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Wednesday, April 01, 2015
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News from the industry

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Latest News

  • Schunk
  • Karl Späh
  • Cadfem
  • Hannover Messe
  • VDMA
  • Mädler
  • Grundfos
schunk0115In a ceremony Schunk has opened its new China headquarters in Shanghai. By investing wanted to promote business growth in China and expand its presence in the field, said the managing partner Henrik A. Schunk in his opening speech. Since 2003 the company is represented by its own national company in China and has since grown enormously. Read more
spaeh0115 Hannover Messe Hall 4, as E04

The Karl Popp GmbH & Co. KG , A subsidiary of Sentry Group, with the individual manufacture of samples provides a cost effective alternative to molding. In order to remain flexible and independent, are made to order according to drawings or specific requirements, samples, prototypes and small series. And who - for a variety of storage-units in stock elastomers, plastics, sealants, insulation materials, foams and many other non-metallic materials.... Read more
cadfem0115 Hannover Messe Hall 7, as B40

Under the motto "simulation to touch" which specializes in numerical calculations Cadfem company presents its product and service offerings. At the booth, visitors sit at the computer itself to work in mini-workshops on virtual prototype important insights. The simulation experts of the software provider help visitors to the stand, the principle and the possibilities of a simulation with the Software "Ansys "To develop quickly.... Read more
hmi0115 The United States of America to be the partner country of Hannover Messe Be 2016. This has the White House on the evening of 23. March officially announced. The Hannover Messe for some years to work continuously to the intensification of contacts with industry in the United States. Business Summits and American delegations in Hanover have helped to further the transatlantic trade relations. The world's largest industrial trade fair will happen this coming year from 25. to... Read more
The order situation of the manufacturers of components, machinery and equipment for photovoltaics in Germany developed at the end of the first quarter 2015 enjoyable. In the current business climate survey by the VDMA report good third of the company to improve the job situation compared to the same period last year. Almost 58% note a similar order. For the current year, the reporting industry representatives expect revenue growth of over 8%. Read more

MaedlerCatalog drive technology

In April, the new Mädler catalog with many innovations and technical knowledge on the subject of drive technology. Available for the first time throughout with color photographs and product in six languages: German, English, French, Polish, Slovak and Chinese. The product range includes: engine parts, controls, standard parts, shock absorbers, pneumatics, gearboxes and geared motors, drawer slides, shaft-hub connections. Download Read more
grundfos0115The pump manufacturer Grundfos had to 2014 increased competition, provide lower growth rates in the European markets and unfavorable exchange rates. Although strong growth in the United States and China strengthen the company's position in the global market, but in terms of profitability, a further decline is recorded. With a new strategy of this development is to be counteracted. Read more

From the fields

Drive Systems

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Video interview with Mayr
Hannover Messe may
Klingler start


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Lecture by Harting
Importance of RFID for Integrated Industry
stimulates Meier start

Electrical Engineering

  • Protection hardware for embedded software from tampering

    wibu0115 Hannover Messe Hall 8, as D05

    WIBU-SYSTEMS shows how manufacturers can protect their embedded software from tampering. It is based on the secure boot mechanism in the " CodeMeter "technology Can evaluate the interested companies using a starter kit for the "Raspberry Pi". Cryptographic signatures and certificates ensure the integrity of the embedded software. Only properly signed applications...
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  • IT infrastructures for designing highly automated production processes

    rittal10115 Hannover Messe Hall 11, as E06

    In addition to a world first, the means for significant cost savings, shows Rittal their value chains for industrial 4.0 from engineering to manufacturing can rationalize with potential savings of up to 50% together with its sister companies Eplan, Cideon and Kiessling, such as mechanical, control and switchgear manufacturers....
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  • Relay Modules for hazardous areas

    Phoenix0115 Hannover Messe Hall 8, as D28

    In the family of highly compact Relay Modules "PLC Interface" from Phoenix Contact is now available variants for use in hazardous areas. Hazardous areas in the industry make high demands on reliability and safety of switching components. They meet the statutory requirements and approvals...
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Lecture by Igus
Lines for the factory of the future

Roessel start

Fluid Technology

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Article by AS-Schneider
Individual industrial valves for improved system reliability, even under high pressure

Schneider start

Development Office

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Case Study Dassault
3D simulation shorten the product cycle in watchmaking

