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Thursday, March 05, 2015
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News from the industry

Products, technical articles, applications, features, interviews, videos, news ...

Latest News

  • Voxeljet
  • Harting
  • BMW
  • Delphi
  • Norres
  • Simufact
  • Nord
voxeljet0115 The American service center of Voxeljet in Canton, Michigan (near Detroit) is now in operation in January 2015 and print parts on behalf of customers. Covering an area of ​​about four 4600 m² large format printers are first used to operate the sand casting and investment casting market. In the course of the year, more sand and plastic printer added, including the VX4000. Wants to end up 2016 a similar printing capacity in this work as... Read more
Harting10115 Hannover Messe Hall 11, as C13

"The accelerated by the Integrated Industry process of change in production will have a significant impact on virtually all industrial companies - whether small business, medium-sized or large corporations." This said Philip Harting (pictured), CEO Harting Connectivity & Networks and General Partner of a lecture on the trade press workshop Harting in advance of the Hanover Fair 2015.

... Read more
bmw0115The BMW Group plant in Landshut is strengthened in its role as a center of excellence for lightweight construction and electric mobility. The site has been awarded the contract for the new lightweight center of the company. Close proximity to the factory 2 an automotive think tank will be built, the production, laboratory and office space connects to around 7600 m². Read more
As the Delphi Automotive PLC announced Friday that it has made a binding agreement to sell its HVAC business for an amount of US $ approx 727 million in cash to the Mahle GmbH. The purchase price is approximately the 9,5 times EV / LTM EBITDA value. The transaction is expected to close in the third quarter 2015 and is still subject to regulatory approvals. The proceeds from the transaction will Delphi to fund growth initiatives such as acquisitions... Read more
The hose manufacturer in Gelsenkirchen Schalke Norres start in the first quarter 2015 a two-year ongoing investment program of € 2,7 million to double the machinery and capacity. The result will be even shorter delivery times and thus a lower-cost production. The use in new production techniques and should be rewarded. The advanced manufacturing is modern and especially faster. Read more
msc0115MSC Software, the Hamburg-based software company Simufact adopted. Its products Simufact.forming for forming simulation and Simufact.welding for welding structural simulation based on industry-leading software technology for the nonlinear simulation. Companies in the aviation industry, the automotive industry, plant and machinery, their suppliers and OEMs can achieve significant savings by reducing the number of tests for production processes in manufacturing. Read more
nord0115Nord Drive Systems and Bargteheide in the Hamburg area - this relationship is 50 years old these days. Beginning 1965 directed the company founder Günter simplicity and GA Küchenmeister their first workshop ready for her: In February came the building insurer Hennings from Lübeck to remove the space in Bargteheide. From April, the first transmission were mounted. Read more

From the fields

Drive Systems

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Video interview with Koco Motion
Well equipped for the future
kaemmerling start


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Lecture by Harting
Importance of RFID for Integrated Indsutry
regtmeier start
Lecture by Endress + Hauser
Clean the sensor must be!
straub start

Electrical Engineering

  • Terminal box with assortment case series of ABS and polycarbonate

    contaclip0115 Hannover Messe Hall 11, as B07

    Conta-Clip expands its extensive program Industriegehäuse- new housing ranges from the materials ABS and polycarbonate. The series CG or CG-PC cover with around 15 variants the size range between 84 82 x x x 55 302 232 mm x mm 110 in different...
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  • Modular connector system for infinite combinations

    multi contact01151 Hannover Messe Hall 11, as B43

    Multi-Contact shows its extensive range of connectors for various areas of the industry. The presentations this year, is the modular and flexible connector system "Combitac". The range of available connection types is unmatched extensive. Users can high power and signal connections, compressed air and vacuum industry, thermocouples, optical fiber,...
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  • Encoder Encoder software simplifies programming

