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Saturday 20. December 2014
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News from the industry

Products, technical articles, applications, features, interviews, videos, news ...

Latest News

  • Werner Turck receives Order of Merit
  • Award "Leadership in Engineering" for Igus in the US
  • Preh
  • Conta-Clip
  • Baumer
  • Knight
  • Shepherd Poeschel
turck30414Werner Turck, co-founder of Turck GroupIs with the Federal Cross of Merit 1. Class has been excellent. On behalf of North Rhine-Westphalia economics minister Garrelt Duin State Dr. Günther Horzetzky held in Dusseldorf the eulogy. He praised in both the contractor industry and the decades of volunteering Werner Turck in his hometown Halver - with the assistance of his wife Inge Turck. Read more
igus nachricht Igus have honored in the US as the winner of Technology Prize "Leadership in Engineering" in the category "Mechanical". Each year, drawing readers of the US magazine "Design World Magazine" companies in different categories of mechanical engineering from. Evaluation criteria are as product design or creativity and service. In addition Igus company were also awarded in categories such as mechatronics, software, sensors or electricity and electronics.... Read more
preh0414 The Preh de México SA de CV has its manufacturing capacity in Monterrey significantly expanded and taken in November 2014 the extension of the work Kalos in operation. The production site Kalos has increased by 5000 m² on a total area of ​​13.300 m². The plant was opened in August 2011 with an area of ​​8300 m². Together with its sister plant Avante, which covers an area of ​​7500 m², has Preh... Read more

conta clip lit Housing systems print and online

The current catalog "housing schemes of 'Conta-Clip is now available in print and online. For the first time, the catalog lists next to the terminal box series of polystyrene, fiberglass reinforced polyester and aluminum, the new housing series CG and CG PC ABS or fiberglass reinforced polycarbonate and optimized for photovoltaic applications Series models CK-PC PV. The case series cover in different form factors range in size from 50 45 x x 30... Read more
baumer nachrichtTo the previously successful space mission "Rosetta" has Baumer contributed expertise and custom built components. Despite the unusual operating conditions, sensor specialist could offer an equally special customer solution for the most demanding requirements of the European Space Agency. Read more

springer10414 The Dubbel: A classic is 100 years old

Generations of students and engineers know the Dubbel and rely on the established reference work of engineering. With the advent of 24. Edition is now celebrating the work be 100 anniversary. The Dubbel was translated over the years in different languages. 1927 appeared the first Russian edition by Springer. 1999 followed the first interactive, electronic version before two years later with the... Read more

schaefer lit Formulary Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering is the targeted management of quantitative methods in practice the fine art. The main aim is to make production and working processes more efficient. The formulary provides quick access to all key figures and formulas that are needed to do so. It follows on the basis of the Handbook of Industrial Engineering the product development process (PDP). For all key figures and formulas are compiled, which is constantly optimized in the... Read more

From the fields

Drive Systems

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Video Statement by North Drive Systems
Eenrgieeffiziente servo drive systems to IE4
klein start


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Video statement from Schmersal
Flexible security control in a new dimension
Runge start
Expertise Schubert
HMI focus on usability
schubert start

Electrical Engineering

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Article by ODU
Robust small connectors for high performance in a small space

ODU start

Fluid Technology

  • Highly resistant valve technology for the chemical and ultra-pure

    gemue0414 SPS IPC Drives 2 Hall, Booth 220

    In high purity applications and critical fluid management and a high quality and purity of the product is required. As a provider of standard components and flexible customer solutions, the company has established itself as Gemü specialist in the field of valve technology. The highly resistant valves of the series "Cleanstar...
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  • Reliable valve solutions for high security applications

    askia0414 Valve World Expo Hall 4, Stand F40

    Askia distributes industrial valves now available exclusively in Germany, the instrument valves, manifolds and process multiple valves and double block and bleed valves of the British manufacturer Sabre. The valve solutions are available in numerous designs and request-specific combinations for high security applications. They are used -. Often such as special design example in the oil...
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  • Cold air replaces liquid cooling in manufacturing and assembly

    Kager10414 Technical Articles

    The use of liquid coolant in the production, manufacture or assembly is fraught with all sorts of technical and health negative effects. With the Cold air bar "Colder" of Kager can circumvent such problems. Connected to the operating compressed air network and attached with a magnet holder directly on site, he gives a cooling and at the same time cleaning the cold air flow Read more

