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Thursday, August 27, 2015
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Latest News

  • Lehvoss
  • Fluke
  • Schaeffler
  • Orbit
  • Harting
  • Micro-Epsilon
  • Bumblebee
Lehvoss UK Limited, UK subsidiary of Lehmann & Voss & Co., Hamburg announces the successful acquisition of Gee Lawson Holdings Limited. This acquisition is an important step towards strengthening the product portfolio of Lehvoss group in the Food and life science industry in Europe and globally. Gee Lawson, 1936 founded and headquartered in London, with 34 employees a leading distribution house specializing in raw materials for the food and life sciences industries. Read more
raytec0315Fluke established for its product divisions Raytek, Ircon and Datapaq the new joint brand Fluke Process Instruments, All three companies have already for several years part of the Fluke Group. The product portfolio of Raytek, Ircon and Datapaq includes a complete range of robust, reliable infrared sensors, line scanners, thermal imaging cameras and temperature monitoring systems for use in various industrial manufacturing processes with harsh conditions and high temperatures. Read more
The Executive Board of Schaeffler AG has decided to realign the industrial division of the company. Schaeffler is responding to the stagnating in recent years of business in the Industrial Division. The aim of the realignment is to improve efficiency and competitiveness in the industrial business sustainably and thereby create the conditions for increased profitable growth. Read more

Orbit lit Drive components made of stainless steel

The food industry, chemical industry, medical technology and pharmaceutical industry or vacuum technology are all examples of applications in which the drive elements have to meet high requirements in terms of their chosen materials. Orbit Drive Technology provides this before a current brochure specifically dedicated to this topic. This includes on 36 pages a comprehensive range of drive components, which are made entirely of stainless steel or approved for specific industries such as material combinations have FDA-compliant materials or... Read more
HARTING CareerTraining at the Harting Technology Group is among young people in the region still in high demand. This is proved by the total 56 young people who recently completed a vocational training or a dual study began in Espelkamp. In 20 different job they will now be working as trainees and dual students for the family business. Read more

Micro Epsilon lit3 Catalogue of compact thermal imaging cameras

The new catalog for compact thermal imagers from Micro-Epsilon is now available. See all current products of the series "thermal imager" TIM are found there with technical Detaizu. The selection is made even greater, many new products are introduced. Printed and online, there is a detailed overview of the specifications of each camera and numerous graphics. Many new products are included as thermal imaging cameras Thermal Imager TIM M1, and G7... Read more
Hummel0315 The Hummel AG opens up the future also the UK electronics market with its touch systems. Partner is located, the company Displaze UK from Milton Keynes, between London and Birmingham. Jürgen Ruther, Head of Business Unit TouchSystems the HUMMEL AG, and Mark Cartlidge CEO Displaze UK recently signed a cooperation agreement in England. Displaze UK is very well connected in the UK electronics market and has a high degree of experience in the field of capacitive touch systems.... Read more

From the fields

Drive Systems

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Case Study of Tsubaki
Drive elements for the high demands of the paper industry


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Article by Eaton
Build with IP67 I / O modules for SmartWire-DT simple machines
Eaton Home

Electrical Engineering

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Expert knowledge of Harting
Measurement made up to the batch size 1  

Harting start1

Fluid Technology

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Article by AS-Schneider
Individual industrial valves for improved system reliability, even under high pressure

Schneider start

Development Office

  • Calculation software with electronic notebook

    PTC20315 Technical Articles

    Although designers reinvent the wheel not constantly new, but it must re-interpret and over again. The illustration of the calculations in an electronic notebook, which is integrated directly into the CAD system, not only allows the re-use of this knowledge. It also documents why the wheel was as designed. One can use the... Read more

  • Process solution for faster virtual vehicle development

    tecosim0315 More and more vehicle types are introduced to the market in ever shorter innovation and global development cycles. This results in a growing demand for virtual calculation and design, which is amplified in the early stages of development and thus the design definition used. Tecosim presents' Tecconcept "Now a new process solution for a faster... Read more
  • Transformation of software and system engineering in the IoT world

    ptc0315 With the new version of " Integrity "product family PTC offers many new functionalities for software and systems engineering solutions. They reduce barriers to the process modeling, ensure that higher quality and more profitable decisions can be made in the engineering and simplify the re-use on the Internet of Things (IoT).... Read more
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Article by PTC
Calculation software with electronic Notitzbuch

