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Saturday 31. January 2015
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Latest News

  • Bi-Ber
  • Igus
  • Rollon
  • Strobl
  • SHW
  • Bluhm-Novotest
  • Tartler
bi ber0115 Intec 2 Hall, Booth A60

The image processor Bi-Ber can look back on a successful year 2014. The sales figures already surpassed the end of September 2014 the last year. Up until the end of the year 2014, the company recorded a sales increase of more than 50%. Reason was the very good order situation in the past year. The Berlin have developed a number of new image processing systems for customers in the last year and implemented, for example, for reading and checking serial numbers... Read more
igus nachricht20115 Since January 2014 is equipped with a polymer plain bearings small car of the plastic specialists Igus on a journey through four continents through deserts, snow and tropical heat. With this demo drive the company provides the potential and capacity of its "motion plastics", plastics for moving applications to the test. After working in Asia, South and North America is the "iglidur on tour" now arrived in Europe.... Read more
Rollon0115The heavy-duty axles of the Italian Nuova Tecno Center Srl now add to the portfolio of Rollon, With the acquisition of the Turin company Rollon the group evolved consistently to system provider for custom linear motion products and continues its growth strategy. During the transfer was for the company, the product line expansion, especially the development of application-specific know-how in the foreground: Read more
Strobl0115 In an increasingly global market environment, the efficient use of production resources is an important means also to remain competitive in the future. With the right automation solutions, the efficiency of production processes and machine performance can be significantly increased and many manufacturing processes even made possible. In addition, manufacturing execution systems make an important contribution to get the maximum out of production. All these challenges is dedicated to this year's Automatisierungstreff That the 24. to 26.... Read more
When Charles IV was. Roman-German Emperor, the cornerstone of Germany's oldest industrial companies was laid in 1365 in the Swabian Alb. In the early days of metallurgical plants that were 1365 first mentioned, the operation was characterized by ore mining and smelting. The first factory was founded in Königsbronn by Cistercian monks, later passed into the possession of the Dukes of Württemberg and was built in 1806 to the Royal Foundry. In 1921... Read more
bluhm0115The supplier of measuring and testing technology Blum Novotest is present since the beginning of the year with a subsidiary in Sweden. The seat of the new representative office located in the city of Skövde, in one of the major industrial centers of the country. In the region, many companies from the automotive, aerospace, medical technology and tool and mold are traditionally located. Read more
tartler0115At the turn of the specialized in the production of synthetic resin metering and mixing equipment manufacturer Tartler took over the operation of electrical engineering ETP Walther as an independent subsidiary. This step builds the family Michelstädter its range of services in the fields of electrical engineering, control engineering and programming clearly. All employees were taken. Read more

From the fields

Drive Systems

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Video Statement by North Drive Systems
Energy-efficient servo drive systems to IE4
klein start


  • Only functional safety and cyber security provide overall security of a system

    Hima10115 Cover story

    Embedded Systems Hall 5, 372 Stand

    No Safety without Security: Functional safety equipment protects and preserves productivity. Self-sufficient security controls also help the security risk and thus the lifecycle costs significantly lowering. Constructed properly while the safe control is the last line of defense against cyber attacks. The paper shows that... Read more

  • Single-board wireless router for data communication

    insys icom0115 Embedded World 5 Hall, Booth 248f

    Insys Icom presents products and solutions for secure remote maintenance, remote action of control systems and other systems. With the series QLM (Quick Line Module) are programmable embedded industrial routers and modems for wireless networks, ADSL / SDSL and mobile communications Verfügung.Integratoren obtained with this series full embedded single board router in 56 56 x mm format....
    Read more
  • Tablet and smartphone for industrial sensors

    pepperl10115 Technical Articles

    Hannover Messe Hall 9, as F28

    Through a network from the lowest level to over factory-limits should be massively increased with effective communication and self-organization flexibility, performance and efficiency in Cyber-Physical production systems (CPPS). The additional "horizontal" communication paths is a central parallel to the vertical cross-linking in the familiar automation pyramid... Read more