    Baumer0115 Hannover Messe Hall 9, as H22

    In addition to mechanical extensions Baumer now presents a new version of the encoder software for programmable versions of Encoder family "Optical Pulse EIL580 ". Benefit most drive manufacturers of the new program functions. Incremental encoders are based on an ingenious modular system, which is continually updated. The extended protocol improves function...
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Article by ODU
Robust small connectors for high performance in a small space

ODU start

Fluid Technology

  • Assembly and handling technology for assembling car seats

    roemheld0115 Hannover Messe Hall 16, as G18

    The many possibilities offered by the "Modulog" program for the assembly and handling technology, Roemheld shows an example of efficient manual assembly of car seats with the help of various turning and lifting modules. For the 5-sided machining are space-saving fixtures such as the hydraulic mini-compact clamp and Hilma clamping systems of the MC series...
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  • Pressure resistant sensors for hydraulic cylinders detect ferromagnetic metals

    ifm0115 Hannover Messe Hall 9, as D36

    Has with a novel mode of action IFM Electronic his duty to 500 bar equipped new development in sensor technology. With a one-piece metal housing, the devices of the series MFH / M9H are extremely robust. They also have protection class IP 65 / 68 / 69K for harsh environments and provide a temperature stability of -25 °...
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  • Wear parts kit with valve plate avoids downtime

    rovema0115 The Rovema Volume dosages VDD / VDX with valve plate are known for gentle product and precise dosing. A specially formulated wear parts kit meets the exacting requirements of the locking mechanism of each cup. Because worn or deformed valves cause metering inaccuracies and weight fluctuations. In addition, the uncontrolled loss of the contents contaminated unnecessarily the machine environment and the machine... Read more
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Articles by Kager
Cold air replaces liquid cooling in manufacturing and assembly

Kager Start

Development Office

  • Calculation of face load factor now included

    Kisssoft10115 Hannover Messe Hall 25, as H18

    In the calculation of K in KISSsoft the Herstellabweichungen are now with the combinations of (±) fma and (±) fhb considered (module ZA35). Gape and load distribution also can be used for all combinations of (±) fma and (±) fhb graph and perform in the log. In the case of planetary gears...
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  • Analyze, document and share design calculations

    PTC10115 Hannover Messe Hall 7, as E28

    PTC is launching a new version of its software for engineering calculations, Mathcad Prime 3.1 on the market. Thus, important design calculations can create, analyze, document and share. The new version allows users to use their engineering calculations in other applications and processes directly. This includes...
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  • Desktop mouse for CAD ambidextrous operation

    3dconnexion0115 Hannover Messe Hall 7, as B46

    3Dconnexion represents the new " Cad Mouse "Before and thus the world's first desktop mouse for professional CAD users. It is tailored to their requirements and thus represents the complement to the 3D mice of the provider. High-quality components complete the stylish, ergonomic design in matt black and stainless steel....
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Case Study Dassault
3D simulation shorten the product cycle in watchmaking

dassault start

Machine Elements

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Success Story of Cooperstown
Split roller bearings keep icebreaker running

cooper start


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Article by Micro-Epsilon
Trends in sensor technology: Smaller, smarter, efficient integration

Micro epsilon start

Mounting + Joining Technique

  • Hot air welding unit without water cooling for the longitudinal seam

    rovema0115 For the longitudinal seam welding of PE films in This e-mail address is being protected from spambots! Must be enabled to display JavaScript! Bagmakers was previously installed by default a Heißluftschweißung with integrated water cooling. This was in denaktuellen machine models replaced by a new version with extended functionality and modern design. The water cooling is no longer required in the new facility. A separate control function provides more flexibility and... Read more
  • Intelligent fitting of plastic components with less material

    arnold0115 Plastic has increased in recent years in the automotive industry in importance. When connecting the components, manufacturers are increasingly relying on direct fasteners that require no nuts or inserts for connecting the components and shorten the assembly time. In thermoplastics usually comes here Remform screw Arnold metal forming... Read more
  • UV LED manual exposure device for the reproducible curing of UV-adhesives

    photonics0115The "Ilumcure 2G"IMM Photonics is a UV-LED illumination system for reproducible curing of UV adhesives with high intensity at a central wavelength of 365 nm. The device enables continuous exposures as well as timer and interface-controlled exposures with adjustable intensity. Read more
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Article by Tox Pressotechnik
New arc process with Einbrandstabilisator