PTC start

Machine Elements

  • High-speed spindle with up to 65% less vibrations

    gmn10315 Technical Articles

    EMO in Hall 9, Stand D33

    GMN provides a new range of High-speed spindles with a highly efficient damping hydroviskosen ago. Here it was possible to reduce the natural vibrations compared to a standard spindle up to 65%. This allows a more efficient workpiece machining, because components can stably at higher depths of cut and thus greater material removal rate... Read more

  • Cracked four million speed limit during engine bearings

    schaeffler0315 FAG Aerospace has redefined with a new engine ball bearing the previous power limits for high-speed engine main shaft bearings. As part of the Federal Ministry sponsored of Economy and Energy aviation research program (Lufo) there is joint project "Effective oil system" managed to construct a new type of engine bearings, the first time exceeding the speed factor of 4 million mm / min.

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  • Compact monorail guidance systems with high load capacity and rigidity

    Rodriguez0315 Motek Hall 4 stand 4438

    Rodriguez presents its extensive portfolio of linear technology. There are, for example, a variety of Profile rail guides for an optimal choice on the application and application-specific requirements. Recirculating ball bearings are suitable for easy moving medium loads, recirculating roller guidance systems for heavy-duty applications and Cross roller bearings for all applications where demand highest precision...
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Case Study of Rollon
Linear guides facilitate the unloading of containers

Rollon Home


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Statement of Optris
1800 hot degrees Celsius for metals

Kienitz start

Mounting + Joining Technique

  • Screws for foamed lightweight components

    ejot0315 Fakuma B3 Hall, Booth 3114

    Foamed components than alternative solutions Lightweight, usually made of EPP (Expanded Polypropylene), gain significantly in importance. For the mounting of components on these components Ejot has the " EPPsys "(EPP system) Product group developed plastic. The EPPsys D screw (direct assembly) is a connecting element of this segment...
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  • Compact screwdriver control with intuitive touch panel operation

    wsm0315 To take full advantage of the precious space in the working area of ​​plants, the designers of WSM-Automation with the latest generation of its Tightening controllers made a separation of the control cabinet and operating area. The switchless control is operated from the 15,6-inch, multi-touch enabled panel.... Read more
  • Against dust and Sealed Lever Latch

    southco0315 Southco has its Lever locks the C2 series equipped with a seal that prevents according to the standards and Nema 4 IP65 that moisture and dust can penetrate into the lock. This makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. He has this same constant compression and vibration resistance as the standard closure and C2... Read more
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Article by Tox Pressotechnik
New arc process with Einbrandstabilisator

Fronius Home

Materials + Procedures

  • The future of the metal laser melting

    toolkraft0315 Airtec Hall C3, Stand D52

    The metal laser melting has mastered the leap from Rapid Prototyping to the approved production technology. In a variety of industries parts additively manufactured to be used. To meet the needs of customers more effectively, expanding Tool Craft again its machinery. The company is investing in a multi M2 Cusing laser facility from the...
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  • Rapid Prototyping: Create tools with 3D Print

    poeppelmann0315 Fakuma B5 Hall, Booth 5107

    Pöppelmann K-Tech presented at Fakuma new methods of additive manufacturing To quickly create functional samples for technical injection molded parts made of plastic. These are, for example in the field of renewable energies, in machine and apparatus construction, electrical and automotive industries....
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  • Gripper jaws made of high-performance ceramics for Handling and Automation

    doceram0315 Motek Hall 8 stand 438

    DOCERAM presented gripper jaws and gripper fingers, the contact surfaces are made of high-performance ceramics. They have been developed for the handling of different, also sensitive components. The ceramic material is extremely resistant to wear, lotabweisend, inductively neutral and chemically inert. With this property profile, the gripper jaws include cleanroom compatible....
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Case Study of German steel works
Hot work tool steel when tested at die-casting molds

melted start

From the specials

Applied Research

  • Floating stations communicate with wireless routers on the Internet

    bfh0315 In the current student project Smoje (Smart buoy) the Berner Fachhochschule stuck technology and consulting the Netmodule AG. Each floating station a wireless router NB1600 is integrated, which enables communication with the Internet. In the vote of the components and protocols, the company contributed its longstanding embedded expertise and project expertise.... Read more
  • Combustion engines with built-in lightweight cylinders plastic housing

    fraunhofer0215 If cars are lighter, and the motor must slim down. For example, by preparing him FRP: Such cylinder housing weigh up to 20% less than aluminum structures at approximately the same cost. Because they can be produced by injection molding in high volume. A prototype of such a motor was at the Hanover Fair... Read more
  • One cubic meter of small micro-camera based on solar technology

