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Friday, October 21, 2016
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News from the industry

Products, technical articles, applications, features, interviews, videos, news ...

Latest News

  • Creaform
  • Rampf
  • Nexteer
  • Vector
  • Mahr
  • ABB and Microsoft
  • Baumer
creaform0416Creaform, a global provider of portable 3D measurement solutions and engineering services, today announced that Sonatest, manufacturer of nondestructive ultrasonic testing solutions (NDT), now acts as the official United partners "Pipecheck Analyze". Pipecheck is fully compatible with the ultrasonic test and the only solution that will allow the identification of possible problems on the internal and external surfaces of pipes. Read more
rampf0416The international Rampf Group is continuing to grow: In fiscal year 2015 / 16, it achieved a consolidated turnover of EUR 153 million euros. This represents an increase of 7,7% compared to the same period last year. The new core competence of RAMPF Group's Rampf Composite Solutions. Read more
nexteer0316Nexteer Automotive expanding its capacities in Munich and opened a larger office in the Schwabing district. The company is responding to the increasing demand for sales and engineering support of its customers BMW, General Motors, Volkswagen, Ford and other global automakers. Read more
vector0316Vector computer science has announced the creation of a venture capital company. The aim of the society is the targeted promotion of young start-up companies with potential for digital solutions, primarily in the technical environment. The support will be carried out both monetarily and through know-how transfer and infrastructure. Read more

Mahr lit About 150 years metrology history

The book "Measuring with Mahr" sets out to trace the company's history and the development of metrology. The authors developed numerous facts and a new perspective on the past decades. Besides the company's history is the richly illustrated book on the historic evolution of the dimensional metrology before: from calipers and the dial gauge on the automated measurement technology to measuring systems with resolutions in the nanometer range and CNC measuring stations with robot loading.... Read more
ABB and Microsoft have announced a strategic partnership to support industrial customers to provide new value with digital solutions. Customers will continue to benefit from the combination of Microsoft's intelligent cloud "Azure" and ABB's comprehensive expertise and broad portfolio of industry solutions. Read more
Baumer0316"Such services do not fall from the sky", say Helmut Braun Head of Quality Assurance Procurement Electrical and Markus Vetter Head of Electronics Purchasing at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG in the "Preferred Supplier" award. so you express the appreciation of the world's largest manufacturer of printing machines Baumer Group, The specialist in sensors, encoders and image processing brings to. Read more

From the fields

Drive Systems

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User Report
Automobilist solves accumulating conveyor chain
Problem in the part feeding

tsubaki start


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Case Study of Gimatic
From the item order to
Framework agreement: gripper for handling

geiger start

Electrical Engineering

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Article by Weidmüller
Contactless, maintenance-free energy transfer to 240 W for cleanrooms

Weidmueller start

Fluid Technology

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Article by TÜV Nord
TÜV Nord closes vulnerability in testing of pressure equipment

tuev start

Development Office

  • CAD software with built-in applications

    solidworks0316 Technical Articles

    SPS IPC Drives 6 Hall, Booth 108

    Dassault Systèmes provides the new version SolidWorks 2017 in front. From small start-ups to global enterprises: More than 3.1 million users do with their product designs memorable experiences and utilize 3D-design and development applications, to which it time- and location-independent of... Read more

  • Configuring Trunk fast online

    telegaertner03161 SPS IPC Drives 10 Hall, Booth 100

    As a new service Telegärtner offers rapid and diverse online food ordering of copper trunk cables through the " Ticnet "configurator at. The service allows the factory prefabrication according to criteria such as shielded or unshielded, single line or bundle to twelve cables, plugs or module and various lengths and more....
    Read more
  • App makes Hardness conversion comfortably

    zwick0316 The free App for IOS and Android to Hardness conversion Zwick is available now on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Thus one can also easily make mobile the revaluation of hardness values ​​ISO 18265 hardness testing methods to Vickers, Brinell and Rockwell now.... Read more
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Video Dassault Systèmes
Asking SolidWorks 2017 at Torqeedo

SW start

Machine Elements

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Fair Statement Rollon
Rüdiger Knevels over 25 years Linear Technology

