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Tuesday, February 09, 2016
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News from the industry

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Latest News

  • Ceramtec
  • HMS
  • Eaton
  • Schmersal
  • Vector
  • Mayr
  • German trade fair
ceramtec0116 The ceramic specialists Ceramtec set with the inauguration of the new furnace hall in Marktredwitz a clear sign for the future of the business unit Chemical Engineering at the location: On 2. production was 2016 February opened after only eight months of construction. The multifunctional oven not only meets the demands with regard to the increase in production capacity, but also the latest requirements in terms of energy efficiency and environmental justice.... Read more
HMS Industrial Networks AB, a subsidiary of HMS Networks AB, Has signed an agreement for the acquisition of Belgium-based company eWON SA, actor in IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and provider of intelligent Internet-based remote maintenance solutions, signed. The acquisition HMS is the market leader for remote access and remote monitoring in the market of industrial communication. Read more

eaton adjusted Safety Manual on standard change

Eaton has adapted its manual for the safety of plant and machinery to changes in standards and published in an updated version. This gives machine builders and plant a comprehensive insight into the functional safety technology. Current standards, including safety standards EN ISO 13849-1 62061 and IEC are explained. Numerous circuit examples with the corresponding safety-related parameters contribute to illustrate. The safety content in the manual of the energy management company are... Read more
Schmersal0116 The tec.nicum Academy, one of the four divisions of the service newly founded division tec.nicum at Schmersal Now you detailed Seminar program for the year 2016 presented. For the compilation of the training sessions in turn was responsible Siegfried Wolf, who heads the training center since the year 2015. For designers and operators of machinery and equipment, there are now new seminars, including:... Read more
vector0116The Stuttgart specialist for automotive electronics, Vector computer science, Contributes to the opening of the second plant in China to 1. February 2016 the importance of the Chinese market accounting. Due to the rapid growth of the Chinese market a new office has now been opened in Beijing, to serve customers in North China even better. Read more
mayr0116Suspended loads filters in machinery and equipment is a significant hazard potential - especially when people are present underneath. As part of the Seminar "Safety Brakes in safety-critical applications" informed Mayr power transmission comprehensive information on the selection, sizing, control and operation of safety brakes. Read more
Hannover messe10116 Young industrial enterprises in the high-tech segment are particularly innovative and keen to invest. They stimulate competition and railways to new business models. Thus, they are important sources of inspiration for classical industrial companies. In order to better promote these companies, the fair is aimed at the upcoming Hannover Messe German the exhibition area " Young Tech Enterprises " on. There meet young industrialists to promote institutions, partners, investors and established large companies.... Read more

From the fields

Drive Systems

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Interview with Dr. Omar Sadi
Technical Director at North Drive Systems
North Home


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Statement by Baumer
Sophisticated measuring surfaces efficiently
PERKINS angel start

Electrical Engineering

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Interview with Philip Harting
New CEO of Harting Technology Group

Harting start

Interview with Dr. Thomas Steffen
Managing Director R & D at Rittal

Steffen start

Fluid Technology

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Article by TÜV Nord
TÜV Nord closes vulnerability in testing of pressure equipment

tuev start

Development Office

  • can wear resistant Tribobauteile user friendly Print

    igus0116 With the new order of the page 3D Print Service from Igus Customers can order their printed plastic parts more easily. With just a few clicks CAD files can be uploaded, the selected right material, consulted with prices and the products to be ordered. At Hanover Fair 2016 the online tool will be available internationally, allowing users on the whole... Read more
  • Cross-simulating fluid flows and NVH

    esi0116 ESI Group announces the release of the latest version of its software Virtual Performance Solution Known (VPS). VPS 2015 offers new applications for simulating fluid flows, improved performance for the overall NVH simulation chain and higher CAE process efficiency for virtual testing.... Read more
  • Shaft strength calculation with static and dynamic detection

    kisssoft0116The wave strength calculation according to AGMA 6101-E08 / 6001-E08 KISSsoft is now available and includes the static and dynamic detection. The static proof allowed by the consideration of peak loads, wherein the detection of the rated voltage multiplied by a load factor which is prescribed depending on the application. Read more
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Article by Simufact
Simulation of welding processes with intuitive software

simufact start

Machine Elements

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User report from NKE
DLC-coated bearings cages in Crankshaft and emergency generator