    CSEM0215 Research Report

    Sensor + Test 12 Hall, Booth 441

    "Vision-In-Package" (VIP) of CSEM is the first system of its kind that brings together all the elements of a camera system to less than 1 cm³. The hitherto smallest complete camera system on a microchip with an optical component, a processor and a wireless transmitter in an easily integratable... Read more

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Research Report of the CSEM
One cubic meter of small micro-camera based on solar technology

CSEM start


  • Common mode choke suppresses interference frequencies in the automobile

    rutronik0315 The increasing use of electronic components in automobiles makes strategies against interference frequencies for providing security increasingly important. For this offers Murata ( Sales Rutronik ) His "Common Mode Chokes" for In-Vehicle Ethernet applications now also in size 1210. Thanks to the unique ferrite material technology and sophisticated winding technique the manufacturer provides the serial low insertion loss and... Read more
  • Hydraulic dampers for camping fun in the camper

    ACE10315 User Report

    Motek Hall 5 stand 5124

    The T5 of Volkswagen is considered the family bus and vans in Germany. The company specializes Maxxcamp to transform this vehicle into a multifunctional variant. From sunbathing areas and cabinets on a camping toilet to hobs and built-in coolers: leaves in a few minutes... Read more

  • Active haptic feedback in the car interior of the Audi Q7

    preh0315 IAA Hall Booth 5.1 A26

    Preh presents solutions as user habits of smartphones with the safety requirements of the vehicle operation can be optimally combined. The scalable actuators technology enables inter alia a haptic feedback of touchscreens and touchpads. For this, the manufacturer diverse patterns of innovation and the first production product with this technology: the completely...
    Read more
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Journal article from Heraeus Noblelight
Efficient infrared heat in the production of car carpets

Heraeus Home

Renewable Energies

  • The low-and space-saving capacitors for wind turbines

    ftcap0315 HUSUMwind Stand 4C02

    FTCAP offers a range of capacitors, which are suitable for use in wind turbines. One example is innovative capacitors modules: The patented concept, the user will receive a pre-finished assembly, so that no additional assembly is obtained and in case of damage a rapid change is possible. Let the busbars...
    Read more
  • Inverters for photovoltaic systems in commercial buildings

    Delta0315 With the "RPI M50A" provides Delta a three-phase, transformerless inverter in front with 50 kVA, which provides the maximum output power of the product line. He is very well suited for use in commercial PV systems. The inverter reaches a very high efficiency of 98,6% and provides a good ratio of energy density and size. Thanks... Read more
  • Participate standby batteries for wind turbines

    yuasa0315 Addresses the booming market for wind power Yuasa Battery with their robust NP7-12 and 5-NPH12 standby batteries. As currently the only types in the market these downwardly standards are TÜV-tested. The test according to DIN EN 60068-2-6: 2008, DIN EN 61373: 2011 and 60068-2 DIN EN-27: 1995 confirmed the shock, vibration and vibration of the... Read more
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Journal article the Energy Initiative
Development of solar energy and predictions for the future

energy initiative start


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Lecture by Peaknx
Conventional automation meets building

Dohmann start

Food and Beverage Industry

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Success Story of IFM Electronic
Permanent vibration diagnosis in the mineral water bottling

ifm start

Medical Technology

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Case Study Dassault Systèmes
Virtual human 3D Heart model for research

Dassault start

Microsystem Technology

  • Nano- and microfabrication for research

    nanoscribe0315 The installation of a 3D printer by Binnig and Rohrer Nanoscribe on Nanotechnology Center (BRNC) opened ETH Zurich and IBM Research entirely new opportunities for their current and future research activities in the field of nano- and microfabrication. With the Photonic Professional GT the precise on the market 3D printer was used to produce nano-... Read more
  • Ready to install microforms for micro injection molding

    meusburger0215 Meusburger now offers pre-finished microforms with extensive accessories. The mold bases for micro injection molding are especially suitable for use in Babyplast machines and are available in various shape design versions. Ready to install Auswerferpaketsysteme with precise positioning of the ejector and ideal guide is optionally available in two different versions from stock. This provides... Read more
  • Modular dosing system as a kit for chemists

    hnp0215 Achema Hall 8.0, Stand J98

    Chemists need smallest precise amounts of fluid for their various tasks. HNP Microsystems this presents the modular metering "Modos", which can be individually equipped using the modular principle. Heart of the system is a micro annular gear pump....
    Read more
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Article by Renesas
Microcontroller for the industrial Internet of Things

Renesas start

Mobile Working Machines

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MisumiCover story

The phrase "sheep dung'm doing" is intended to show that even with small or relatively unimportant things appearing in the sum something comes together. In mechanical engineering, it shows especially in view of the many small components that are required for a machine or system. Our title report shows a practical example in special machine to which it is total and what options are available to minimize them.



