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Sunday, February 26, 2017
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News from the industry

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Latest news

  • Rodriguez
  • Harting
  • Optris
  • Schaeffler
  • KISSsoft
  • Harting
  • KSB
rodriguez0117The distribution of high quality of rotary and linear technology components for over thirty years, the core business of drive specialists Rodriguez, For even more quality, flexibility and individuality of products provide own manufacturing capacityWhich, inter alia, for the implementation of customized system solutions (Value Added Products) be used. Continue reading
harting10117The Harting Technology Group strengthens its global production networks: now in Chennai, India, a new production facility was officially opened. The company sees good growth potential in the country, particularly in the key markets mechanical engineering, power generation and transportation. Continue reading
optris0117Set in Germany, Austria and Switzerland Optris in cooperation with eight partners workshops on thermal imagers, infrared thermometers and their proper use. For the first time there will be a special workshop for flight thermography. In the days workshops will be discussed at the beginning of the physical laws relevant for non-contact temperature measurement technology. Continue reading
schaeffler0117The integration of Compact Dynamics is for Schaeffler another important step in strengthening its electromobility activities. This strengthens its development expertise, expanding its service portfolio and extends the value added opportunities for electric drive systems. The majority share in the electric motor specialists Compact Dynamics are now at Schaeffler. The agreement was signed last week.
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Gleason Corporation, Rochester (New York), the company KISSsoft AG, headquartered in Bubikon (Switzerland), adopted. Gleason is the world leader in development, manufacture and sale of machinery for the production of gears of all types and associated accessories, automation solutions and plastic gears. Continue reading
harting0117 Hannover Messe Hall 11, Stand C15

At this year's Hannover Messe is there to celebrate two round anniversaries: 70 years old is the long-standing world's largest industrial fair and just as long, the Harting Technology group out there. The family is one of the handful of exhibitors who continuously are present every year since 1947 until today. But how did all this?... Continue reading
The pumps and valves manufacturer has to 31. January 2017 the business activities of its subsidiary KSB Amri, Inc. sold. The US company produces in Houston / Texas Special butterfly valves and rotary actuators. The products are used in the chemical industry in the production of chlorine for use. Continue reading

From the fields


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Lecture by Mitsubishi Electric
Harald Voigt on condition monitoring in the frequency converter

Vogt Home

Lecture by
Koco Motion + Adlos
G. Kocherscheidt and T. Adlos the new Servo System Can Motion

Can Motion start


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Fair statement:
Markus Ingenerf about the new
IP67 compact controller

Long Self start

Fair statement:
Leuze Electronic
Alexander Mielchen about the new safety control

Mielchen start


  • LED light system for small cabinets and boxes

    Rittal0117 With two new versions of System LED lamp completes Rittal its new program to cabinet lights. The first specially developed for cabinets Lights series, there are in addition to the versions 1200 and 900 Lumen now with 600 and 400 lumens. This makes them suitable for smaller rack and enclosure systems.... Continue reading
  • Portable socket loads of fuel to

    hyline10117 The " Efoy Go "Hy-Line Power Components is a universal mobile power unit 12 V DC, 230 V AC (max. 400 W) and USB charging ports provides. A 240-Wh-LiFePO4 accumulator ensures a stable, robust, fail-safe, noiseless and emission-free power - whether on construction sites, in mobile projects at remote measuring points, other autonomous, temporary... Continue reading
  • Optical interconnects for the field level of the smart factory

    diamon0217 Optical interconnects as the " Flexmile "system Diamond contribute that communication in the field plane is more powerful and overcome the rapid increase in data traffic. The connector of this system, which was specifically designed for extreme environmental conditions, there are pre-assembled with single- and multi-mode fibers and for the connection in the field.... Continue reading
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Expertise from Rittal
Three trends for the data center 2017

rittal start


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Article by TÜV Nord
TÜV Nord closes vulnerability in testing of pressure equipment

tuev start

design office

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Video Dassault Systèmes
Asking SolidWorks 2017 at Torqeedo

