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Sunday, December 11, 2016
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News from the industry

Products, technical articles, applications, features, interviews, videos, news ...

Latest News

  • Schaeffler
  • PTC and GE Digital
  • Rampf
  • Tebis
  • Micronas
  • Profibus Trade.
  • Cloos and Baumüller
schaeffler0416Schaeffler AG has decided to expand in Russia focused its activities and has to a new office in the House of German Business in Moscow. The new office has been under a frequent reception at 6. December inaugurated, which was attended by important customers and representatives from politics and business. Read more
PTC and GE Digital plan to expand their strategic cooperation 2015 closed to the market for the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to complement integrated solutions. This announced the two companies on the Minds + Machines 2016, the IIoT Congress of GE in San Francisco. Specifically, the technology suite "Thingworx for Predix" aimed at the common customers to use Thingworx for the development of applications based on Predix, the industrial... Read more
rampf20416The Rampf Group has taken a further step towards a sustainable future and been certified according to the internationally recognized ISO 14001. The certification of the environmental management system emphasizes the environmentally conscious and sustainable management of the medium-sized company. Read more
Tebis has opened an office in Tokyo. In order for the process supplier for the development, design and manufacture of models, molds and components is expanding its branch in Japan continues. Companies in this technologically driven country will now receive even more support, in order to compete against strong competition can. Read more
micronas0416TDK Corporation has announced the upcoming integration of Micronas announced in the TDK group. Micronas, a company of the TDK Group, is part of the Magnetic Sensor Business Group to mainly promote the sensor business with automotive applications within the TDK Group. The combined technical expertise in the field of magnetic field measurement to provide the greatest opportunities for growth in the sensor industry, especially in the automotive market: Read more

profibus0416IO-Link scheduling policy

A new scheduling policy of the IO-Link Joint company offers to all interested users support in the planning of automation systems with IO-Link devices. In an action-oriented form required when planning activities are described step by step. As a basis for this directive, the IO-Link specification version used 1.1.2. download Directive Read more
baumueller0416The development of innovative products in the automated welding technology - that is the objective of the companies' collaboration Cloos and Baumüller, By combining the core competencies they offer highly specialized process know-how combined with cutting-edge automation solutions. The first joint project is the welding robot "QIROX QRH-280". Read more

From the fields

Drive Systems

  • Compact and precise Nema 17 stepper motor with hollow shaft

    adrive0416 The NEMA 17 ZEN actuator with hollow shaft of A drive provides a novel magnetic design, which gives the stepper motor previously unattainable capabilities. Features include a very high accuracy, an extremely compact design and a noiseless operation. The stepper motor can be flexibly adapted to virtually any application customize and opens up numerous new fields of application,... Read more
  • Compact actuators with real-time connectivity

    epsg0416 The Actuators AG25 and AG26 of Siko are now available with Powerlink interfaces. They are supplied with extensive PLC open motion libraries and can be connected to Powerlink controllers easy to start up. Due to the ultra-compact dimensions positioning tasks can be performed fully automatically decentralized and even in confined spaces.... Read more
  • Drive switches from central to autonomous control

    nord04162 Inverter from Nord Drive Systems with integrated PLC can at a separation from the control system to respond flexibly and autonomously establish a defined state and automatically take over complete control of the application. In case of an accident, a correspondingly programmed Drive PLC jumps immediately and can bring controls the drive axes to a standstill.... Read more
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Fair statement:
Günther Klinger on the new
Brake monitoring for industrial 4.0

klingler start

Fair statement:
Dr. Omar Sadi about the megatrends
in drive technology

sadi start


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Fair statement:
Markus Ingenerf about the new
IP67 compact controller

Long Self start

Fair statement:
Leuze Electronic
Alexander Mielchen about the new safety control

Mielchen start

Electrical Engineering

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Article by Weidmüller
Contactless, maintenance-free energy transfer to 240 W for cleanrooms