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Articles by Kager
Cold air replaces liquid cooling in manufacturing and assembly

Kager Start

Development Office

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Case Study of Dassault Systèmes
3D simulation shorten the product cycle in watchmaking

dassault start

Machine Elements

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Success Story of Dr. Tretter
Compact C-Rail Systems in Horizontal Bandsaws

Tretter start


  • High quality 3D live images from the interior of the material

    fraunhofer ws X is a proven test methods for components and materials. Researchers are now developing an X-ray detector, intended to provide very high quality three-dimensional images in real time. This allows even processes in the interior of the material to understand exactly. Microcracks and the smallest defects are detected reliably. The X-ray detector "Mulix" was designed for use in industrial computer systems.... Read more
  • Rugged, waterproof Ethercat data acquisition modules

    ZSE0414 Traditional data acquisition devices are single boxes with many input channels. This means a costly, error-prone to interference and cabling over long sensor lines. The " Krypton "measurement modules of the CSE takes a completely different approach. All significant advantages of the device DEWESoft remain preserved, but the instrumentation is moved close to the sensor. This reduces the cost of the sensor wiring,... Read more
  • Precise distance and profile measurement using a blue laser

    micro epsilon10414 Technical Articles

    Optical, contactless and precise: The laser triangulation is one of the most popular methods of industrial displacement measurement. It has always worked with a red laser light, since the receiving elements used herein have the highest sensitivity. With glowing objects and transparent or organic materials, however, the red laser has shortcomings that to be... Read more

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Video statement from Micro-Epsilon
Miniaturization, intelligence and the whole modular

wisspeintner start

Mounting + Joining Technique

  • Modular welding electrode with ceramic center pin increases tool life by a factor 40

    doceram0414 The modular welding electrode of DOCERAM "All-Star Compact" consists of a base electrode, a screwed-replaceable electrode and a drawable, air operated centering pin ceramic. It facilitates automated processes in the body such as the welding of plates and fixing of threaded nuts. Thanks to modular design, it is compatible with many common in the auto industry machinery tables.... Read more
  • Peek-bonding for demanding environmental conditions

    delo0414 The bonding of high temperature resistant thermoplastics such as polyetheretherketone PEEK still represents a challenge for many plastics processors. This is due to their low surface energy, the resulting poor wettability and chemical resistance. Evonik and Delo have now presented outstanding test results for Peek-bonding: The "Vestakeep Peek L4000G" can be fixed with epoxy adhesive... Read more
  • Connects the first hybrid adhesive as a Strukturklebung

    henkel0414 Handle introduced with "Loctite 4090" a hybrid adhesive, in which the main characteristics of structure and instant adhesives are united. Strength and speed are as strong combination for high impact resistance and high strength bonds with a variety of materials and high temperature resistance. Their versatility allows a wide range of tasks in the design and... Read more
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Article by Tox Pressotechnik
New arc process with Einbrandstabilisator

Fronius Start

Materials + Procedures

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Article by Holzapfel
Photorealistic anodized surfaces even with hybrid components

holzapfel start

From the specials

Applied Research

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Research Report of the Technical University of Vienna
Efficient, quieter, sensorless: Electric motors improved

TUWien start


  • Dual clutch transmission range for medium-duty vehicles

    eaton20414 Cover story

    Eaton has a new dual clutch transmission range for medium-duty vehicles presented with "Procision", which can reduce fuel consumption compared to a similarly equipped vehicle with torque converter automatic transmission to 8 to 10%. The new seven-speed gearbox will be introduced from mid 2015 in the North American market and will be available worldwide in the future.

