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Monday, June 18, 2018
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News from the Microsystems Technology

Miniaturization, nano, ultrasonic, microwave, photonics, sensors, semiconductors, chip, electronics, clean room

From the Specials

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Silicon carbide as semiconductor material for power modules

starpower0418PCIM Hall 9 stand 441

The main factors that make the use of silicon carbide interesting over silicon as a semiconductor material are the comparatively low losses at higher switching frequencies and possible operation at significantly higher junction temperatures. Presented with the MD350HFR120B3S Star Power a mosfet module specially optimized for the benefits of silicon carbide chip technology.

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Dispenser for microdosage with process capability index cp value of 4,26

viscotec10418technical articles

The dispenser mark "Preeflow"Is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. With its systems, it offers the optimum solution in microdosing technology when it comes to high-precision results and special customer requirements. The precision metering pumps are used globally as volumetric metering systems and have become the driving force of Viscotec developed.

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3D-MID technology as an alternative to the classic printed circuit board

microdimensions10318cover story

More and more industries are discovering a new technology as an alternative to the traditional printed circuit board in the production of industrial applications. We are talking about 3D-MID technology. On injection-molded plastic components, conductor tracks are applied by means of laser direct structuring methods. The process drives the miniaturization trend in the electronic industry and gives product developers new design options. A provider for this is Multiple Dimensions ..

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Smallest precision resistor of its kind in compound technology

isabellenhuette0318With the BVF has Isabellenhütte Heusler developed a precision resistor that offers not only a unique frame size 1213 (3,1 x 3,3 mm), but also an extremely high load capacity and precision. Smaller electrically powered applications in particular benefit from the properties of the high-performance component, which the manufacturer has now incorporated into the standard repertoire.

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Digital circuit board promises significantly more precision

wuerth0417technical articles

Since the beginning of 2017, the two board manufacturers in Baden-Württemberg are doing research Würth Elektronik and Fela together on the digitization of printed circuit board technology. The prototypes in July were already promising - in October, both partners successfully delivered the first series orders in the respective pilot projects.

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Tue Jul 0309: 00 Workshop Robotics 1 - BASIC Organizer: Mitsubishi Electric
Tue Jul 0311: 00 Non-contact Infrared Measurement - Workshop Organizer: Optris and Measurable
Wed Jul @ 04 09: 00 Workshop Robotics 1 - BASIC Organizer: Mitsubishi Electric
Thu Jul 05 @ 12: 00 Tec.nicum on tour 2018 - Lunch + Learn Seminars: Machine Safety, Standards and Guidelines Organizer: tec.nicum Academy Schmersal Group
Thu Jul 26 @ 09: 00 Workshop Drive Technology Frequency Converter - BASIC Organizer: Mitsubishi Electric
Tue Aug 0709: 00 Workshop Robotics 1 - BASIC Organizer: Mitsubishi Electric