Weidmueller start

Fluid Technology

  • Particulate filter and water separator in one product

    smc0416 To protect vacuum pumps or ejectors in vacuum systems against dust or water, users have so far been forced to integrate two separate filter elements in their facilities and maintain. This makes SMC Pneumatics now final: The newly developed vacuum filters Series AFJ, particles and water drops in the three filtration stages 5, 40... Read more
  • regulate vacuum and pressure on demand and save energy

    elmo0416 K 10 Hall, Booth B27

    The compressors and vacuum the brand Elmo Rietschle Gardner Denver one does not see on first glance that they are prepared for industrial 4.0. The proven technology of the side channel blowers and claw vacuum pumps for conveying, dosing and drying systems in the plastics processing industry is equipped with the latest...
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  • Screw compressor with up to 35% higher energy efficiency

    ingersoll0316 Ingersoll Rand performs under its compressor range of "next generation R-Series' new models with VSD (VSD = Variable Speed ​​Drive) a. As a fixed speed compressor, it offers an up to 15% higher airflow and lower by up to 35% energy costs and increase system reliability.... Read more
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Article by TÜV Nord
TÜV Nord closes vulnerability in testing of pressure equipment

tuev start

Development Office

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Video Dassault Systèmes
Asking SolidWorks 2017 at Torqeedo

SW start

Machine Elements

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Article by Schaeffler
Standard rolling bearings and linear guides in high-performance

schaeffler start


  • Module for the PC-board assembly of temperature and humidity sensors

    alps0416 Alps Electric is expanding its "HSHCAL" product line of capacitive, digital temperature / humidity sensors to the HSHCAL101B PC-board module. The serial production of the new sensor module begins in January 2017. The sensors used in appropriate applications were previously mostly equipped with analog outputs. However, digital outputs are increasingly required to prevent AD conversion is required to the data... Read more
  • capture energy data without any programming and manage

    wago0416 Companies look more and more on the efficiency of their buildings and facilities. How much savings, but can be seen only when all forms of energy and their consumers are systematically recorded. With the new Energy data management Wago allows energy data capture and manage comfortably - without any programming effort and anytime... Read more
  • Flexible use temperature sensor with two solutions

    ifm0416 SPS IPC Drives 7A Hall, Booth 302

    The precision temperature sensor TV from IFM Electronic has an IO-Link interface and features sichbietet also a measurement accuracy of ± 0,3 K. Moreover, it is tamper-proof, the measuring range is -50 ... 150 ° C....
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Interview of Optris
with Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Kienitz

Kienitz start

Mounting + Joining Technique

  • Adhesives for Multisubstratverklebung in the mass production of composite components

    henkel0416 K 15 Hall, Booth B27

    The quick setting and reliable adhesives and matrix resins of Handle are the answer to the rising demand of the automobile industry for continuous fiber reinforced high-performance composites in integrated structural assemblies. At the K show, the company offers different solutions for joining new lightweight materials....
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  • Low viscosity epoxy adhesive for bonding and potting

    kager0316 has with the epoxy adhesive type 4439 Kager a two-component system at the moment that can be used very versatile for connectionless and vergusstechnische tasks. In practical application, initially very fluid, it hardens after a few hours of up to a Shore hardness D80. Moreover, the adhesive for numerous different material combinations suitable.... Read more
  • Ultrasonic generator for automated welding processes for OEM applications

    rinco03161 K Hall 11, Stand F41

    Rinco Ultrasonics is introducing the digital ultrasonic generator "AGM Pro» for integration into special purpose machines and production lines. He is the technical development of the generator AGM and was designed for integration into special purpose machines and production lines and can be controlled completely by a plant's PLC....
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Lecture by Arnold + Shinjo
Resistive element welding for lightweight at VW