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  • Electro protect sensitive electronic components in the car

    rampf0414 Electronica B2 Hall, Booth 618

    Highest thermal conductivity, the highest thermal and mechanical stability as well as high flame retardants: This is what the Electro "Raku-Pur", "Raku-Sil" and "Raku-Pox" Rampf. Polymer Solutions. With 1K-Elektrogießharzen the company now completes its product portfolio. They offer a high thermal, chemical and mechanical performance and in the two degrees of hardness...
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  • New generation of electric power steering with steering column drive

    trw0414 TRW Automotive has launched the first time the third generation of its electric power steering with steering column drive (EPS Column Drive) in two large vehicle platforms on the market. With an annual volume of over one million units TRW provides the technology in Europe for the Volkswagen Polo, Up and e-Up, for the Audi S1, the... Read more
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Article by Eaton
Double-clutch transmission for medium-duty vehicles

eaton start

Renewable Energies

  • CNT layer on rotor blades acts as an anti-Eissystem

    fraunhofer04141 In very cold climates the wind blows very strong. However, in these regions hitherto rarely wind turbines are installed. The risk of ice on the rotor blades is too high. Fraunhofer researchers have now an energy-efficient Eiserkennungs- and de-icing system for small power wind turbines developed that will rid the turbines within seconds of ice. It... Read more
  • Detect leaks in biogas plants by laser

    fraunhofer0414 Research Report

    Particularly problematic are leaks in biogas plants, which emerges from methane. Researchers are working on a technique that helps to better detect such leaks. A laser discovers the leaks from several meters away. The presented laser-based system measures escaping biogas contact - even from several meters away.

    Read more
  • Baumer and B-Command join forces for the Rotary

    baumer20414 The SIL2 / PLd certified Geared "Prime CAM "Is the result of joint development of the company Baumer and B-Command. Both partners have their high level of innovation and know-how bundled in this project, which finds its successful completion of the certification and the start of series production of the Prime CAM. The result of this development... Read more
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Research Report of Fraunhofer
Detect leaks in biogas plants by laser

fraunhofer start

Food and Beverage Industry

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Case Study of Tsubaki
Corrosion resistant roller chain reduces TCO in cheese production

Tsubaki start

Medical Technology

  • Piezo Ultrasonic Motor Based in mobile drug pumps

    PI10414 User Report

    Mobile drug pumps are made of outpatient therapy for many diseases become indispensable as in pain management, oncology, on parenteral nutrition and metabolic diseases. They give patients mobility and thus better quality of life. At the same time decrease the costs of treatment because the patient does not have to be inpatient or outpatient care in the clinic. With... Read more

  • Customized drives for drug delivery systems

    buehler0414 Compamed 8A Hall, Booth K15

    The increase of chronic diseases in particular makes use of new biological medicines is essential. The main focus is on making the therapy for the patient even if the application in the home safe, simple and comfortable. On the occasion of Compamed invites Buehler all interested parties welcome...
    Read more
  • Non-magnetic resistors for audio applications

    WDI0314 Electronica B6 Hall, Booth 255

    U.S. manufacturers Tepro Vamistor, belonging to the EIT electrical engineering group, (Sales WDI) introduces its new RA series resistance. This axial leaded metal film resistors are non-magnetic and non-inductive. They have been developed specifically for purest sound reproduction and high resolution audio signal processing, for example for medical technology. For this series resistance is very...
    Read more
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Case Study of PI
Piezo Ultrasonic Motor Based in mobile drug pumps

PI start

Microsystem Technology

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Lecture by Physik Instrumente
Micrometer Just position with magnetic direct drive

PI start neu

Mobile Working Machines

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Rodriguez2 grossUser Report

Hannover Messe Hall 17, as B40

For the reduction of harmful emissions from diesel engines in the public transport particulate filters have proven themselves. Negative characteristics to remain relatively high noise level and usually Overpowering the buses for the pure city use. High fuel consumption and correspondingly high emissions are the result. This is where the hybrid drive concept of e-Traction, which is supported by thin-section bearings from Kaydon Rodriguez.

Rodriguez10412E-Traction from Apeldoorn, the Netherlands has specialized in the development and prototyping of electric drives. It all began in 1981 than Arjan Heinen with his first company managed to double through optimization of energy consumption, the operating time of between two forklifts for charging. In a series of projects aim was to realize electric driverless transport systems between the long-term parking and the terminals of the Amsterdam airport. It Heinen became clear that almost 50% of the energy have been swallowed by the gearbox. The logical development step "The Wheel" was: The registered trademark for a wheel unit combines wheel and electric motor and thus does without gears. The Wheel also contains an electrical or mechanical steering, shock absorbers and height control.

