shaft in the wind energy plant

    skf0316The newly developed SKF spherical roller bearings for the main shafts of Wind Turbines offers an exceptional robustness and a particularly high reliability for sustainable energy production. Thus, the profitability and reliability of turbines increased in the wind power industry. Read more
  • Staying on course in wind energy

    cluster0316 Technical Articles

    The next week incipient world's leading trade fair WindEnergy Hamburg takes the EEHH clusters to look for the occasion, what do other countries with regard to wind energy. It is obvious: in all emerging nations it is governments that create correspondingly good conditions.

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  • Intelligent building automation for office buildings of Telecom Italia

    delta0416Delta has successfully implemented its building automation solutions in an office building of Telecom Italia. The intelligent solution to their scope also includes cloud-ready energy management system for buildings, provides real-time automation and -Fernüberwachung and environmentally friendly heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology. Read more
  • Future-proof energy detection in household, industrial and commercial

    gossen0416 SPS IPC Drives 7A Hall, Booth 420

    The compact Energy meter "Energymid "Detected by Gossen Metrawatt up to 33 different variables and designed with its functionality for all relevant current and future evaluations. By erstgeeichten according MID Measuring Instruments Directive 2014 / 32 / EU instrument can withholding enabled consumption and feed data for a period of eight years...
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  • Flexible control for building infrastructures

    phoenix0416 The Inline controller ILC 2050 BI of Phoenix Contact is especially suitable for automation in the fields of infrastructure, energy and building. The modular instrument platform in combination with the automation platform "Niagara" offers almost unlimited variety of applications such as in the building and industrial automation, in control of networked buildings or in datacenters.... Read more
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Food and Beverage Industry

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Medical Technology

  • Human Machine Interfaces for modern drug manufacturing

    pepperl210416 Technical Articles

    An integral part in the highly automated production of drugs on a chemical basis are Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), visualized with which relevant data along the process or process steps are controlled manually. Since meeting here strict pharmaceutical regulations and explosion protection guidelines on an advanced production possible, this must Operator control and monitoring systems... Read more

  • Lockable gas springs facilitate the operation of standing wheelchairs

    suspa0416 Medication 14 Hall, Booth E37

    The Swiss manufacturer Levo Standing wheelchairs are adapted specifically for over 40 years to meet the needs for all types of physical disabilities. For custom-made wheelchairs Levo is in the range kinematics on the application-specific customized Gas springs of Suspa , The power assistance is in the interpretation...
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  • User interfaces for the networked operating room

    steute0416 Medica Hall 11, Stand J39

    In modern operating the operator is faced with the task of controlling a growing number of medical devices via footswitch. This requires concentration, especially since the control functions are arranged differently. In addition, the operator will hardly find the most ergonomic position for each switch. Thanks Steute it is...
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Microsystem Technology

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Mobile Working Machines

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Jetter1211The new Drive technology for mobile automation Jetter meets the stringent requirements of the industry. The devices must withstand large temperature variations, have a high density and resilient to shocks and vibrations. Nevertheless, they should be made compact, often because space is limited. At Agritechnica Doppelumrichter the JMM-5000 was presented as a prototype.

This is available in different performance classes of 5 to 40 kW and is suitable for an ambient temperature of-40 ° to + 85 degrees ° C. He needs liquid cooling and falls under the protection IP6K to 9K. This converter allows both asynchronous and synchronous motors with either a feedback unit (resolver or sin / cos) or sensorless operate. In addition to the matching engines Jetter offers a variety of accessories such as gears, cables and connectors or cooling systems. Electric drive technology is used in mobile automation preferably with conveyors, fans and blowers, augers, or as a replacement of hydraulic. The drive system in the fall of 2012 reached the production stage.

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