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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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News from the industry

Products, technical articles, applications, features, interviews, videos, news ...

Latest News

  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Fipa
  • Mayr
  • Protec
  • HTW Saarland
  • Bender
  • SKF
mitsubishi0315Mitsubishi Electric presented its eighth Environmental Plan with effect from April 2015. This three-year roadmap is aligned with the long-term environmental management vision for 2021, the year in which the company celebrates its 100 anniversary. Given the preliminary figures, the company assumes substantially all the objectives of the recently completed environmental plan from 2012 were achieved. Read more
fipa0315More service, more customer proximity: FIPA GmbH is expanding its international distribution network to a representative office in the largest eastern neighbor. The provider of handling and automation solutions with a focus on vacuum, gripper and lifting equipment thereby strengthening its market position in a dynamic growth market. Read more
Mayr0315Mayr power transmission growing and expanding its capacities at all locations from. In addition to major investments at its headquarters Mauerstetten the specialist for clutches and brakes in Poland in June opened a new additional production hall (picture). Technologically, the company sets new standards with new intelligent Ansteuermodulen for safety brakes for sensorless condition monitoring and braking torque control. Read more
protec0315 With effect from 26. June, 2015 ProTec Polymer Processing the Polymersnet GmbH acquired. Located in southern Hesse Lampertheim resident of the District of Bergstrasse company had specialized in planning, construction and commissioning of high-performance equipment for the production of long-fiber reinforced thermoplastics (LFT) with the so-called pultrusion. Protec has this equipment been marketed exclusively as a distributor and now taken over the assets of Polymersnet through an asset deal.... Read more
HTW0315On Thursday, 23. July starting 18: 30 clock remote prospective students can obtain information online about the new Master Fernstudiengang construction bionics (M.Eng.). The University of Applied Sciences of the Saarland invites you on a virtual information session. Program Director, Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Weber presents the course content, the process and the organization of distance learning and answer any individual questions. Read more
bender0315The Bender GmbH & Co. KG headquartered in Grünberg / Hessen has participated as a strategic investor to eBee Smart Technologies GmbH from Berlin. In connection with this investment a comprehensive cooperation agreement was signed. It is planned to manufacture and develop the eBee core component, the appropriate already for smart grid technology charge controller and a cooperation in sales. Read more
skf0315On 14. July found at SKF in Schweinfurt the ground-breaking ceremony held for the construction of the most powerful large bearing test center in the world. The 40 million investment will help more accurate and more efficient than hitherto possible to tailor future central warehouse thanks to the findings of two new test rigs for their future tasks. Read more

From the fields

Drive Systems

  • Dynamic DC flat motors for space-saving applications

    Kocomotion0315 The miniaturization of devices and systems is a trend of Integrated Industry and is always continued. The drive technology does not stop at this development. The users are increasingly compelled to develop optimal solutions for space reduction. Koco Motion offers with its DC flat motors Drives for tight spaces in... Read more
  • Precise linear units for industrial 3D Print

    A drive0315 The Linear Units from A-Drive suitable for high-precision and dynamic applications such as in 3D printer. These come today in many industries for the production of components of different sizes are used. In particular, the aviation industry uses this opportunity increasingly. As elements of a modular system, the linear units allow the specific requirements of the components of... Read more
  • Drive elements for the high demands of the paper industry

    tsubaki0315 User Report

    As before about 2000 years regarded as the inventor of paper Chinese Tsai Lun produced the first bamboo-made paper, he laid the foundation for an entire industry - the pulp and paper industry. Over the centuries, the methods and processes in papermaking were immensely improved. Today...
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Case Study of Tsubaki
Special roller chains withstand difficult environments in the sawmill
Tsubaki start


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Case Study of Moley
First robot kitchen announces new mass market for domestic robots
Molex start

Electrical Engineering

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Expert knowledge of Harting
Measurement made up to the batch size 1  

Harting start1

Fluid Technology

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Article by AS-Schneider
Individual industrial valves for improved system reliability, even under high pressure

Schneider start

Development Office

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Article by Kiss Soft
New features in the gear, shaft and bolt calculation

kisssoft start

Machine Elements

  • Powerful machine elements for a more compact design

    tretter0315 Motek Hall 6 stand 6538

    The comprehensive product range of machine elements of Dr. Tretter comes in all applications where it matters, for example on precision, reliability and safety. These may be special machines, but also for example vehicles. A motorcycle sidecar at the booth with built-linear guides intended to illustrate these applications. In addition,...
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  • Light Mini-chuck with low clamping device interference contour