Dassault start

Machine Elements

  • HSC compression router for lightweight

    sppw0115 The Rapid Line HSC milling of SPPW offer the right solution for users who aluminum and aluminum alloys, copper and copper alloys, fiber composites, aramid fiber composites, honeycomb composites, graphite materials and GRP / CRP and similar materials want to edit. They offer an extremely polished (feingeläppte) flute. Combined with the special cutting geometries they have an extremely low coefficient of friction and... Read more
  • Small power clamping nut with great force

    jakob0115 Jakob drive technology provides a universal Power lock nut in front. The new series of type MDA has a through threads and allows the use of identical T-slot bolts, even with different tool or clamping edge thicknesses. A robust gear mechanism with special slide bearing inside the clamping nut amplifies the necessary torque and thus enables manual operation using... Read more
  • Energy management for rotary motion until 7000 degree

    Igus20115 Achema 9.2 Hall, Booth F37
    Hannover Messe Hall 17, as H04

    Rotational motions of machines are a great burden for cables and hoses. In order to guide them safely and protect has Igus expanded its range of energy chains for rotation about a Heavy Duty version. The TwisterBand HD is an even more stable,...
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Success Story of Dr. Tretter
Profile rail guides in wrappers of Hedrich

Tretter start


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Article by Micro-Epsilon
Trends in sensor technology: Smaller, smarter, efficient integration

Micro epsilon start

Mounting + Joining Technique

  • Hot air welding unit without water cooling for the longitudinal seam

    rovema0115 For the longitudinal seam welding of PE films in This e-mail address is being protected from spambots! Must be enabled to display JavaScript! Bagmakers was previously installed by default a Heißluftschweißung with integrated water cooling. This was in denaktuellen machine models replaced by a new version with extended functionality and modern design. The water cooling is no longer required in the new facility. A separate control function provides more flexibility and... Read more
  • Intelligent fitting of plastic components with less material

    arnold0115 Plastic has increased in recent years in the automotive industry in importance. When connecting the components, manufacturers are increasingly relying on direct fasteners that require no nuts or inserts for connecting the components and shorten the assembly time. In thermoplastics usually comes here Remform screw Arnold metal forming... Read more
  • UV LED manual exposure device for the reproducible curing of UV-adhesives

    photonics0115The "Ilumcure 2G"IMM Photonics is a UV-LED illumination system for reproducible curing of UV adhesives with high intensity at a central wavelength of 365 nm. The device enables continuous exposures as well as timer and interface-controlled exposures with adjustable intensity. Read more
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Article by Tox Pressotechnik
New arc process with Einbrandstabilisator

Fronius Home

Materials + Procedures

  • New material for turbine blades combines metal and ceramic properties


    Cover story

    In record time, the materials experts have the MTU Aero Engines a new, unique, intermetallic high temperature class of materials for highly stressed engine components developed with partners: titanium aluminide (TiAl) is the new lightweight material for turbine blades, the properties of metal and ceramic in itself. "If you have been all 20 years with the appearance of a... Read more

  • Long glass fibers as a metal substitute in the fan

    basf0115 The Multi-Wing International A / S is the new long glass fiber reinforced polyamide " Ultramid Structure B3WG10 LFX "by BASF in manufacturing hub for its new axial fan. These hubs are circular elements that are pushed onto axles or wheels and so transmit rotary motion to the fan blades. Fan wheels come in the ventilation... Read more
  • Infrared heaters save energy for the powder coating

    Heraeus0115 Hannover Messe Hall 3, as B08

    Paint on car bodies, Alloy wheels, fuel tanks or bumpers, bonnet protection on sills or corrosion on brake pads - in the manufacture of a car, there are countless surfaces painted or coated. Heraeus presents application-optimized catalytic gas and electric Infrared systems Which accelerate the powder coating....
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Articles by Kager
Heat resistant Komination of hard ceramic and ceramic glue

Kager start

From the specials

Applied Research

  • Wireless board-to-board communication with up to 12,5 Gbit / s

    ipms Embedded World Hall 4 stand 583

    The Fraunhofer IPMS has developed on the basis of the Li-Fi technology a transceiver that is to replace future RF connectors on printed circuit boards and allow infrared light is a better board-to-board communication. At Embedded World, this technology is first presented to the audience....
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  • Pioneering work in the field of high-pressure calibration

    michell0115 The Research Michell makes in cooperation with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) significant progress in the joint project to improve the current high-pressure dew point generator technology. The scientists cooperate here with the NPL, which provides scientific advice and valuation services. Funding is provided by the "UK Technology Strategy Board". Aim of the project... Read more
  • Measurement system to measure torques of shafts contact

    iph0115 Research Report

    Wind turbines are to be efficient, race cars lighter and safer medical devices: to make possible all the currently developing a new measurement system, the scientists from Hannover. The optical sensor measures the torque and the contact position of a shaft. He is said to be smaller and lighter than previous systems and also much cheaper,... Read more

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Research Report of the IPH
Measure torques of shafts contact

iph start


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Research Report of the TUM
Open source software for the car as an Internet Hardware