NKE United


  • Measuring module measures current gaps of 50 50 nA to A

    imc0116 IMC measurement systems allows the new Measurement module "CANSAS IHR "The first time a high-precision, uninterrupted operation of the current profile of 50 50 nA to A. Responsible for the high dynamic range are two different sized shunts, which are switched dynamically in an auto-ranging procedure depending on the amount of current.... Read more
  • Flexible modifiable load pins for harsh environments

    inelta0116 The Load Measuring Pins FT15 series of Inelta are designed for tension measurements in a power range up to 65 150 kN and% overload under difficult climatic conditions. The bolts can be used as component in load-force-measuring systems instead of waves or as overload protection in a variety of applications. In stainless steel version they reach IP6 protection. The nominal temperature range... Read more
  • Non-destructive testing of CFRP components for the aerospace industry

    infratec0116 Composites and carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP) have long played a major role in the aerospace industry. They are light, extremely strong and withstand high mechanical stresses. Through their use fall fuel consumption and possibly CO2 emissions noticeably. For demanding tests of CFRP components Infratec offers two powerful solutions .... Read more
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Webinar of Optris
Infrared temperature measurement in the short wavelength region

optris start1

Mounting + Joining Technique

  • Most accurate application of UV adhesive in the electronics sector

    viscotec0116 In the wide variety of applications provides the technique of Preeflow (Viscotec) precise dosing results. For example, even with the application of a curing UV adhesive in the area of ​​electronic components in Sumida Components & Modules GmbH in Obernzell. The plot of the Delo DUALBOND done in this application by a "Eco-PEN". The coil of a... Read more
  • Wave soldering system increases productivity and process reliability

    hesch0116 To increase the production quality during soldering of leaded components even further, has Hesch with "The modula wave" of Kirsten Soldering AG a new wave soldering machine in use. This allows electronic storage of all parameters. Thus, settings and process data for each board individually programmed, optimized and whenever you need them... Read more
  • Secure connection solution for honeycomb and foam materials in lightweight construction

    ejot10415 Technical Articles

    With new lightweight applications increasingly lightweight yet highly durable materials such as honeycomb and foam core structures with various facings and CFRP and GFRP materials are used. Ejot has with " This e-mail address is being protected from spambots! Must be enabled to display JavaScript! "A product with the appropriate joining methods developed to combine components of these lightweight materials safely and with very high strength... Read more

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Case Study of Vogt Ultrasonics
Optimization of the welding process by ultrasound

Vogt Home

Materials + Procedures

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Case Study of German steel works
Hot work tool steel when tested at die-casting molds

melted start

From the specials

Applied Research

  • 3D printed micromotors remedy for infertility

    nanoscribe0116 Scientists at the IFW Dresden have in ACS journal Nano Letters spectacular results about male infertility published: Researchers developed micromotors manufactured using a 3D printer company Nanoscribe. The tiny spiral drive elements can navigate lazily floating sperm directly into an egg to initiate fertilization here.... Read more
  • With structured metal-coated film from low-biosensors

    fraunhofer0415 The Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP and the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicon Technology ISIT have successfully developed and tested flexible electrochemical biosensors on metal-coated sheet substrates. The technology provides plastic sheets with a thin metal layer. It is based on a roll-to-roll process. Presented a high uniformity of the layer thickness and freedom from defects... Read more
  • Research project to ward off cyber attacks by improving IT security

    wibu0415 Total 21 partners from industry and research, including Wibu-Systems, are participating in the "National Reference project on IT security in industry 4.0" called " IUNO "Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The end of June 2018 ongoing project is to effectively protect the objective of the networked production from cyber attacks and espionage. As... Read more
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Research Report of the Technical University of Munich
Concept for research on fuel cell catalysts

TUM start


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Research Report of Fraunhofer
Electric vehicles wirelessly load and unload

fraunhofer start

Renewable Energies

  • Buoy saves costs in the offshore wind farm

    Fraunhofer0116 Cover story

    The construction and operation of offshore wind farms is associated with high costs. In order to assess the profitability of investments, the wind potential has to be determined. The Windmessboje Lidar with sophisticated, precision measurement technology from Fraunhofer researchers provide the necessary data and ensures planning security.

    Read more
  • Kyocera increased number of solar stations in Japan

    kyocera0116 Kyocera has two other solar stations installed, which started operating at the beginning of the month in the city of Kyotango in northern Kyoto Prefecture (Japan). At these stations, both electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid vehicles (PHVs) can be charged. By switching to a stand alone operation, stations in an emergency also as... Read more
  • Tested Next generation of blades successfully

    covestro0415 An important focus of Covestro of polymer materials is the production of renewable energy, in particular wind power. Together with the manufacturer of glass located Saertex and Hübers as a partner for process engineering has developed a technology for the cost-effective production of rotor blades of the plastic specialist. Here polyurethane resins and fiberglass scrims are in a novel way... Read more
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Case Study of Rübsamen
Pressed metal and thermoformed sheet metal parts for wind power

Ruebsamen start


  • Multilingual building automation: When the bus comes into the house

    peaknx10116 Technical Articles

    In building automation, the trend towards multimedia networking goes. But for devices via various bus systems and protocols to communicate with each other. Peaknx sees the predominant at first glance chaos rather as an opportunity and brings a whole different perspective instead of the previous unit or standardization concept into play. The specialist for... Read more