    Hainbuch0315 EMO Hall 4 stand B06

    The small mini-feed of hornbeam - the round "Spanntop" and the hexagonal "TOPlus" are now also compatible modular. The Spanntop has an adaptation ring to obtain its small interference contour and use the modular flexibly. The existing "Mando Adapt" mandrels and bakery Modules harmonize very well with the...
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  • Spherical roller bearings for heavy duty applications with high load ratings

    findling0315 The Spherical roller bearings of ZKL (boulder) excel in their high reliability in heavy-duty applications such as in the mining sector. The individual bearing components are manufactured in forging progressive production lines. Thus, the material receives a favorable fiber orientation, which affects the stability and functionality of the bearing under enormous stresses positive.... Read more
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Case Study of Rodriguez
Linear guides facilitate the unloading of containers

Rodriguez start


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Statement of Optris
1800 hot degrees Celsius for metals

Kienitz start

Mounting + Joining Technique

  • Compact screwdriver control with intuitive touch panel operation

    wsm0315 To take full advantage of the precious space in the working area of ​​plants, the designers of WSM-Automation with the latest generation of its Tightening controllers made a separation of the control cabinet and operating area. The switchless control is operated from the 15,6-inch, multi-touch enabled panel.... Read more
  • Against dust and Sealed Lever Latch

    southco0315 Southco has its Lever locks the C2 series equipped with a seal that prevents according to the standards and Nema 4 IP65 that moisture and dust can penetrate into the lock. This makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. He has this same constant compression and vibration resistance as the standard closure and C2... Read more
  • Low maintenance screw systems with servo drive

    wsm10215 In the series come with mounting fittings increasingly semi- or fully automatic screw systems are used. The different requirements for the systems to be used to determine this, the technology and the costs. Screw systems with servo drive of WSM-Automation provide the highest accuracy in the parameters torque, angle and screw depth. The values ​​of these parameters with high clock rates... Read more
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Article by Tox Pressotechnik
New arc process with Einbrandstabilisator

Fronius Home

Materials + Procedures

  • Gripper jaws made of high-performance ceramics for Handling and Automation

    doceram0315 Motek Hall 8 stand 438

    DOCERAM presented gripper jaws and gripper fingers, the contact surfaces are made of high-performance ceramics. They have been developed for the handling of different, also sensitive components. The ceramic material is extremely resistant to wear, lotabweisend, inductively neutral and chemically inert. With this property profile, the gripper jaws include cleanroom compatible....
    Read more
  • Three coatings for surface finishing

    wzr0315 With the "sol-gel" coatings his new Product line "Cercoat" WZR Ceramic Solutions can optimize the surface quality of metal, glass and polymeric workpieces and semi-finished products targeted. The range of attainable properties is enormous, as can be available in three groups coatings modify often. Manufacturers, developers and suppliers thus provides a significant surface engineering... Read more
  • Water-based low-VOC coating solution protects fasteners against corrosion

    dupont10215 New to the program of Dupont Industrial Finishes is a water-based, low-VOC and easy to use coating solution onto Teflon PTFE base for fasteners in highly corrosive environments. The easy-to-use 1-layer system is particularly suitable for applications where very high corrosion resistance, dry lubrication and anti-seize properties are required to prevent a cold welding (seizure).... Read more
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Case Study of German steel works
Hot work tool steel when tested at die-casting molds

melted start

From the specials

Applied Research

  • Floating stations communicate with wireless routers on the Internet

    bfh0315 In the current student project Smoje (Smart buoy) the Berner Fachhochschule stuck technology and consulting the Netmodule AG. Each floating station a wireless router NB1600 is integrated, which enables communication with the Internet. In the vote of the components and protocols, the company contributed its longstanding embedded expertise and project expertise.... Read more
  • Combustion engines with built-in lightweight cylinders plastic housing

    fraunhofer0215 If cars are lighter, and the motor must slim down. For example, by preparing him FRP: Such cylinder housing weigh up to 20% less than aluminum structures at approximately the same cost. Because they can be produced by injection molding in high volume. A prototype of such a motor was at the Hanover Fair... Read more
  • One cubic meter of small micro-camera based on solar technology

    CSEM0215 Research Report

    Sensor + Test 12 Hall, Booth 441

    "Vision-In-Package" (VIP) of CSEM is the first system of its kind that brings together all the elements of a camera system to less than 1 cm³. The hitherto smallest complete camera system on a microchip with an optical component, a processor and a wireless transmitter in an easily integratable... Read more