TUM start

Renewable Energies

  • Temperature monitoring during curing and baking of the contacts

    datapaq0115 The SolarPaq system Datapaq combines two applications in the production of Photovoltaics Cells. It creates temperature profiles of drying the contact paste and the firing of the contacts. For efficient use of process heat the furnaces are equipped with flat inputs and outputs. Therefore, special technique is required for measurements in the process.... Read more
  • Gain valuable substances from industrial waste water

    TUWien0115 Research Report

    Hannover Messe Hall 2, Stand C9 / 6

    At first glance, the contents of the bioreactors at the TU Vienna does not exactly look like a valuable source of raw materials. Prof. Christopher Herwig works with what others want to get rid normally. From industrial wastewater he succeeds at the Institute of Process Engineering, Environmental Engineering and... Read more

  • Development of solar energy and predictions for the future

    energieinitiative0115 Technical Articles

    In Europe, the solar energy experienced loud Energy Initiative just a revolution and experts suggest that it will soon be the most important source of energy supply. This is demonstrated by the growing power demands and the desire for cleaner, more environmentally friendly and renewable energy on the part of consumers. Even now, the proportion of... Read more

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Journal article the Energy Initiative
Development of solar energy and predictions for the future

energy initiative start


  • Integrated electronics in EC centrifugal blower reduces harmonics

    papst0115 Hannover Messe Hall 15, as F31

    Ebm-papst has specifically integrated into the electronic solution developed with the "Active PFC" (Power Factor Correction) for EC centrifugal blower: This built-in power factor correction converts the pulsed input current of the EC motors into a sinusoidal current. In the second step the position of the current curve is shifted so that...
    Read more
  • Soft starter for 60.000 m² building complex in Mecca

    igel0115 Hannover Messe Hall 12, as D73

    Hedgehog equips the block cooling power plant for the new building complex "Abraj Kudai" in Mecca with drive technology. The Softstarter the "ISA-HD Series "Ensure low mechanical load on the cooling units of the power plant, which provides in the Saudi Arabian prestige for air-conditioned rooms. The total volume of the construction project is about...
    Read more
  • Efficient highly sensitive infrared motion and presence detectors

    Finder0115 Hannover Messe Hall 12, as B66

    Expanded with the new infrared motion and presence detectors Finder 18 his series and offers the user for almost every application the right product. In addition to the rated supply voltage (110 230 ...) VAC there are detectors for 24 V AC / DC with an output contact for up to 1000 W halogen lamps. In the new...
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Food and Beverage Industry

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Lecture Baumer
Conductivity meters for food and pharmaceutical industries

imort start

Medical Technology

  • Monitor and control bonds in medical technology easier

    dymax0115 MEDTEC 5 Hall, Booth E40

    Dymax first presented the "Encompass" technology for the Medical Technology , The new adhesives combine two patented process of the company in a light-curing adhesive: Sea-cure and the Ultra-Red fluorescence technology. With this combination, bonding processes can optimally monitor and control. In See-Cure technology changes the color of the adhesive visualizes the successful...
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  • First cavity-free clamping lever Hygienic Design

    novonox0115 An ordinary clamp lever is designed in an open design, which reach foreign matter such as food particles in the lever and can accumulate there. Also, wear particles may fall from the inside out. This leads to problems in complex hygienic area. Novonox has developed the world's first clamp lever to the hygienic design, the complete... Read more
  • Wireless Footswitch control medical devices by radio

    variohm0115 With the Bluetooth Low Energy standard reach new wireless Single and multiple foot switch of Herga (Distribution: Variohm) ensure the necessary reliability in everyday operation. The Bluetooth Smart network is considered with its reduced to 80% power consumption to be particularly suitable for energy-efficient and standardized radio communication between switches and switching receivers.... Read more
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Case Study of PI
Piezo Ultrasonic Motor Based in mobile drug pumps

PI start

Microsystem Technology

  • Unprecedented level of precision in 3D pressure should be standard

    Nanoscribe0115 Technical Articles

    Nanoscribe offers a new expansion set for its 3D printer the first manufacturer to a complete solution for fabrication. The range of additive manufacturing is thus added to the printing process 3D world's highest resolution with maximum detail in the sub-micrometer range and closes at the same time filling the gap between the 3D laser lithography and... Read more

  • Microcontroller series for industrial Internet of Things

    renesas0115 Technical Articles

    Hannover Messe Hall 9, as D68

    Renesas Electronics announced the availability of RX71M group as a new tip line in the 32-bit RX microcontroller family. The series is designed for use in industrial equipment, offering over previous products with 240 MHz twice the CPU frequency and up to 4 MB on-chip flash memory.... Read more

