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Monday, November 30, 2015
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News from the industry

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Latest News

  • Renesas
  • Schoeller
  • Schmersal
  • Igus
  • Rittal
  • TOX
  • Yaskawa
Renesas Electronics Europe Giesecke and Devrient + announce their cooperation for industrial security solutions and services. G + D is a leading international technology provider of solutions in the areas of banknotes, Paying, secure communication and management of identities. The two technology partners bring the first joint product counterfeiting protection solution for industrial products to the market. The solution provides industrial companies protection against counterfeiting and increased their security measures. It includes the TSM technology (Trusted Service Manager) of G + D and... Read more
SchoellerThe Schoeller Werk, A leading international manufacturer of longitudinally welded stainless steel pipes, has invested approximately 1,8 million euros in a new technology and test center. The modern testing technologies in the so-called pilot enable comprehensive, customized materials testing. Thus addition can be tested for the production of pioneering pipe solutions now the optimum process parameters. Read more
schmersal10415 The Schmersal Group founds for 1. January 2016 an independent business services under the name " Tec.nicum ". It consists of predominantly certified Functional Safety Engineers that form a global consulting network. The experts advise machine manufacturers and operators in all aspects of engineering and safety. In addition, plan and implement it around the globe complex security solutions in close cooperation with our clients - from the first pencil line as co-Engineer to full integration... Read more
Igus04151 With 100 million euro line sales this year has positioned itself Igus further into the world top of the pipe manufacturer for the movement in the energy chain. The expanded on 2750 m² industry's largest testing laboratories of Motion Plastics specialist is the only supplier able to offer a 36-month warranty on all " Chainflex To give "lines. Increasing industrial automation ensures high investment in innovation, security and fast delivery worldwide.... Read more
rittal0415With the new division "Rittal Automation Systems"Expanded the cabinet Specialist its extensive solution program for the control and switchgear construction. The system provider takes over the entire product range of its sister company Kiesling and expanded it. This is a complete equipment program for the professional workshop mode available - from manual tools to fully automated machine technology. Read more
tox0415Shortly after the 15 anniversary of the existence of the subsidiary of TOX PRESSOTECHNIK in Brazil emphasized the move into the new factory building the faith of the owner family to the power of the South American market. The origins of the Brazilian subsidiary are in the 1994 by Siegfried Schlachter established commercial agency, as here an assembly line for washing machine housing has been equipped with omni-point Blechverbindungstechnik. Read more
Yaskawa0415With numerous festivals and events around the world celebrates Yaskawa 2015 100 be. Firmenjubiläum.Am 10. November witnessed in the European headquarters in Eschborn approximately 200 invited guests from Germany and Austria not only the latest trends in servo drives, frequency converters, Motoman industrial robots and Vipa-control technology but with Green Energy Solutions The Switch and Human Tronic concepts such as Exoskelett- System "ReWalk" and future technologies for a more humane world. Read more

From the fields

Drive Systems

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Event report of Mayr
Chinese lift manufacturers hosted by Mayr Antriebstechnik
mayr Home


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Article by Turck
Compact, fast, accurate, secure and global Interface Device Palttform
Turck start

Electrical Engineering

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Interview with Philip Harting
New CEO of Harting Technology Group

Harting start

Interview with Dr. Thomas Steffen
Managing Director R & D at Rittal

Steffen start

Fluid Technology

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Article by AS-Schneider
Individual industrial valves for improved system reliability, even under high pressure

Schneider start

Development Office

  • Simulation of welding processes with intuitive software

    simufact10415 Technical Articles

    Simufact presents the new version of its 5 welding simulation software " Simufact.welding " , The main new features include the AFS technology for selecting the welding process type with process-specific settings and the image of the resistance spot welding both as process and as a structural simulation module in Resistance Spot Welding.