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Article by Pepperl + Fuchs
Tablet and smartphone for industrial sensors
pepperl start

Electrical Engineering

  • Only stable IT infrastructure allow industry 4.0

    rittal0115 Cebit 12 Hall, Booth C3 3

    This year's CeBIT engages in the development of industry and 4.0, the exhibition under the motto "d! Conomy". The basis for the digitization secure and flexible IT infrastructures that are required for the design of highly automated production processes. Rittal includes matching components, systems and solutions for secure...
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  • Controller regulates fast and precise servo axes

    stoeber0115 Stöber expanded its modular system technology for drive and automation with the new controller SD6. The heart of the controller is performing better 32-bit processor. Together with the high-resolution Endat 2.2 encoder that can be used in all DC motors manufacturer, they ensure the highest positioning accuracy and speed. Per motor revolution determines the... Read more
  • Terminal block system with integrated control cabinet reserve

    weidmueller0115Machinery and equipment, there are always discussions about the spare space in cabinets and control panels. The Terminal block system WDT 2.5 Weidmüller now makes with his cabinet integrated reserve for high flexibility and enables an innovative cabinet design. Read more
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Article by ODU
Robust small connectors for high performance in a small space

ODU start

Fluid Technology

  • Universal globe valve with diaphragm actuator for control tasks

    gemue0115 The universal Globe Valve Gemü 536 has a robust construction and reliable in operation. The valve was developed with a view to a long life and low maintenance. The externally piloted 2 / 2-way valve has a diaphragm actuator which can be controlled by inert gaseous media. The shut-off valve seat made by a on... Read more
  • Certified versatile level switch for UL Listing

    Baumer0115 The multi-purpose Level Switches "Clever Level LBFS / LFFS" of Baumer has now been listed by the American certification company Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL). The examination of the Clever Level included many safety aspects in accordance with the relevant UL standards and requirements. The renowned and globally accepted UL listing as another quality feature facilitates the use of the level switch... Read more
  • Highly resistant valve technology for the chemical and ultra-pure

    gemue0414 SPS IPC Drives 2 Hall, Booth 220

    In high purity applications and critical fluid management and a high quality and purity of the product is required. As a provider of standard components and flexible customer solutions, the company has established itself as Gemü specialist in the field of valve technology. The highly resistant valves of the series "Cleanstar...
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Articles by Kager
Cold air replaces liquid cooling in manufacturing and assembly

Kager Start

Development Office

  • Choose infrared thermometer simply online

    optris0115 Optris has over 250 variants Infrared thermometers in the portfolio. The non-contact measuring temperature sensors are used in all industrial processes. Because users often have to contend with very specific requirements. developed for infrared technology new online tools specialist. Thus, the product selection and composition can be simplified.... Read more
  • Developed software for shaft calculation

    Kisssoft0115 Has soft kiss to the module WPK a new calculation core for the Wave calculation developed in favor of increased stability, better performance and easier troubleshooting, now available to users at leisure. The older method is still active - and under 'Module-specific settings / calculations / 2013er solver. In particular, in calculations of wave eigenfrequencies (module WA4) recommends the... Read more
  • Modeling tools for designers create de-

    encee0115 The Tool Management System "ZW3D" Encee of CAD / CAM systems supported for the current version 2014 increasingly working with the modeling tools. This means that the objects in their properties in different ways can directly manipulate. Components or details of which can be deformed with deformation tools in their existing geometry. The tools are easy... Read more
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Case Study of Dassault Systèmes
3D simulation shorten the product cycle in watchmaking

dassault start

Machine Elements

  • Air spring elements ensure smooth running of the opera production

    ace10115 User Report

    Hidden helpers are not unusual in the world of performing arts. Among other things, stage managers and prompters ensure a smooth process. Are these not-human nature will not happen every day. The Welsh National Opera in Cardiff for calming image projections air spring elements of the ACE Controls International used. The... Read more