Rollon Motek2016 Start
Fair Statement of ACE
Andor Raphael on the new pallet stopper
ACE Home


  • Test software with intuitive and workflow-oriented operation

    zwick0416 The new Software "TestXpert III "Zwick offers an intuitive and workflow-oriented operating concept for materials testing machines. Thus it enables the efficient implementation of simple standardized tests to sophisticated testing in research and development. The new development is due to the close cooperation with users from the material testing and about 30.000... Read more
  • Optical 3D measuring machines for automated quality control

    GOM0416 K 10 Hall, Booth C22

    In response to an increased production and the resulting need fast response times companies are increasingly using an automated measurement and inspection solutions. GOM has for the optical 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine " Atos Scanbox 4105 "Develops. The standardized plug-and-play measuring cell is suitable for small and medium-sized components with a maximum weight of...
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  • Reliable measuring and testing under refrigerant

    blum0316 AMB Hall 1 stand H71

    Blum Novotest demonstrated through actual application examples why probe, laser, and Digilog- Rauheitsmesssysteme are an indispensable part of industrial 4.0. News around the topics, analogous contour scanning of workpieces in machining centers', reliable measurements despite coolant 'and, increased productivity through fast-process roughness measurements' are at the center of the stand....
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Lecture by Optris
Infrared cameras for industrial thermal images

czech start

Mounting + Joining Technique

  • Adhesives for Multisubstratverklebung in the mass production of composite components

    henkel0416 K 15 Hall, Booth B27

    The quick setting and reliable adhesives and matrix resins of Handle are the answer to the rising demand of the automobile industry for continuous fiber reinforced high-performance composites in integrated structural assemblies. At the K show, the company offers different solutions for joining new lightweight materials....
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  • Low viscosity epoxy adhesive for bonding and potting

    kager0316 has with the epoxy adhesive type 4439 Kager a two-component system at the moment that can be used very versatile for connectionless and vergusstechnische tasks. In practical application, initially very fluid, it hardens after a few hours of up to a Shore hardness D80. Moreover, the adhesive for numerous different material combinations suitable.... Read more
  • Ultrasonic generator for automated welding processes for OEM applications

    rinco03161 K Hall 11, Stand F41

    Rinco Ultrasonics is introducing the digital ultrasonic generator "AGM Pro» for integration into special purpose machines and production lines. He is the technical development of the generator AGM and was designed for integration into special purpose machines and production lines and can be controlled completely by a plant's PLC....
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Lecture by Arnold + Shinjo
Resistive element welding for lightweight at VW

Wolfarth start

Materials + Procedures

  • Container mixer mixes batches without downtime

    mti0416 K 9 Hall, Booth B22

    The fully automated container mixer "C Tec PRO" of MTI Mischtechnik stands for the strict separation of the mixing vessel system of the machine base. This previously as inevitable as costly downtime for cleaning conventional, rigidly configured systems account when recipe changes....
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  • High-tech material for mobile electronic devices

    covestro0316 K 6 Hall, Booth A75

    Covestro has developed a new composite technology for the efficient production of housings and other components of electronic devices, which is based on thermoplastic plastics and carbon fibers. This endless-fiber-reinforced films and sheets for further processing by customers are made....
    Read more
  • 3D-printed injection molds for series production of up to 500 piece

    Igus0416 K 13 Hall, Booth D44

    The injection is an effective method when it comes to mass production of high-performance plastics for moving application. The injection molding tools required for this are usually made of steel and are amortized only when large numbers. has a cost-saving alternative for series until 500 piece Igus now with...
    Read more
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Case Study of OR Laser Technology
Additive Manufacturing accelerated form changes

orlaser start

From the specials

Applied Research

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Case Study of ACE
Motor for more dynamic - safety buffers for added peace

ACE Home


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Case study of Rampf
Sealing systems based on polyurethane and silicone for the car

rampf start

Renewable Energies

  • Drive technology and control brings up to 80% higher efficiencies in wave power plant

    siemens10416 The Nemos GmbH has developed a wave power plant that supplies compared to competing products around 30% higher efficiencies. Following the success of the pilot plant in Denmark is scheduled for commissioning 2017 the first large-scale plant. The combination of the connection to existing offshore wind turbines, the use of existing infrastructure and the use... Read more
  • Spherical roller bearings for the main shaft in the wind energy plant

    skf0316The newly developed SKF spherical roller bearings for the main shafts of Wind Turbines offers an exceptional robustness and a particularly high reliability for sustainable energy production. Thus, the profitability and reliability of turbines increased in the wind power industry. Read more
  • Staying on course in wind energy

    cluster0316 Technical Articles

    The next week incipient world's leading trade fair WindEnergy Hamburg takes the EEHH clusters to look for the occasion, what do other countries with regard to wind energy. It is obvious: in all emerging nations it is governments that create correspondingly good conditions.