    Read more
  • 3D product development with improved design capabilities

    dassault0415 SPS IPC Drives 6 Hall, Booth 108

    Dassault Systèmes presents SolidWorks 2016 , The latest version of its successful 3D-design and engineering applications provides the 2,7 million users new and improved functionality for even faster and simpler design, validation and cooperation - from concept to finished product. Supported by the 3D Experience...
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  • Augmented Reality for the Internet of Things

    infoteam0415 SPS IPC Drives 6 Hall, Booth 130

    Presents Using Augmented Reality Info Team versatile software solutions for the Internet of Things. The application possibilities and opportunities in the industrial environment could be already clearly identified and implemented. Through the use of mobile devices, the reality can superimpose virtual additional information....
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Article by Simufact
Simulation of welding processes with intuitive software

simufact start

Machine Elements

  • Customized cross roller slewing ring for retrofit of a rotary milling center

    Rodriguez04151 An Special bearings leads among other things then no other way when there is no longer the originally installed in a machine solutions as a standard product. This happened in an older CNC turning-milling center, which was overhauled by a qualified specialist. Thanks to a custom-made cross roller slewing ring of Rodriguez can be personalized with the machine again workpieces... Read more
  • Industrial shock absorbers ensure safety of pipelines for oil rigs

    ace20415 User Report

    Rigs are intended to promote a lot of energy, but cause little. Therefore, a flexible pipeline to the wellhead as possible serves as a flexible, in an emergency quick disconnect connection. Tear down the connection or it can not be separated quickly enough in hazards such as storms, unpredictable, often serious consequences can hardly be avoided. The Company... Read more

  • Tensioning and oscillation elements for special applications

    RL0415 New to the product of R + L Hydraulics are clamping and vibrating elements of the brand "Flextec". It includes a comprehensive range of clamping elements, oscillating elements, vibration dampers, rubber spring elements and motor bases. All tensioning and oscillation elements are available in different versions for special applications are available, so that a wide range of applications is covered.... Read more
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Case Study of Rollon
Telescopic guide move inside garages of off-road truck

Rollon Home


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Webinar of Optris
Infrared temperature measurement in the short wavelength region

optris start1

Mounting + Joining Technique

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Case Study of Vogt Ultrasonics
Optimization of the welding process by ultrasound

Vogt Home

Materials + Procedures

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Case Study of German steel works
Hot work tool steel when tested at die-casting molds

melted start

From the specials

Applied Research

  • Coordination-activity plots method facilitates research on fuel cell catalysts

    TUM10415 Cover story

    The purification of automobile exhaust is one of the catalytic process. But almost the entire chemical industry is based on catalytic reactions. Therefore, the catalyst design plays a key role in improving many processes. An international team of scientists, including the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has now presented a concept, the geometric, the... Read more

  • Hot electrons have to achieve the perfect light capture

    TUKL0315 Research Report

    Light absorbing layers play a role in many everyday applications - for example in solar cells or sensors. With their help, light is converted into electricity or heat. The layers catch the light a formally. Although these absorber layers are widely used, researchers do not yet understand what mechanism trapping... Read more

  • Floating stations communicate with wireless routers on the Internet

    bfh0315 In the current student project Smoje (Smart buoy) the Berner Fachhochschule stuck technology and consulting the Netmodule AG. Each floating station a wireless router NB1600 is integrated, which enables communication with the Internet. In the vote of the components and protocols, the company contributed its longstanding embedded expertise and project expertise.... Read more
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Research Report of the CSEM
One cubic meter of small micro-camera based on solar technology

CSEM start


  • Magnesium-zinc-coating now also for body outer skin parts

    tata0415 Tata Steel has its galvanized coating "MagiZinc Auto" expanded to include a full-finish version. Thus, the advantages of magnesium zinc coating as significantly higher corrosion protection and stable behavior in the press works with less downtime for body outer skin parts available. It is precisely in these critical components clean and efficient processing is critical.... Read more
  • World's first shock absorber bearing with polyurethane and polyamide housing bearing element

    basf0415 Fakuma B4 Hall, Booth 4306

    BASF now extending its expertise in top mounts to allow car manufacturers an optimal combination of weight saving, pleasant acoustics and vibration damping. Realizable the NVH solution by connecting two plastic specialties: the microcellular polyurethane elastomer "Cellasto" and the high-fiber reinforced polyamide "Ultramid" A3WG10 CR. The combination of...
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  • Efficient and comfortable seating cooling increases ride comfort and road safety