  • Single phase, primary switch mode power supply units for building automation

    weidmueller0116 The "Connect Power Instapower" Weidmüller are suitable for building automation with its main, sub, field and small distribution boards, meter cabinets, heating systems and electrical distributions. Other possible uses include signaling, telecommunications and automation systems with low power requirements. The compact units offer a wide range of services. For better performance can be, depending on model, up to three... Read more
  • Structural fire protection in electrical installations of buildings

    Rehau0116 An important issue for Rehau at Light + Building is the structural fire protection, because it plays an important role for the safety of buildings. The fire protection duct system "RAUTHERMO" the company will present a classified in accordance with DIN 4102 component which complies with all technical building inspection rules to the full extent.... Read more
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Article by Digital Power
New Level ease of use in Smart Home

digitalSTROM start

Food and Beverage Industry

  • Compact steel motors for the Food Industry

    groschopp0116 Under the designation "Silverline" Groschopp offers numerous motor-gear combinations in a particularly robust stainless steel housing. Especially for applications in Food and Beverage Industry the motors are used widely due to its good hygienic properties. The latest model, the decentralized servo motor of the type ESK NI is, especially for use in automation... Read more
  • FDA-compliant technical ceramics for the food industry

    doceram0415 In the machinery and equipment of Food Processing There are numerous components that must comply with very high requirements in terms of corrosion and temperature resistance and wear resistance. DOCERAM manufactures sophisticated manufactured components made of technical ceramics, such as pistons and slide valves, sensors of flow meters and other measuring and control devices, sensors and continuous units and... Read more
  • Steel-Head sensors with hygienic cable gland

    PIL0415 The ultrasonic sensors of the series P53 of PIL in a robust, fully encapsulated stainless steel housing with gapless transitions are now also available with a hygienic cable gland and food-safe cable. The corresponding to the guidelines of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) sensors fulfill hence the connection side all the requirements for optimal hygiene and robustness.... Read more
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Case Study of Schmersal
Hygienic safety technology for the dairy production

Schmersal start

Medical Technology

  • Regulated, documented color and additive feeding at LSR molding for medical

    elmet0116 The metering of additives and color injection molding of liquid silicone rubbers (LIM, Liquid Injection Molding) for medical devices prepared previously problems because an appropriately sensitive measurement and control and the associated automated data collection were not available by default. creates with the precision-working, self-regulating multi-component metering system Elmet Now the possibility of such hurdles... Read more
  • Sterilizable, brushless DC motors for surgical Mini Hand Tools

    portescap0116Portescap announces the launch of application-specific motors for surgical hand tools such as Arthroscopy Shaver, ENT Microdebrider and large bone drill. Based on the product design is the standard motor, which can withstand up to 1000 autoclave cycles. Read more
  • Silent inductive components for medical applications

    smp0116 SMP Sintermetalle Prometheus provides components before for medical applications. The inductive components are used for example in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computed tomography (CT). The constructed as a filter or mains chokes components are compact, low-loss and energy-efficient, but also very low noise level, which essential for this demanding medical applications... Read more
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Case Study of Rodriguez
Ball slewing rings mastering large tilting moments

Rodriguez start

Microsystem Technology

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Article by Renesas
Microcontroller for the industrial Internet of Things

Renesas start

Mobile Working Machines

  • Actuators with high repeatability and positioning accuracy

    rodriguez0116 Electrical lifting increasingly replacing hydraulic and pneumatic powered systems. The new series of PC Rodriguez has been specially designed for this purpose. You can easily select, install quickly and easily wait. They are available in three different versions. They are each equipped with ball screws and provide high repeatability and positioning accuracy as well... Read more
  • 3D operating concept for agricultural and construction machinery

    rafi0116 Rafi has presented at the Agritechnica 2015 a completely new concept for operation of agricultural and construction machinery: The control solution used in addition to a "glass Cape touchscreen and wear-free joystick capacitive 3D-touch input solution 3D-Scape, which has already been patented. The ergonomically shaped module that is integrated in the arm rest of the driver's seat, captured the... Read more
  • Rubber tracks for heavy tractors and vans

    contitech0116 Provide safe driving in the construction industry Rubber tracks the brand "Trackman" ContiTech. They are like closed drive belts with tread, on which heavy equipment and tractors as transporter or road construction move. Compared to tires to distribute the weight of the vehicle evenly over a larger area.... Read more
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Case Study of Tsubaki
Powerful drive elements for port facilities
Tsubaki start

mboMBO Osswald presents a new variant of its Fork heads and wrists consists of stainless austenitic chromium-nickel-molybdenum steel 1.4404. This match is now even better to the Einbauumgebuing.

The life of mechanical components in corrosive environments can decrease rapidly. This also applies to clevises 71752 DIN / ISO 8140. These important, and used in many areas in addition to fasteners are also exposed to attacks from outside the application-related train, printing, folding and sliding forces.

There are components in the dimension of M4 to M16 directly from stock. The matching bolt and washer and split pin are available.

Another contribution of the manufacturer         This e-mail address is being protected from spambots! Must be enabled to display JavaScript!


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