    Read more
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Article by Harting
Connectors for modular energy storage in Smart Grid

Harting start


  • Embedded security solutions for the protection of IoT devices

    renesas0316 Renesas Electronics presents a series of embedded security solutions. This use universal microcontrollers (MCUs) and microprocessors (MPUs) as a completely new security structures for embedded devices, as IoT endpoints (IoT - IoT) in homes and buildings are used. The first product of this series the RX231 Communications Security Evaluation Kit provided by the manufacturer before now.... Read more
  • Building automation integrated IoT and Busvielfalt

    peaknx20216 Cover story

    Smart system solutions and modern design are laying the foundation for better quality of life. Peaknx offers a range of innovations for this topic: including touch screens for smart home design or TV in the home network, supported by a software kit for all transmission paths.

    Read more
  • Fire protection switch reduces risk of electrically ignited fires

    eaton0216 To better protect people and facilities against fires by arcs, has Eaton now developed the fire protection switch AFDD (Arc Fault Detection Device). This new device detects high frequency patterns in an electrical system, which point to an arc and triggers a safety switch in order to eliminate the risk.... Read more
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Article by Peaknx
Multilingual building automation: When the bus comes into the house

peaknx start

Food and Beverage Industry

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Case Study of Mayr
Reliable couplings secure ice and fresh cheese production

mayr Home

Medical Technology

  • User interfaces for the networked operating room

    steute0416 Medica Hall 11, Stand J39

    In modern operating the operator is faced with the task of controlling a growing number of medical devices via footswitch. This requires concentration, especially since the control functions are arranged differently. In addition, the operator will hardly find the most ergonomic position for each switch. Thanks Steute it is...
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  • Wheelchair robot that can climb stairs

    ipa10316 By "Mebot" the "Human Engineering Research Lab (HERL)" has developed from Pittsburgh the first wheelchair robot that can autonomously negotiate stairs and curbs. The for supporting radar measurement technology has integrated the Fraunhofer IPA. The world's largest research laboratory for wheelchairs has first developed a robotic system that can climb stairs.
    Read more
  • Play free safety brakes in electromagnetic design

    mayr0316 SPS IPC Drives 4 Hall, Booth 278

    The " Roba-linearstop "brakes for vertical axes ensure in machinery and equipment reliable protection for people and material. For applications where no compressors or generators for compressed air or hydraulic oil are available or are not desired, has Mayr power transmission an electromagnetic version of the proven...
    Read more
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Case Study of Rodriguez
Ball slewing rings mastering large tilting moments

Rodriguez start

Microsystem Technology

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Article by Renesas
Microcontroller for the industrial Internet of Things

Renesas start

Mobile Working Machines

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Article by Bosch
Hybridization and fuel cell for off-highway drive
bosch start

MisumiCover story

The phrase "sheep dung'm doing" is intended to show that even with small or relatively unimportant things appearing in the sum something comes together. In mechanical engineering, it shows especially in view of the many small components that are required for a machine or system. Our title report shows a practical example in special machine to which it is total and what options are available to minimize them.



So also in the southeastern Hunsrück resident Hahn Automation GmbH, the manufacturer of special machines developed innovative, effective solutions for the automation of production processes. What claims to be as small ideas and began experimental workshop in 1992, today is a global company with locations in Germany in Rheinböllen Reinheim offices in Cincinnati (USA), San Jose (Costa Rica), Istanbul (Turkey) and Schwarzburg ( Switzerland).

