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Monday, August 29, 2016
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News from the industry

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Latest News

  • Leantechnik
  • Schmersal
  • Rittal
  • Waldaschaff
  • Harting
  • Igus
  • Schmersal
leantechnik0316The Leantechnik AG in Oberhausen develops abroad effort further. With the founding in December 2015 Leantechnik LP in Atlanta, Georgia, the company recorded its first orders in the US. Thanks to the successful launches sister company can be optimistic about the future after the second quarter 2016. Read more
schmersal0316Schmersal Böhnke + Partner, A leading international supplier of components, controls and remote diagnosis systems for the lift industry, has entered a cooperation with the Czech company 2N Telekomunikace as. The company, based in Prague is the market leader in IP intercoms for door communication and access to emergency. Read more
rittal0316The world's most modern plant for the production of compact enclosures should 2018 stand at Rittal. With the new building in Hesse Haiger and modernization of plants in Rittershausen and courtyard of the cabinet and system provider directs its production in Germany in the future. Moreover, in the coming years, a further work in Central Hesse is formed. Read more
Waldaschaff0316The Waldaschaff Automotive GmbH, Waldaschaff, an automotive supplier of door systems and structural components made of steel and aluminum lightweight construction is, carry out any new customer projects from spring 2017 at a new location. the whole production and all office workstations are relocated during the next years in the approximately 30 km from Esselbach in Marktheidenfeld. Read more
harting03162Olympic champion Robert Harting is prominent interlocutor on 8. September 2016 13 to watch on the Symposium "challenge of digitization in the interaction man | Technology | Economy"At Harting Germany in Minden. Read more
igus0316 AMB Hall 4 stand C53

Get out of the office, up to the booth - this option provides Igus its customers with the mobile house exhibition , On the pop-up stand out employees as they reduce with Motion Plastics costs and improve the technology of their moving application. Equipped with the latest innovations, the roadshow will start again their tour through Germany.... Read more
The Schmersal Group presents itself at 2. September 2016 on the VDI Nachrichten Recruiting Day in Dortmund. As a potential employer for engineers and technical professionals and managers At the event, the automation would like to present an innovative employer and get in touch with engineers. Read more

From the fields

Drive Systems

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Success Story of Dr. Tretter
Schuler Automation relies on low-wear drive elements
tretter start


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Expert from Pepperl + Fuchs
Development of the communication protocol OPC UA
Pepperl start

Electrical Engineering

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Article by Harting
Miniaturized Infrastrukturbox with highly integrated device design

Harting start

Fluid Technology

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Article by TÜV Nord
TÜV Nord closes vulnerability in testing of pressure equipment

tuev start

Development Office

  • MES system is now available for mobile platforms

    tebis0316 AMB Hall 4 stand B51

    Tebis presents the revised MES system (Manufacturing Execution System) Proleis 4.0. Metal working industry can use it to manage their production data center and plan their production processes and control. Proleis 4.0 can be easily connected to the Tebis CAD / CAM program. The system now includes support for mobile platforms such as tablets and smartphones....
    Read more
  • Coax cable configurator for over 400 Connectors

    telegaertner0316 Telegärtner has its Configurator for coax cable extended and renewed. The tool for configuring via 400 connectors and cable types is now consistently focused on usability. Given the name management has a uniform structure and sharpened the distinction between crimp, solder and terminal versions. Newly added are 4.3-10, Mini HD-BNC and HF Semiflex... Read more
  • Online configurator for customized radio control devices

    steute0316provides with the RF BF 74 series Steute a series of radio control devices that can be individually adapted to the respective application. An online configurator facilitates selection. In a few steps can be there together provide the desired custom command device. Read more
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Article by Harting
Standardization in the context of the development

Harting start

Machine Elements

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developmentscout visits
at Gimatic Vertrieb GmbH

Loercher start
Expertise of Rodriguez
Correct precision bearings for machine tools

rodriguez start


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Lecture by Optris
Infrared cameras for industrial thermal images

czech start

Mounting + Joining Technique

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Lecture by Arnold + Shinjo
Resistive element welding for lightweight at VW