    papst0315 Modern cars are virtually entirely equipped with air conditioning, which makes for a pleasant room temperature in the car. However, it can cool only where the cool air also reach. In the car seats, no air exchange takes place on the back of the driver practically. Here, only one active seat ventilation increase comfort.... Read more
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Research Report of Fraunhofer
Electric vehicles wirelessly load and unload

fraunhofer start

Renewable Energies

  • In metal spinning and thermoforming produced Blechformteile for wind power

    ruebsamen10415 User Report

    In all sectors of subcontracting, the efficiency requirements of the wind energy industry to promote the innovative power of companies. This affects not only the production of rotors and drives, bearings and control systems, but also the field of sheet metal parts. The suppliers Rübsamen For example, after forming process into two heavy-duty precision components for on- and offshore technology. This... Read more

  • Industrial Gear do heavy labor in the largest Swiss dam project

    nord10415 User Report

    SPS IPC Drives 3 Hall, Booth 218

    When constructing the pumping station is currently the largest hydropower project in Switzerland " Linthal 2015 "Were in an extremely challenging construction projects almost 600 meters deep dug huge machines chambers in the mountain. About 1 million tons of soil and rock excavation were in the course of three years... Read more

  • Mounting base with self-closing lid for wind turbines

    Harting0415 SPS IPC Drives 10 Hall, Booth 140

    The new Panel mount base in the "Han B" product family Harting is equipped with a special hinged lid, which allows an automatic collapse after removal of the connector. At the same time, the hinged lid provides effective protection against external influences: a special spring on the bearing bracket provides the necessary pressure,...
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Case Study of North
Industrial Gear Units work very hard at the reservoir

North Home


  • First geothermal probe with TÜV approval

    rehau0415 Geothermal probes are installed usually to a depth of 300 m, in order to effectively use the constant temperature of the deeper soil for energy. For maximum safety during insertion into the borehole and in the long-term operation, REHAU offers the " RAUGEO "probe "PE-Xa" with a guarantee of 10 years. As... Read more
  • The navigation app as a guide for building

    fraunhofer0415 Large public building complexes such as trade fairs, airports, shopping centers or museums, but also hospitals and authorities sometimes resemble a maze. Arrows, overview maps and guides are designed to provide an overview. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS in Dresden have found a way to use the Smartphone within buildings for navigation.... Read more
  • New Level intuitive operation and practical applications in the Smart Home

    digitalstrom10315 Technical Articles

    Digital Power pointed at the Internationale Funkausstellung what practical applications by consistently simplified operating concepts are possible: Thanks to the intelligent speaker Amazon Echo hears the networked Tielsa kitchen every word, while the 3D-depth camera of Intel Smart home residents formally reads the wishes of the lips. These coordinated the vendors like an invisible... Read more

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Article by Digital Power
New Level ease of use in Smart Home

digitalSTROM start

Food and Beverage Industry

  • FDA-compliant technical ceramics for the food industry

    doceram0415 In the machinery and equipment of Food Processing There are numerous components that must comply with very high requirements in terms of corrosion and temperature resistance and wear resistance. DOCERAM manufactures sophisticated manufactured components made of technical ceramics, such as pistons and slide valves, sensors of flow meters and other measuring and control devices, sensors and continuous units and... Read more
  • Steel-Head sensors with hygienic cable gland

    PIL0415 The ultrasonic sensors of the series P53 of PIL in a robust, fully encapsulated stainless steel housing with gapless transitions are now also available with a hygienic cable gland and food-safe cable. The corresponding to the guidelines of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) sensors fulfill hence the connection side all the requirements for optimal hygiene and robustness.... Read more
  • ISO 15552 cylinder and valve solutions for maximum system security