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Research Report of the CSEM
One cubic meter of small micro-camera based on solar technology

CSEM start


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Case Study of Micro-Epsilon
Automatic inspection and error detection on painted surfaces

Micro epsilonfb start

Renewable Energies

  • Participate standby batteries for wind turbines

    yuasa0315 Addresses the booming market for wind power Yuasa Battery with their robust NP7-12 and 5-NPH12 standby batteries. As currently the only types in the market these downwardly standards are TÜV-tested. The test according to DIN EN 60068-2-6: 2008, DIN EN 61373: 2011 and 60068-2 DIN EN-27: 1995 confirmed the shock, vibration and vibration of the... Read more
  • Detects White Etching Cracks bearing damage in wind turbines

    vogt0215 In particular, the built-in wind turbines bearing rings are subject to the risk of premature fatigue. The culprit is the phenomenon of White Etching Cracks (WEC). These are irregular microstructured structural changes that form below the material surface and penetrate under the influence of fatigue cracking corrosion process in the material. The costs arising from pollution impacts cracks propagate... Read more
  • Novel clamp for mounting of photovoltaic modules

    renusol0215 Intersolar A3 Hall, Booth 331

    The new Universal clamp RS1 Renusol has been nominated "photovoltaic" for this year's Intersolar Award in the category. It is the world's first terminal for mounting of photovoltaic modules, which can be used as a medium and as an end terminal. Since only one instead of two...
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Journal article the Energy Initiative
Development of solar energy and predictions for the future

energy initiative start


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Lecture by Peaknx
Conventional automation meets building

Dohmann start

Food and Beverage Industry

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Case Study of North
Robust drives in the chocolate factory

North Home

Medical Technology

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Case Study Dassault Systèmes
Virtual human 3D Heart model for research

Dassault start

Microsystem Technology

  • Nano- and microfabrication for research

    nanoscribe0315 The installation of a 3D printer by Binnig and Rohrer Nanoscribe on Nanotechnology Center (BRNC) opened ETH Zurich and IBM Research entirely new opportunities for their current and future research activities in the field of nano- and microfabrication. With the Photonic Professional GT the precise on the market 3D printer was used to produce nano-... Read more
  • Ready to install microforms for micro injection molding

    meusburger0215 Meusburger now offers pre-finished microforms with extensive accessories. The mold bases for micro injection molding are especially suitable for use in Babyplast machines and are available in various shape design versions. Ready to install Auswerferpaketsysteme with precise positioning of the ejector and ideal guide is optionally available in two different versions from stock. This provides... Read more
  • Modular dosing system as a kit for chemists

    hnp0215 Achema Hall 8.0, Stand J98

    Chemists need smallest precise amounts of fluid for their various tasks. HNP Microsystems this presents the modular metering "Modos", which can be individually equipped using the modular principle. Heart of the system is a micro annular gear pump....
    Read more
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Article by Renesas
Microcontroller for the industrial Internet of Things

Renesas start

Mobile Working Machines

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Kager0412Modern ceramic-based adhesives create connections that keep you safe even in extreme conditions. Specifically designed for the material pairings ceramic-ceramic and ceramic-graphite is high-tech glue Ceramabond 890, the Kager has recently included in its diversified portfolio Adhesive. This 1K silicon carbide adhesive can be chemically and mechanically stable, high-temperature compounds create.

The one-component system Ceramabond 890 (Aremco) is a silicon glue, which was tailor-made for the secure joining ceramic and graphite components in high-vacuum equipment. It is suitable for joining technology applications with operating temperatures of up to 1370 ° C. Typical applications are, for example, the production of gas igniters and resistance heating, the production of catalytic converters or heat-resistant threaded fasteners as well as the manufacture of vacuum components, strain gauges and temperature sensors. The one-component system is also suitable for mounting and electrical insulation of ceramic and graphite components as well as a protective coating. It is recommended also for the construction of high-temperature casings for furnaces and boilers.

The maximum thermal expansion of Ceramabond 890 for example, at 1370 ° C only 4,4 10-6 K and its dynamic viscosity is 49.000 mPas. Its density is the manufacturer with 2,18 g / cm3 where the torque strength lies with 14,24 Nm in the middle. The moisture, alkali and acid resistance of Ceramabond 890 is valid as well.

The application of gray matter throws in practice, no major problems. The thickness of the applied adhesive layer should not be less than 0,05 mm and not 0,2 mm in order to achieve an optimum result. After only one hour Ceramabond 890 is air dried, and the curing is usually completed after about 2 h. The shelf life is six months.

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