Wolfarth start

Materials + Procedures

  • Bellows made of renewable raw materials

    steinbock0316 Leather is one of the oldest used by mankind materials. This natural product is, inter alia, tear-resistant, flexible, durable, resistant to aging and temperature resistant. This is based on the three-dimensional micro-fine network of skin fibers, whereby a leather grams can have up to 300 m² interior surface. Capricorn provides Lederfaltenbälge for harsh environments as... Read more
  • Three plastic way to lighter components

    poeppelmann0316 The lightweight construction plays no longer just in the automotive industry a decisive role. Powerful polymers provide in various industries for a reduction in weight and cost of ownership. Each application has different requirements here. For Pöppelmann K-Tech, there are different paths to the target to reach.... Read more
  • A surface sensor as an alternative to line scan camera

    mitsubishi10216 Technical Articles

    Drupa Hall 8a, Stand C20

    Mitsubishi Electric developed for the needs of the market for surface inspection, especially in the printing industry, the Contact Image Sensor (CIS) "Line Scan Bar" in a high-speed version. The CIS ensures perfect and faultless, right to the edge distortion-free image of the object and scans surfaces in... Read more

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Article by Mitsubishi Electric
A surface sensor as an alternative to line scan camera

Mitsubishi Home

From the specials

Applied Research

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Research Report of the Technical University of Munich
Concept for research on fuel cell catalysts

TUM start


  • Lear Corporation uses Qualcomm technologies for wireless charging

    qualcomm0316 Qualcomm and Lear cooperate in the field of technology WEVC (Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging) for wireless charging. Lear integrated Qualcomm Halo technologies for wireless charging in its product portfolio for suppliers of electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and charging infrastructure. The company makes this technology accessible to the mass market.... Read more
  • test sensors virtually in ultra-realistic scenarios 3D

    esi0316 ESI Group announces the latest version of the sensor simulation platform "Pro-Sivic" to. The software was acquired last year along with Civitec. It applies primarily to the transportation industry and it enables manufacturers to test the performance of implemented in vehicles and aircraft perception systems virtually, which also factors such as lighting conditions, weather... Read more
  • Integrated cooling system for diesel pistons in heavy duty engine

    federal0316 IAA Hall 13 stand C28

    Federal-Mogul Powertrain has developed "Envirokool" the world's first integrated into the piston cooling technology of this kind. The market leader in heavy duty "Mono Steel" piston then receives a cooling channel with a cooling medium which is included for the life of the piston. The cooling technology also in piston crown temperatures...
    Read more
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Article by HTDS
formulated gearless electric car and energy-efficient new

HTDS start

Renewable Energies

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Journal article of EEHG
Windmills as floating power plants at sea

EEHH cluster start


  • Embedded security solutions for the protection of IoT devices

    renesas0316 Renesas Electronics presents a series of embedded security solutions. This use universal microcontrollers (MCUs) and microprocessors (MPUs) as a completely new security structures for embedded devices, as IoT endpoints (IoT - IoT) in homes and buildings are used. The first product of this series the RX231 Communications Security Evaluation Kit provided by the manufacturer before now.... Read more
  • Building automation integrated IoT and Busvielfalt

    peaknx20216 Cover story

    Smart system solutions and modern design are laying the foundation for better quality of life. Peaknx offers a range of innovations for this topic: including touch screens for smart home design or TV in the home network, supported by a software kit for all transmission paths.