    IMI0315 FMB 020 Hall, Booth A21

    IMI Precision Engineering presents new cylinders for the food industry as well as components, solutions and services for safety technology and functional safety. Cylinders, which are used in manufacturing processes of the food and beverage production must have either closed or rounded surfaces. Exactly on this requirement profile were the new...
    Read more
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Case Study of Schmersal
Hygienic safety technology for the dairy production

Schmersal start

Medical Technology

  • Antibacterial bearings for sterile use in medical and laboratory technology

    Igus0415 Lubrication-free, media-resistant, non-magnetic, corrosion-free - these are decisive criteria for components in medical technology. Especially for the industry, Igus the new plain bearing material " Iglidur AB "Develops. Antibacterial plain bearings made of this material will help to reduce the bacterial load and are also lubricating and maintenance-free.... Read more
  • Miniature proportional valve with precise flow control

    emerson0415 Compamed Hall 8B, Stand G05

    With the small and highly precise proportional valve of the brand Asco Numatics Emerson, the user receives an easily into existing assemblies to integrate solution for many applications of the pressure and flow control. The 12,7 mm miniature proportional valve "Preciflow" is smaller than most currently available on the market...
    Read more
  • Bobbin for MRI scanners from 3D printer

    germanrep0415 The Popp Group often constructed prototypes for medical devices. Here comes an increasingly 3D printer for use as described by German Reprap. For example in the development of components for a patient bed for use in MRI scanners. To be exact, in the project based in Forchheim Popp Group around a winding body for... Read more
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Case Study of Mitsubishi
Facts, trends and prospects of the pharmaceutical and medical technology

Mitsubishi Home

Microsystem Technology

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Article by Renesas
Microcontroller for the industrial Internet of Things

Renesas start

Mobile Working Machines

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Case Study of Tsubaki
Powerful drive elements for port facilities
Tsubaki start

schaeffler05121Technical Articles

Schaeffler Last year logged 1832 patents in Germany and so that as many as never before. In particular, ensure the "unique selling points" bearings and other product innovations for applications in the fields of renewable energy and electric vehicles. The contribution represents a small selection of applications

The German Patent and Trademark Office published its annual statistics 50 innovative companies in Germany. This allowed the company to increase year on year the number of patents filed by 11,6% and covered again in fourth place behind Bosch, Daimler and Siemens.

Bearing lubricated by seawater

The Industrial Division is one of the research areas in renewable energy. These also include bearings, which are operated in sea water, for example, in flow or wave power plants. To the high corrosion rate of salt water is added difficulty in these cases that are dispensed with oil or grease as possible to lubricate the bearings should. Instead, they should be "lubricated" with the ambient medium seawater. One speaks of media-lubricated bearings.

Crankset with integrated torque sensor

schaeffler05122The market for electric bicycles with auxiliary propulsion developed most dynamically. The customer expects from an e-bike that electrical support functions smoothly and without noticeable especially to and shutdown. Such a function requires a very fast, accurate detection of the pedal force applied by the driver. This request is a crankset with integrated torque sensor meets, which was successfully placed on the market. A particular challenge represents the integration of storage and torque sensors including evaluation within the limited space available and the limited cost frame

Centrifugal Pendulum Vibration solves problems

schaeffler05123Downsizing and downspeeding are two approaches to reduce fuel consumption in the engine significantly. How the trend towards engines with lower fuel tonnage. This, however, results in a stronger vibration behavior, which in turn makes new concepts necessary damping. Here the centrifugal pendulum is a key technology to cope with the vibration problems at low speeds. Schaeffler's engineers have been researching intensively for years and are currently at the centrifugal pendulum with 146 patent families in the race. As the automobile manufacturers will seek motors with even higher torque at lower rpm, the specialists already working on other new damping concepts.

Concept vehicle and systems company e-mobility

When it comes to electric vehicles, there are the "Active e-Drive" a concept vehicle for electric mobility. It is a pure electric vehicle, wherein the active electric differentials (e-differentials) allow active torque distribution. The e-differential is well suited for modern hybrids. To the many activities of the two divisions bundle regarding electric mobility - from Sensortretlager about hybrid vehicle components to the renewable energy sector - and to exploit synergies, was founded last year, the systems house "e-mobility".

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