Fronius Start

Materials + Procedures

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Articles by Kager
Heat resistant Komination of hard ceramic and ceramic glue

Kager start

From the specials

Applied Research

  • Wireless board-to-board communication with up to 12,5 Gbit / s

    ipms Embedded World Hall 4 stand 583

    The Fraunhofer IPMS has developed on the basis of the Li-Fi technology a transceiver that is to replace future RF connectors on printed circuit boards and allow infrared light is a better board-to-board communication. At Embedded World, this technology is first presented to the audience....
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  • Pioneering work in the field of high-pressure calibration

    michell0115 The Research Michell makes in cooperation with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) significant progress in the joint project to improve the current high-pressure dew point generator technology. The scientists cooperate here with the NPL, which provides scientific advice and valuation services. Funding is provided by the "UK Technology Strategy Board". Aim of the project... Read more
  • Measurement system to measure torques of shafts contact

    iph0115 Research Report

    Wind turbines are to be efficient, race cars lighter and safer medical devices: to make possible all the currently developing a new measurement system, the scientists from Hannover. The optical sensor measures the torque and the contact position of a shaft. He is said to be smaller and lighter than previous systems and also much cheaper,... Read more

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Research Report of the IPH
Drehmemente measure of waves without contact

iph start


  • 3D image processing system checks car seats from the injection molding

    stemmer50115 Cover story

    Hannover Messe Hall 17, as B15

    Dakota's an image processing system for 3D inspection of foam blocks, as used for example in car seats. The Stemmer Imaging Neopost branch in France this system in close cooperation with GIPS vision, one of their system integrators implemented. A greater return on Dakota users as well as a more environmentally friendly... Read more

  • Third generation dual-clutch transmission with 3,5% increased efficiency

    getrag0115 Getrag started with the production of the new dual-clutch transmission 7DCT300. The transmission specialist supplied from the factory in New stone of the new transmission customers in the European market from the 2017 7DCT300 is then produced in China for the Asian market. The modern automatic transmission is first used in the new Renault Espace, more models... Read more
  • Mix of polyurethane, fiberglass and paper honeycomb for the roof

    hennecke0115 Hennecke shows a lightweight roof and a carbon seat shell, how can these high-quality composite parts in large series thanks to a very short cycle times and by optimizing the overall process economically produced. Around 80 plants worldwide for mass production of load floors and sliding sky in paper honeycomb sandwich construction demonstrate the know-how of the manufacturer. This focuses on the first exterior sandwich component, the... Read more
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Case Study of Stemmer
3D image processing system checks car seats

stemmer start

Renewable Energies

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Journal article the Energy Initiative
Development of solar energy and predictions for the future

energieinitiative start

Food and Beverage Industry

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Lecture Baumer
Conductivity meters for food and pharmaceutical industries

imort start

Medical Technology

  • Monitor and control bonds in medical technology easier

    dymax0115 MEDTEC 5 Hall, Booth E40

    Dymax first presented the "Encompass" technology for the Medical Technology , The new adhesives combine two patented process of the company in a light-curing adhesive: Sea-cure and the Ultra-Red fluorescence technology. With this combination, bonding processes can optimally monitor and control. In See-Cure technology changes the color of the adhesive visualizes the successful...
    Read more
  • First cavity-free clamping lever Hygienic Design

    novonox0115 An ordinary clamp lever is designed in an open design, which reach foreign matter such as food particles in the lever and can accumulate there. Also, wear particles may fall from the inside out. This leads to problems in complex hygienic area. Novonox has developed the world's first clamp lever to the hygienic design, the complete... Read more
  • Wireless Footswitch control medical devices by radio

    variohm0115 With the Bluetooth Low Energy standard reach new wireless Single and multiple foot switch of Herga (Distribution: Variohm) ensure the necessary reliability in everyday operation. The Bluetooth Smart network is considered with its reduced to 80% power consumption to be particularly suitable for energy-efficient and standardized radio communication between switches and switching receivers.... Read more
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Case Study of PI
Piezo Ultrasonic Motor Based in mobile drug pumps