Redundant power transmission

Rodriguez30412The great advantage of the Wheel is that absolutely no additional transmission is needed. While in conventional electric motors, the housing is arranged stationary, and the inner rotor rotates, the wheel unit operates according to the reverse principle: the inner part remains stationary while the housing is rotated, which is also the tire is mounted directly. In this case, the larger the diameter of the engine, the higher the torque produced. In addition, conventional powertrains need a mechanical differential that compensates the different path lengths in corners and prevents erasing one of the wheels. At The Wheel-based actuators eliminates even this mechanical component. The required speed is balancing hardware and software-controlled. The same electronic management system takes over the functions of traction control and an anti-lock braking system.

The brake is released electromagnetically, while the excess energy is fed back into the power batteries. Particularly in pure battery mode extends this function, the range of a vehicle considerably. This allows lighter batteries are used, which has a positive effect on the total weight of the vehicle.

Small engine, large power

Rodriguez40412On the basis of The Weel 2004 became known as "The Whisper" a new drive concept for diesel-electric city buses introduced. The actual drive is via one's Something in the two front wheels, which are fed from a battery pack. To compensate for the relatively low range of pure electric vehicles, the batteries are supplied from a power-optimized Volkswagen passenger car diesel engine with a downstream generator. The advantage of this solution is that the engine can be made much smaller than is the case with normal diesel buses. This reduces fuel consumption, exhaust and noise emissions drastically. So a average European consumes Citybus in conventional construction as 1 2 liters of diesel per km, a bus of e-Traction comes with this amount of fuel 6,3 miles. The use of lithium-ion batteries and an improved generator management, these buses even reach a range of 7,6 km / l. The pollutant emissions are reduced by about two thirds.

Lean Warehouse convinced

Initially six different drives were installed in two different body variations and tested. It contributed Kaydon thin-section bearing the Rodriguez GmbH, Eschweiler, an important contribution. In The Wheel bearings are standard with an internal diameter of 18 inches and a cross section of an inch using. They convinced the one due to the large inner diameter for the implementation of the drive. Secondly, the outer diameter due to the small cross-section could be as small as possible be maintained. It filled the lean warehouse technology all performance requirements. Finally, it gave Rodriguez a conservatively calculated life expectancy of about 7500 h

After the testing phase, the hybrid cars are from 2006 entered production numbers between 200 and 500 units per year in a row. If one with an average mileage of 90.000 km per year based on a realistic fuel savings of 30.000 liters per year per vehicle, this means a promising possibility of environmental impact. Proven in practice: Since July 2009 Whisper the third generation is in the public transport mobility.

Thin section bearings for exceptional environmental conditions

Rodriguez50412The thin-section bearing expertise of Rodriguez primarily where exceptional environmental conditions apply when standard bearings reach their limits. So "Reali Slim" thin-section bearings have been modified for specific applications, for example, the joints in the robotic arm of the Phoenix Mars Lander. The vehicle arrives on the red planet to collect samples used. With a complete set of ball bearings to keep the forces and vibrations when starting level and stand out despite its compact, lightweight design for high load capacities. The bearings have to withstand very high forces: Breaking the ice on the surface and digging up 50 cm depth requires a force of about 45 kg. The bearings are made of heat treated 440C stainless steel, which is in addition honed to achieve an exceptionally smooth surface and a better ride. A further heat treatment allows the use of extreme cold, the joints of the robot are designed for a temperature of up to-108 ° C. Accordingly, the bearing are greased with special lubricant with low outgassing, which in extreme cold is not too tough and not in the rarefied atmosphere evaporates.

A cross section for five sizes

The thin-section bearings are characterized by a very small cross section at large bore diameter. The cross-section is the same for all sizes of a series. For even greater demands on miniaturization, weight reduction and very compact design, the thin section bearing program at the "Ultra Slim" series with a cross section of only 2,5 x 3 mm was expanded, which also remains constant with increasing hole diameter.

Whether inch or metric, or Reali Slim Ultra Slim as hybrid or custom designed - the portfolio comprises more than 250 thin section bearing types. This provides the optimal application-specific storage solution for every need are available.

Another contribution of the manufacturer CAD data This e-mail address is being protected from spambots! Must be enabled to display JavaScript!

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hmi modulfrom February 2015

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Hans Sondermann has to 1. October 2014 the International Sales division at the Rittal GmbH + Co. KG, Herborn accepted. weiter

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