SW start

machine elements

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Article by Schaeffler
Standard rolling bearings and linear guides in high-performance

schaeffler start


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Lecture from Pepperl + Fuchs
Michael Kessler on surge protection on 6,2 mm

Kessler start

connection technology

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Lecture by Arnold + Shinjo
Resistive element welding for lightweight at VW

Wolfarth start

Materials + method

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Lecture by Igus
Tom Krause about 3D print in a new dimension

Krause start
Interview with
Michael and Matthias Rampf Rampf Holding GmbH & Co. KG

Rampf start

From the Specials

Applied research

  • Stuttgart researchers produce extremely powerful lens system

    nanoscribe0117 Research Report

    Adler eyes are extremely sharp and can see both forward and sideways good - qualities that one would like to have also the autonomous driving. Physicists at the University of Stuttgart have now produced in 3D pressure sensors that track the eagle eye in a small space and with the latest 3D printing technology realized by Nanoscribe.

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  • Test System for advanced composites research

    zwick10416 Over the past decade, the professor has Lightweight Structures and Plastics Processing (SLK) at Chemnitz University developed into one of the leading research institutions in the field of lightweight construction. To meet the increasing testing needs in new fields of application for composites materials, the professor SLK has for an advanced inspection system Zwick Roell... Continue reading
  • Li-Fi instead of WLAN: High-speed data with guaranteed delivery

    fraunhofer0416 Electronica Hall 4, 113 Stand
    SPS IPC Drives Hall 2, 500 Stand

    Li-Fi technology, ie the use of light to exchange huge amounts of data, established wired or radio-based wireless transmission techniques could soon supplement in highly automated production environments or even replace. Of developers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS in...
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Research Report of Nanoscribe
Extremely powerful lens system with eagle eye

fraunhofer start


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Lecture by Harting
Marco Grinblats over charging connector of the present and future

Grinblats start

Renewable energy

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Article by Harting
Connectors for modular energy storage in Smart Grid

Harting start


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Article by EKS Engel
crosslink air conditioning and ventilation via fiber optics

eks start

food industry

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Case Study of Mayr
Reliable couplings secure ice and fresh cheese production

mayr start


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Research Report

Robot Worm milled around
the corners at head surgery

fraunhofer start

Microsystems Technology

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Article by Renesas
Microcontroller for the industrial Internet of Things

Renesas start

Mobile Machinery

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Article by Bosch
Hybridization and fuel cell for off-highway drive
bosch start

Rodriguez2 largeSuccess Story

Hannover Messe Hall 17, as B40

For the reduction of harmful emissions from diesel engines in the public transport particulate filters have proven themselves. Negative characteristics to remain relatively high noise level and usually Overpowering the buses for the pure city use. High fuel consumption and correspondingly high emissions are the result. This is where the hybrid drive concept of e-Traction, which is supported by thin-section bearings from Kaydon Rodriguez.

Rodriguez10412E-Traction from Apeldoorn, the Netherlands has specialized in the development and prototyping of electric drives. It all began in 1981 than Arjan Heinen with his first company managed to double through optimization of energy consumption, the operating time of between two forklifts for charging. In a series of projects aim was to realize electric driverless transport systems between the long-term parking and the terminals of the Amsterdam airport. It Heinen became clear that almost 50% of the energy have been swallowed by the gearbox. The logical development step "The Wheel" was: The registered trademark for a wheel unit combines wheel and electric motor and thus does without gears. The Wheel also contains an electrical or mechanical steering, shock absorbers and height control.

Redundant power transmission

Rodriguez30412The great advantage of the Wheel is that absolutely no additional transmission is needed. While in conventional electric motors, the housing is arranged stationary, and the inner rotor rotates, the wheel unit operates according to the reverse principle: the inner part remains stationary while the housing is rotated, which is also the tire is mounted directly. In this case, the larger the diameter of the engine, the higher the torque produced. In addition, conventional powertrains need a mechanical differential that compensates the different path lengths in corners and prevents erasing one of the wheels. At The Wheel-based actuators eliminates even this mechanical component. The required speed is balancing hardware and software-controlled. The same electronic management system takes over the functions of traction control and an anti-lock braking system.