The cell as a basic unitMisumi2

Robot, testing and camera technology, assembly and temperature control and cooling technology are the core competencies. For all developments is the company's philosophy to bear: everything from one source - from concept to implementation to after-sales service. Figurehead for the Automation Systems business area is the cell concept "master cell" with a particularly wide range of uses. Both automated individual workstations (with a manual loading) and combined models are available as a technologically sophisticated automation systems. For use as a single workstation, each cell is equipped with its own control and a separate control panel. In addition to a rigid connection to a wide variety of workpiece carrier transfer systems are used to link the master Cells. The modular design allows for quick, responsive and economic expansion with increasing production rates. Featuring advanced robot systems and advanced technologies in the assembly and testing through the most demanding processes are realized. In addition, the cells may arise from changes in production simply be moved from machine to machine.

Misumi3"Whether the automated production of engine mounts for a client in the automotive industry or door hinges with integrated dampening system for a supplier of kitchen cabinets - we provide solutions for very individual problems," explains Torben Fibich, Head of Communications and Marketing at Hahn. Some customers have already initial ideas regarding the implementation, but usually become a part shown and then said "construction 'me a machine that can". So it was at the door hinges with cushion. For this purpose, an appropriate machine concept has been developed together with the customer specifies, implemented in the design and finally simulates the operation of the system by computer graphic animation. It is followed by manufacturing, assembly, test run and ultimately site commissioning and training of the staff working on the machine on site.

Small parts in practical bandwidth

The deliverable in kundenindividuellem Design Master Cell concepts have not only high availability of flexible degrees of automation and ease of handling and operation of its short lead times and high cost. In order to realize this, they have a standard cell and control structure. This "basic" then gets the process-specific cut. Therefore numerous mechanical components are used, which must be also usually adapted to the design. "We have our own production in the house," said Fibich. "This can not cover everything, especially not when it has to be fast." But still a high quality standard will be placed on the components, is on tap with the cooperation Misumi Europe. The portfolio that specializes in mechanical standard, purchased and custom parts including over one million articles, thus covering virtually every conceivable need in the construction of action. The special feature of the offer is the configurability of components: With extensive options in shape and dimensions to the standard components are adjusted according to the particular purpose exactly. This is not only beneficial for new developments, but also, if a machine can be converted to changes in production needs, for example, to adapt to new product forms. Add various design options come in terms of materials, hardness and surface treatment. Designers therefore profit from a practical range. This diversity can hardly afford a make economically, the delivery times of Misumi are almost always shorter than the production on their own. Since also believe the quality of the components, Hahn served now very widely in this offering.

"The concept fits well with our Master Cells," says Torben Fibich: "It is also modular, intelligent and cost-effective." For agree the conditions in respect of the mechanical components. Especially in special machine components are required in very small quantities, so often have minimum order quantities or a minimum value of goods or minimum order charges connected. These "costs" would make the product and make cost-effective designs. Therefore, there are user-friendly reference conditions: Delivery from quantity 1 themselves individually configured in execution, with no minimum purchase or surcharge for small quantities; fall within Germany also at no shipping costs.

Another contribution of the manufacturer         Webcast          Online product catalogs          Order Catalog          This e-mail address is being protected from spambots! Must be enabled to display JavaScript!

Overview of trade fairs

Personal message

skf person

Martin Johann man took the chair of the management of the German SKF GmbH and head of SKF Industrial sales for Central Europe and Russia. weiter

Fair Calendar

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Date: Tuesday 18. October 2016
Date: Saturday 29. October 2016
Date: Sunday 30. October 2016

Next Event Dates

Tue Oct @ 25 09: 00 Workshop Robotics - Fundamentals Organizer: Mitsubishi Electric
Tue Oct @ 25 09: 00 Energy efficiency in mechanical engineering - Seminar Organizer: Schmersal
Wed October 2609: 00 Implementation of the Machinery Directive / CE Conformity assessment - Seminar proceedings Organizer: Schmersal
Wed October 2609: 00 Workshop Robotics - Fundamentals Organizer: Mitsubishi Electric
Thu Oct @ 27 09: 00 Safety-Oriented Design and ergonomics-design of machinery and equipment - Seminar Organizer: Schmersal
Thu Oct @ 27 09: 30 Safe operation and reconstruction of machines Organizer: Leuze electronic

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