PI start

Microsystem Technology

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Article by Renesas
Microcontroller for the industrial Internet of Things

renesas start

Mobile Working Machines

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schaeffler06121User Report

Since the launch of the FAG "Smart Check" Beginning 2011 achieved the compact meter of Schaeffler great successes. Users of different industries are satisfied that there is an uncomplicated and economical solution, with the smaller or less mission critical machines can be monitored. The paper describes some applications:

Diagnostic success on vibrating

schaeffler06123Since vibrating screens often at the beginning of a longer process of production are, introduces disruptive downtime and an associated loss of production at significant costs. To increase the availability of their own vibrating screens, and thus the machine availability of their customers sought the Spaleck GmbH & Co. KG for a reliable on-line monitoring. The meter has been proven in the harsh conditions prevailing in the area of ​​vibrating screens, and convinced all along the line. The smart metering system recognizes the important Schwingungssiebzustände and ensures that the system availability. Since vibrating screens themselves cause high vibration level, the challenge is to the right information to filter out damage diagnosis. This rule only very few and usually much more expensive systems. The SmartCheck can also easy to set up and operate. This example, allow more than 20 parameter templates, on the meter of the house and has also ensured Spaleck trouble-free use.

Measurements of the electric motor

In electric motors, bearing defects at an early stage can determine the basis of increased vibration and noise. Schorch the Electrical Machines and Drives GmbH was looking for a safe yet low-cost method to monitor their units both in bearing damage as record other parameters such as temperature, load and speed. The comprehensive database should be used to permanently about the overall condition - even from hard to reach or remote machines - to be informed. Furthermore, a history of access to data must be possible to get more information about the long term behavior of the machines in the field. To this end, the installed Schorch SmartCheck on the drive motor of a piston compressor. For intelligent process control other parameters such as the ambient temperature and the engine housing temperature were recorded and correlated with the oscillation signals. Priority for the customer, however, was the result of the vibration measurement, which he was informed early on an incipient bearing damage.

Monitoring of decanters, pumps and compressors

schaeffler06122Well as in other applications scored the SmartCheck and triggered the monitoring tasks placed on it. He presented, for example, clearly identified on a decanter if the current unbalance of the screw or of the drum is caused. A secure association is immensely important for the maintenance because depending on the source of the imbalance, completely different maintenance is necessary. The assignment of these so-called "floating balance" between screw and barrel, other surveillance systems often do not make errors.

For measurements on the vacuum recognized SmartCheck unbalance, misalignment and bearing wear. These critical conditions, depending on the application result in stoppage of a complete line of vacuum and cause costly failures.

For units that are located in remote locations, such as pumps for flood control or reservoirs, the SmartCheck scores with its great flexibility. Means of remote monitoring, the recorded data can conveniently be read remotely. Without having to be on site, the operators are constantly informed about the state of their equipment and can take immediate countermeasures in case of alarm.

Further diagnostic successes he achieved with the use of compressors. These are operated partially exposed to severe stresses and significant vibrations, which can result in a very short time an unplanned shutdown. With the Smart Check this risk could be reduced and a comprehensive monitoring can be ensured. Thus, the unit recognized example bearing damage so early that touching the screw was prevented. Because of maintenance could be done much cheaper. As for installing the Smart Checks no mechanical conversion is required, it can also be easily retrofitted to existing compressors.

Another contribution of the manufacturer         This e-mail address is being protected from spambots! Must be enabled to display JavaScript!

Personal message

germanrep person

Thomas Liratsch (44) rises from 1. March 2015 a second managing director at the German RepRap GmbH. weiter

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