The brake is released electromagnetically, while the excess energy is fed back into the power batteries. Particularly in pure battery mode extends this function, the range of a vehicle considerably. This allows lighter batteries are used, which has a positive effect on the total weight of the vehicle.

Small engine, large power

Rodriguez40412On the basis of The Weel 2004 became known as "The Whisper" a new drive concept for diesel-electric city buses introduced. The actual drive is via one's Something in the two front wheels, which are fed from a battery pack. To compensate for the relatively low range of pure electric vehicles, the batteries are supplied from a power-optimized Volkswagen passenger car diesel engine with a downstream generator. The advantage of this solution is that the engine can be made much smaller than is the case with normal diesel buses. This reduces fuel consumption, exhaust and noise emissions drastically. So a average European consumes Citybus in conventional construction as 1 2 liters of diesel per km, a bus of e-Traction comes with this amount of fuel 6,3 miles. The use of lithium-ion batteries and an improved generator management, these buses even reach a range of 7,6 km / l. The pollutant emissions are reduced by about two thirds.

Lean Warehouse convinced

Initially six different drives were installed in two different body variations and tested. It contributed Kaydon thin-section bearing the Rodriguez GmbH, Eschweiler, an important contribution. In The Wheel bearings are standard with an internal diameter of 18 inches and a cross section of an inch using. They convinced the one due to the large inner diameter for the implementation of the drive. Secondly, the outer diameter due to the small cross-section could be as small as possible be maintained. It filled the lean warehouse technology all performance requirements. Finally, it gave Rodriguez a conservatively calculated life expectancy of about 7500 h

After the testing phase, the hybrid cars are from 2006 entered production numbers between 200 and 500 units per year in a row. If one with an average mileage of 90.000 km per year based on a realistic fuel savings of 30.000 liters per year per vehicle, this means a promising possibility of environmental impact. Proven in practice: Since July 2009 Whisper the third generation is in the public transport mobility.

Thin section bearings for exceptional environmental conditions

Rodriguez50412The thin-section bearing expertise of Rodriguez primarily where exceptional environmental conditions apply when standard bearings reach their limits. So "Reali Slim" thin-section bearings have been modified for specific applications, for example, the joints in the robotic arm of the Phoenix Mars Lander. The vehicle arrives on the red planet to collect samples used. With a complete set of ball bearings to keep the forces and vibrations when starting level and stand out despite its compact, lightweight design for high load capacities. The bearings have to withstand very high forces: Breaking the ice on the surface and digging up 50 cm depth requires a force of about 45 kg. The bearings are made of heat treated 440C stainless steel, which is in addition honed to achieve an exceptionally smooth surface and a better ride. A further heat treatment allows the use of extreme cold, the joints of the robot are designed for a temperature of up to-108 ° C. Accordingly, the bearing are greased with special lubricant with low outgassing, which in extreme cold is not too tough and not in the rarefied atmosphere evaporates.

A cross section for five sizes

The thin-section bearings are characterized by a very small cross section at large bore diameter. The cross-section is the same for all sizes of a series. For even greater demands on miniaturization, weight reduction and very compact design, the thin section bearing program at the "Ultra Slim" series with a cross section of only 2,5 x 3 mm was expanded, which also remains constant with increasing hole diameter.

Whether inch or metric, or Reali Slim Ultra Slim as hybrid or custom designed - the portfolio comprises more than 250 thin section bearing types. This provides the optimal application-specific storage solution for every need are available.

Another contribution of the manufacturer CAD data This e-mail address is being protected from spambots To display JavaScript must be turned on!

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Personal message - Obituary

igus person

The renowned designer and art professor Karl Oskar Blase died late December 2016 91 aged years in Kassel. continue

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