  • Simple to mount bearings with low frictional resistance

    Norelem0115 Standardized Rolling Bearings of Norelem are in many parts of machine and plant in use. With their low friction values ​​and standardized installation conditions, they come in different types and designs for various load and storage tasks in question. The wide range of the most common types of rolling bearings are available from stock. Special sizes and special designs are... Read more
  • About 1300 new standard bearings for all industries

    Igus0115 Designers from various industries, from automotive to packaging and food industry to chemical plants and pumping farmers find Igus now even faster, the dry bearings running for their application. With the increase from five to 16 full range of materials and 1.321 new catalog dimensions of the plastics specialist now covers all imaginable requirements... Read more
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Success Story of Cooperstown
Split roller bearings keep icebreaker running

cooper start


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Video statement from Micro-Epsilon
Miniaturization, intelligence and the whole modular

wisspeintner start

Mounting + Joining Technique

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Article by Tox Pressotechnik
New arc process with Einbrandstabilisator

Fronius Start

Materials + Procedures

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Article by Holzapfel
Photorealistic anodized surfaces even with hybrid components

holzapfel start

From the specials

Applied Research

  • Measurement system to measure torques of shafts contact

    iph0115 Research Report

    Wind turbines are to be efficient, race cars lighter and safer medical devices: to make possible all the currently developing a new measurement system, the scientists from Hannover. The optical sensor measures the torque and the contact position of a shaft. He is said to be smaller and lighter than previous systems and also much cheaper,... Read more

  • Low noise power electronics for tomorrow's mobility

    Fraunhofer0115 The efficient distribution and conversion of electrical energy gains due to the CO 2 -Reduktionspotentiale In the field of industrial drives, the possibility of emission-free driving and ensuring sustainable mobility increasingly important. Power electronics plays as a key element for low-loss conversion of electrical energy a special role. The BMBF-funded project "Island... Read more
  • Comparable performance measurement for fuel cell modules as an impetus for new DIN standard

    nextenergy0115 For an emission-free and grid power increasingly fuel cell modules are developed. To determine their properties, manufacturers can examine their products at present according to DIN EN IEC 62282-2. But what conclusions can be drawn to the test methods described there on the comparability of different models? This is the question that deals in September 2014... Read more
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Research Report of the IPH
Drehmemente measure of waves without contact

iph start


  • Automated body measurement with driverless sandwich panels transport system for VW

    Witte10115 Cover story

    Volkswagen AG has taken in the body of the Emden plant a pioneering series measurement space into operation. From a setup area with eleven seats fitted with the body panels measuring plates go automatically into the measuring stations. The responsibility for the entire charging system - consisting of transport with rail measuring plates, driving computers and security - was Horst Witte Instrument... Read more

  • Dual clutch transmission range for medium-duty vehicles

    eaton20414 Cover story

    Eaton has a new dual clutch transmission range for medium-duty vehicles presented with "Procision", which can reduce fuel consumption compared to a similarly equipped vehicle with torque converter automatic transmission to 8 to 10%. The new seven-speed gearbox will be introduced from mid 2015 in the North American market and will be available worldwide in the future.

    Read more
  • Electro protect sensitive electronic components in the car

    rampf0414 Electronica B2 Hall, Booth 618

    Highest thermal conductivity, the highest thermal and mechanical stability as well as high flame retardants: This is what the Electro "Raku-Pur", "Raku-Sil" and "Raku-Pox" Rampf. Polymer Solutions. With 1K-Elektrogießharzen the company now completes its product portfolio. They offer a high thermal, chemical and mechanical performance and in the two degrees of hardness...
    Read more
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Success Story of Witte
Automated body measurement for VW

Witte Start

Renewable Energies

  • Exploring new film capacitors for inverters in wind turbines

    FTCAP0115 FTCAP participates in the newly established innovation cluster power electronics for renewable energy supply. As part of the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicon Technology in Itzehoe coordinated project, new inverter technology for wind turbines are being researched. Here, the Husum-based company will contribute its expertise in the field of high power capacitors for inverters. ... Read more
  • Floating solar system with 13,4 4700 MW supplied households