Wolfarth start

Materials + Procedures

  • Method for additive manufacturing of liquids: Liquid Additive Manufacturing

    reprap0416 German Reprap and Dow Corning introduce the new method for the additive manufacturing of liquids with the "Dow Corning LC 3335" 3D printing silicone rubber. Developed in a joint cooperation these groundbreaking new material technology is perhaps the first solution that is designed specifically for designers, the performance benefits of silicone with the design and processing advantages... Read more
  • Elastic polyurethane material for absorbing shocks

    getzner0416 If collisions with high peak forces acting on the people or machines often generate large, sometimes irreversible damage. To remedy this, Getzner has the new series of elastic materials of polyurethane (PUR) " Sylodamp "Developed with the negative impact of such shocks can be intercepted.... Read more
  • Container mixer mixes batches without downtime

    mti0416 K 9 Hall, Booth B22

    The fully automated container mixer "C Tec PRO" of MTI Mischtechnik stands for the strict separation of the mixing vessel system of the machine base. This previously as inevitable as costly downtime for cleaning conventional, rigidly configured systems account when recipe changes....
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Case Study of OR Laser Technology
Additive Manufacturing accelerated form changes

orlaser start

From the specials

Applied Research

  • Li-Fi instead of WLAN: High-speed data with guaranteed delivery

    fraunhofer0416 Electronica Hall 4, 113 Stand
    SPS IPC Drives 2 Hall, Booth 500

    Li-Fi technology, ie the use of light to exchange huge amounts of data, established wired or radio-based wireless transmission techniques could soon supplement in highly automated production environments or even replace. Of developers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS in...
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  • Fraunhofer OHB Systems enter into a strategic partnership in the field purity technology

    fraunhofer30316For exploration of the solar system, as well as modern communication and navigation systems satellite and space systems are needed who have the highest demands on quality, reliability, cleanliness and functionality as the systems usually have to work failsafe over several decades. Read more
  • Realtime Li-Fi for industry 4.0 to replace cables and connectors

    fraunhofer0316 Cover story

    ECOC booth 327

    A development team at the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS in Dresden has a light si-Fi communication module developed which enables wireless networking devices that are used in industrial production. The optical transmission technology not only allows the exchange huge amounts of data, but also meets the high real-time characteristics of... Read more

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Case Study of ACE
Motor for more dynamic - safety buffers for added peace

ACE Home


  • Robot controlled defect detection on reflective surfaces

    micro epsilon0416 To meet the increasing quality requirements in the production requirements, was " reflectCONTROL " Automation developed the smallest defects recognizes safe with reflective surfaces. It is used for fast inspection of glossy and lacquered Teilenwie in automotive interior parts. The sensor is attached to a robot and therefore can also parts with complex geometries... Read more
  • Novel gearbox seal lowers CO2 emissions by 0,8 g / km

    freudenberg0416 Technical Articles

    Freudenberg Sealing Technologies introduces a new generation of low-friction transmission seals. The "Levitas" -Dichtringe suitable for installation in all types of automated transmissions. The special design of the seal means that forms a hydrodynamic oil film between the seal and the opposing surface during operation. This reduces the friction so... Read more

  • Intelligent battery charger for automotive and industrial

    liberton0416 The Swedish Powerbox Group introduces the Smart-DC / DC-ENA200 load module before the newest member of its automotive line. The module is based on the latest technologies for intelligent charging technology and thus also meets the new requirements for intelligent and flexible loading solutions in the automotive sector and in industrial applications.... Read more
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Case study of Rampf
Sealing systems based on polyurethane and silicone for the car

rampf start

Renewable Energies

  • Drive technology and control brings up to 80% higher efficiencies in wave power plant

    siemens10416 The Nemos GmbH has developed a wave power plant that supplies compared to competing products around 30% higher efficiencies. Following the success of the pilot plant in Denmark is scheduled for commissioning 2017 the first large-scale plant. The combination of the connection to existing offshore wind turbines, the use of existing infrastructure and the use... Read more
  • Spherical roller bearings for the main shaft in the wind energy plant

    skf0316The newly developed SKF spherical roller bearings for the main shafts of Wind Turbines offers an exceptional robustness and a particularly high reliability for sustainable energy production. Thus, the profitability and reliability of turbines increased in the wind power industry. Read more
  • Staying on course in wind energy

    cluster0316 Technical Articles

    The next week incipient world's leading trade fair WindEnergy Hamburg takes the EEHH clusters to look for the occasion, what do other countries with regard to wind energy. It is obvious: in all emerging nations it is governments that create correspondingly good conditions.