  • SMD air coils for high frequency applications with high rated current

    wuerth0115 High-frequency applications, especially in the area of ​​wireless technology, require air coils with a particularly high quality factor. Expanded adapted to the current market demand for this application Würth Elektronik its range of Cair air coils around the new designs 1322 and 1340. These new designs are one-third thinner than the existing styles of this product line.... Read more
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Article by Renesas
Microcontroller for the industrial Internet of Things

Renesas start

Mobile Working Machines

  • Contactless Encoder QR24 speaks CAN open

    Turck050115 Hannover Messe Hall 9, as H55

    Turck has now expanded its "QR24" -Drehgeber family by a version with CANopen interface. In the new version QR24-CAN, the wear-free encoder is ideally suited for use in mobile machines. Short latency and a cyclic and event-driven communication are just two of the many advantages of...
    Read more
  • Lubricant-free curved linear guides for individual design concepts

    igus MA0115 Hannover Messe Hall 17, as H04

    Increasingly individualized needs and optimal space utilization require new ideas in the field of design elements. In the case of linear plain the straightness of the rail guide the design has been set certain limits. Now offers Igus also bent "Drylin" rails on which designers open up even more freedom: for example, in cabins...
    Read more
  • Ten percent more performance from gear units for mobile machinery

    rexroth10115 Hannover Messe Hall 23, as G28

    An increase in output of the drive train of mobile machines around ten percent 10% reach the new drive units "Hydrotrac GFT 8000". Combined in the modular series Bosch Rexroth two- and three-stage planetary gear with axial piston motors to drive a customized package for much-propelled mobile equipment. An optional internal...
    Read more
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desoutter5Technical Articles

Has for mounting thread-forming screws in plastic, wood or metal, especially aluminum diecast Desoutter the new "Koala" bolting developed. In order to troubleshoot, which in the broadest sense to do with excessive tolerances in Screwless, in holes or in the material. Moreover the method is suitable for the assembly of parts of different materials.


"Such changes often bolting the Einschraubwiderstand during installation, so that the set off screwing with traditional programming to early or too late," says Managing Director Jürgen Göbel. The result are projecting to deep recessed or even broken off screw. "The Koala procedures such errors significantly reduced," he promises. Threaded fasteners would reliably mounted in all materials. Above all, the method is also suitable for the assembly of several components from different materials.

The Desoutter from Maintal looks priority for the new process applications in the electronics, medical, white and brown goods, as well as automotive suppliers. But could find even with window manufacturers, lighting manufacturers in the wood and furniture industry, RV manufacturers, foundries with parts and assemblies in the plastics industry are plenty of applications, it said. The method is also suitable for all users, the processes (such as threading, drilling core holes) want to save.

Conventional bolting often reach their limits

desoutter1With the traditional control over the torque and / or angle of rotation you get high tolerances in the components and the resulting, highly fluctuating friction forces at little or Furch says Product Manager Stefanie Hess. "This of course prevents repeatable and precise fittings." Although going for the classic method always been attracted to the same torque, and it may happen that survive some screws and other abreiße the head. "That means at least a lot of rework," says Hess, "because the worker must take a new screw and tighten again." In the worse case is the component to be mounted to take out of production and should be treated as Committee. And even if the screws "good" would look like, the clamping forces in the joints often fluctuated greatly - or perhaps were not even present.

Headrest recognized - and turned further defined

desoutter2Koala with now each screw is inserted exactly. The acronym stands for "head contact detection" of the screw. To recognize the headrest, then the electronically controlled screwing have a transducer and the control can be programmed accordingly. The program then analyzes during the assembly process and the tightening graph is a mathematical algorithm to the moment of the head support. From this time, the screw is rotated further as required by a certain angle of rotation or tightened to a defined torque. "Easy, time-saving and cost-effective it does not work," says Stefanie Hess. Koala with constant and repeatable glands were obtained. Although scatter in this process the more torque - which experts often surprise, says the expert. Nevertheless, the clamping force will be introduced much more constant and precise, the fitting result is so much better.

Hand and Spindles with torques of up 0,2 2000 Nm

desoutter3The Koala process could be done with the controls and the CVIR CVIL series of the manufacturer. As screwdrivers are various rod, angle and Spindles are available. Including the ERS series for torques of up 0,2 12 Nm (together with the CVIR-control). For higher torques to 2000 Nm are the screwdrivers the ER series and the mandrels of EME Series. These two are controlled by the CVIL.

Another contribution of the manufacturer This e-mail address is being protected from spambots! Must be enabled to display JavaScript!


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Carmen Long since January 2015 new CEO of Micro-Epsilon Eltrotec GmbH. weiter

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