    Kyocera0115 The TCL Kyocera Solar LLC plans to build and operate a floating photovoltaic system on the Yamakura Reservoir, which is operated by the national authority of Japan Chiba Prefecture. It will be the largest floating solar plant in the world. The plant will be commissioned in March 2016 in operation.... Read more
  • CNT layer on rotor blades acts as an anti-Eissystem

    fraunhofer04141 In very cold climates the wind blows very strong. However, in these regions hitherto rarely wind turbines are installed. The risk of ice on the rotor blades is too high. Fraunhofer researchers have now an energy-efficient Eiserkennungs- and de-icing system for small power wind turbines developed that will rid the turbines within seconds of ice. It... Read more
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Research Report of Fraunhofer
Detect leaks in biogas plants by laser

fraunhofer start

Food and Beverage Industry

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Case Study of Tsubaki
Corrosion resistant roller chain reduces TCO in cheese production

Tsubaki start

Medical Technology

  • Nonwoven brings targeted agents in the body

    Freudenberg0115 With the help of " Scaffolene "technology developed the Freudenberg Group of medical nonwovens, the active position targeted where they are needed - and then they give controlled. The webs open up new possibilities in medicine, surgery, in wound healing and regenerative medicine. The Scaffolene technology is an invention of Freudenberg associates.... Read more
  • Compact 100 W medical power supplies for Class I and Class II

    TDK0115 The ZMS100 TDK-Lambda has a new generation of Medical Power Supplies n developed for the power range up 100 W. It corresponds with 4 kV AC input / output isolation voltage and 2 x mop the recent 3. Issue of the medical standard IEC60601-1. The isolation voltage between input and ground and between output and ground is in each 1,5... Read more
  • Piezo Ultrasonic Motor Based in mobile drug pumps

    PI10414 User Report

    Mobile drug pumps are made of outpatient therapy for many diseases become indispensable as in pain management, oncology, on parenteral nutrition and metabolic diseases. They give patients mobility and thus better quality of life. At the same time decrease the costs of treatment because the patient does not have to be inpatient or outpatient care in the clinic. With... Read more

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Case Study of PI
Piezo Ultrasonic Motor Based in mobile drug pumps

PI start

Microsystem Technology

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Article by Renesas
Microcontroller for the industrial Internet of Things

renesas start

Mobile Working Machines

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phoenix0312Hannover Messe Hall 9, as F40

The modular system for uninterruptible power supplies UPS Phoenix Contact provides a tailored solution for every industrial application. It covers a wide variety of different energy storage requirements: long backup time, high durability, extreme ambient or maintenance.

The connected energy storage and communicates with the UPS will automatically detect it. Depending on the type and environmental conditions, the UPS calculates the optimum charge current and extends the life of the energy storage. Each application requires a specific storage technology. Lead acid batteries provide example of buffer times 8 h at 15 year lifespan and ambient temperatures from-40 60 ° to + ° C. Is the focus on the maximum service life, suitable energy storage cap.

They buffer min load currents of 20 A 30 for seconds or 1 A for 10. The CAP devices work more than 20 years maintenance free and provide over 500.000 charge cycles. A combination of high durability for long buffer times, lithium-ion energy storage. They allow floats to 40 min with a lifetime of 15 years and 7000 charge cycles. The uninterruptible power supply Quint UPS-IQ with IQ Technology determines all relevant states of the energy storage device, such as voltage or temperature. Thus, it ensures the transparency required to ensure the reliability of the UPS at any time and with optimum use of the battery.

The intelligent battery management knows the current charge status of the connected energy storage and calculates the remaining time. The remaining life expectancy of the battery is known. Supply shortages and an early shutdown of industrial PCs can be avoided. The service is planned and eliminated early exchange of energy storage.

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