    Read more
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Article by Harting
Connectors for modular energy storage in Smart Grid

Harting start


  • Intelligent building automation for office buildings of Telecom Italia

    delta0416Delta has successfully implemented its building automation solutions in an office building of Telecom Italia. The intelligent solution to their scope also includes cloud-ready energy management system for buildings, provides real-time automation and -Fernüberwachung and environmentally friendly heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology. Read more
  • Future-proof energy detection in household, industrial and commercial

    gossen0416 SPS IPC Drives 7A Hall, Booth 420

    The compact Energy meter "Energymid "Detected by Gossen Metrawatt up to 33 different variables and designed with its functionality for all relevant current and future evaluations. By erstgeeichten according MID Measuring Instruments Directive 2014 / 32 / EU instrument can withholding enabled consumption and feed data for a period of eight years...
    Read more
  • Flexible control for building infrastructures

    phoenix0416 The Inline controller ILC 2050 BI of Phoenix Contact is especially suitable for automation in the fields of infrastructure, energy and building. The modular instrument platform in combination with the automation platform "Niagara" offers almost unlimited variety of applications such as in the building and industrial automation, in control of networked buildings or in datacenters.... Read more
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Article by Peaknx
Multilingual building automation: When the bus comes into the house

peaknx start

Food and Beverage Industry

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Case Study of Mayr
Reliable couplings secure ice and fresh cheese production

mayr Home

Medical Technology

  • Human Machine Interfaces for modern drug manufacturing

    pepperl210416 Technical Articles

    An integral part in the highly automated production of drugs on a chemical basis are Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), visualized with which relevant data along the process or process steps are controlled manually. Since meeting here strict pharmaceutical regulations and explosion protection guidelines on an advanced production possible, this must Operator control and monitoring systems... Read more

  • Lockable gas springs facilitate the operation of standing wheelchairs

    suspa0416 Medication 14 Hall, Booth E37

    The Swiss manufacturer Levo Standing wheelchairs are adapted specifically for over 40 years to meet the needs for all types of physical disabilities. For custom-made wheelchairs Levo is in the range kinematics on the application-specific customized Gas springs of Suspa , The power assistance is in the interpretation...
    Read more
  • User interfaces for the networked operating room

    steute0416 Medica Hall 11, Stand J39

    In modern operating the operator is faced with the task of controlling a growing number of medical devices via footswitch. This requires concentration, especially since the control functions are arranged differently. In addition, the operator will hardly find the most ergonomic position for each switch. Thanks Steute it is...
    Read more
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Research Report

Robot Worm milled around
the corners at head surgery

fraunhofer start

Microsystem Technology

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Article by Renesas
Microcontroller for the industrial Internet of Things

Renesas start

Mobile Working Machines

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Article by Bosch
Hybridization and fuel cell for off-highway drive
bosch start

wille0312Control 7 Hall Stand, 7316

In the new Manoskop 714 united Stahlwille the benefits of its electromechanical torque wrench and its precise angle tools with a comfortable software solution for configuration and user management. Both in initiating and in operation, indicating the tightening process each screwdriving be chosen from a combination of torque and / or angle detection.

Optionally, there is an indication to the peak value. Each operating mode, the user has to the four modes torque, angle, torque-angle, angle-torque.

The configuration of the tool is done in software Sensomaster. Up to bolting in 200 maximum 25 schedules are programmable. For each hard joints 2500 rundowns are stored. User-specific access levels allow for different application scenarios. The data exchange with the PC via a standard USB interface.

Realized Schraubfalldaten are displayed in high-resolution, self-luminous display and can be evaluated immediately. Upon reaching a predetermined warning threshold, the display color changes to yellow. Green indicates a release of the tool in the specified tolerance range, and in addition by a perceptible tactile and / or audible signal for the user. The risk for covering a specified value (red signal) is minimized. Two sides of the tool mounted LEDs to work to support in any position, even if the direct view of the display is not possible. The same principle prevents overloading the tool.

The torque / angle wrench is initially available from September 2012 for ranges of up 1 400 Nm Nm in seven sizes.

Another contribution of the manufacturer This e-mail address is being protected from spambots! Must be enabled to display JavaScript!

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