So also in the southeastern Hunsrück resident Hahn Automation GmbH, the manufacturer of special machines developed innovative, effective solutions for the automation of production processes. What claims to be as small ideas and began experimental workshop in 1992, today is a global company with locations in Germany in Rheinböllen Reinheim offices in Cincinnati (USA), San Jose (Costa Rica), Istanbul (Turkey) and Schwarzburg ( Switzerland).

The cell as a basic unitMisumi2

Robot, testing and camera technology, assembly and temperature control and cooling technology are the core competencies. For all developments is the company's philosophy to bear: everything from one source - from concept to implementation to after-sales service. Figurehead for the Automation Systems business area is the cell concept "master cell" with a particularly wide range of uses. Both automated individual workstations (with a manual loading) and combined models are available as a technologically sophisticated automation systems. For use as a single workstation, each cell is equipped with its own control and a separate control panel. In addition to a rigid connection to a wide variety of workpiece carrier transfer systems are used to link the master Cells. The modular design allows for quick, responsive and economic expansion with increasing production rates. Featuring advanced robot systems and advanced technologies in the assembly and testing through the most demanding processes are realized. In addition, the cells may arise from changes in production simply be moved from machine to machine.

Misumi3"Whether the automated production of engine mounts for a client in the automotive industry or door hinges with integrated dampening system for a supplier of kitchen cabinets - we provide solutions for very individual problems," explains Torben Fibich, Head of Communications and Marketing at Hahn. Some customers have already initial ideas regarding the implementation, but usually become a part shown and then said "construction 'me a machine that can". So it was at the door hinges with cushion. For this purpose, an appropriate machine concept has been developed together with the customer specifies, implemented in the design and finally simulates the operation of the system by computer graphic animation. It is followed by manufacturing, assembly, test run and ultimately site commissioning and training of the staff working on the machine on site.

Small parts in practical bandwidth

The deliverable in kundenindividuellem Design Master Cell concepts have not only high availability of flexible degrees of automation and ease of handling and operation of its short lead times and high cost. In order to realize this, they have a standard cell and control structure. This "basic" then gets the process-specific cut. Therefore numerous mechanical components are used, which must be also usually adapted to the design. "We have our own production in the house," said Fibich. "This can not cover everything, especially not when it has to be fast." But still a high quality standard will be placed on the components, is on tap with the cooperation Misumi Europe. The portfolio that specializes in mechanical standard, purchased and custom parts including over one million articles, thus covering virtually every conceivable need in the construction of action. The special feature of the offer is the configurability of components: With extensive options in shape and dimensions to the standard components are adjusted according to the particular purpose exactly. This is not only beneficial for new developments, but also, if a machine can be converted to changes in production needs, for example, to adapt to new product forms. Add various design options come in terms of materials, hardness and surface treatment. Designers therefore profit from a practical range. This diversity can hardly afford a make economically, the delivery times of Misumi are almost always shorter than the production on their own. Since also believe the quality of the components, Hahn served now very widely in this offering.

"The concept fits well with our Master Cells," says Torben Fibich: "It is also modular, intelligent and cost-effective." For agree the conditions in respect of the mechanical components. Especially in special machine components are required in very small quantities, so often have minimum order quantities or a minimum value of goods or minimum order charges connected. These "costs" would make the product and make cost-effective designs. Therefore, there are user-friendly reference conditions: Delivery from quantity 1 themselves individually configured in execution, with no minimum purchase or surcharge for small quantities; fall within Germany also at no shipping costs.

Another contribution of the manufacturer         Webcast          Online product catalogs          Order Catalog          This e-mail address is being protected from spambots! Must be enabled to display JavaScript!

Personal message

CeramTec person

For 1. Dr. Hadi Saleh was 2015 July appointed to the management of CeramTec. weiter

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