    Read more
  • Fire protection switch reduces risk of electrically ignited fires

    eaton0216 To better protect people and facilities against fires by arcs, has Eaton now developed the fire protection switch AFDD (Arc Fault Detection Device). This new device detects high frequency patterns in an electrical system, which point to an arc and triggers a safety switch in order to eliminate the risk.... Read more
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Article by Peaknx
Multilingual building automation: When the bus comes into the house

peaknx start

Food and Beverage Industry

  • Reliable couplings secure ice and fresh cheese production

    Mayr10216 User Report

    Safety couplings protect in machines and systems for the reliable protection of persons and material. Thus, the coupling is optimally adapted to the respective application has Mayr power transmission a wide range of developed torque limiting safety couplings. For applications such as the food industry, where wetness and cleaning fluids are daily ambient conditions, the company offers... Read more

  • Angle Seat Valves for the EU and US food industry

    asco0216 The fully certified series of high-performance valves Asco Numatics Emerson now meets all the requirements of European and US Food Inspection Agency. As announced Asco, the application range of stainless angle seat valves of the company has been extended to applications in the food industry. Both all wetted parts and the valves themselves are certified.... Read more
  • Flat-top chains for straight and curving lines of funding of the beverage industry

    tsubaki0216 Tsubaki presents two new plastic flat-top chains for the beverage container transport: The curving "TTUPM-H" was equipped with a worldwide unique hybrid bolt which ensures stable and quiet running chain in combination with a magnetic conveyor rail. In straight-running conveyor lines the chain "type WT2515-M" makes a self-locking bolts for easy handling.... Read more
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Case Study of Schmersal
Hygienic safety technology for the dairy production

Schmersal start

Medical Technology

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Case Study of Rodriguez
Ball slewing rings mastering large tilting moments

Rodriguez start

Microsystem Technology

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Article by Renesas
Microcontroller for the industrial Internet of Things

Renesas start
Article by Bosch
Hybridization and fuel cell for off-highway drive
bosch start

Mobile Working Machines

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henkel1211Henkel presents its brand "Macromelt" melt adhesives on the basis of polyamide. These are injection molded at a pressure of about 40 and processed 230 temperatures ° C. This prevents damage to sensitive electronic components and enables the use of less expensive molds made of aluminum instead of steel. After one minute, the potting compound is cured and the components can be further processed.

The hot component adhesives Macromelt 6er series cover a wider temperature window than current melt adhesives. They are mainly for the plug-and Tüllenverguss used for sealing and strain relief for the cable. They are suitable for applications where the casting takes over tasks simultaneously housing - such as PCBs, which must be protected from moisture, mechanical stresses or corrosive substances such as acid or oil. The hot melt adhesives are also suitable for the encapsulation of larger components: tension cracks occur not with them. They adhere very well to polar plastics such as PA, PBT and PVC and also convince from an ecological perspective. They are prepared on the basis of renewable raw materials and are therefore completely biodegradable. In addition to the processing solvents or other pollutants can be released.

Through its plastic-like properties can Macromelt OM 676 be used as substitutes for plastic housing. The adhesive protects the electronics from the environment and is flexible even at low temperatures. Temperature extremes between-50 ° and + ° C 140 he holds any problems. Macromelt OM 676 is ideal for electrical and electronic components such as connectors, circuit boards and sensors.

Macromelt OM 653 is the first polyamide hot-melt adhesive having a high resistance to moisture and therefore the 85 / 85 test consists of: Even after 1000 h at a temperature of 85 ° C and a relative humidity of 85% remain its mechanical values ​​constant . Unlike other polyamide hotmelts it is not to reduce the mechanical properties. The adhesive is suitable for electronics, which is exposed to temperatures between-40 ° and + 100 ° C - as printed circuit boards, sensors, controls or electronic components.

With Macromelt OM 6208S there is the first polyamide hot melt adhesive on the market, which is listed in the relative thermal index (RTI). Tests confirm the improved performance record of making thermal aging resistance: At a constant temperature of 95 ° C Macromelt OM 6208S shows after 100.000 h reliable performance in tensile strength and elongation.

In live shows visitors the Henkel booth in Hall 106 B3 be able to convince yourself personally of the advantages of the encapsulation of electronic components. Encapsulation of LED lights and the installation of electrical components such as motors and magnets are also topics of the exhibition stand at productronica 2011.

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