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Saturday 23. August 2014


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Latest News

  • IT world in pocket size
  • KTR
  • B + R
  • Dassault Systèmes
  • PTC
  • GKN
  • Micro-Epsilon

Rittal Lit IT world in pocket size

The world of information technology is complex and requires today of IT managers and -Entscheidern comprehensive know-how. Valuable background information and decision-making basis in IT now offers the compact reference book "The World of IT infrastructures" out of the Rittal technology library. The work conveys to 160 pages fundamental and expertise on IT infrastructures as well as standards and regulations. Decision-makers and technicians receive a guide to selecting the right system components and IT infrastructure solutions. The textbook shows... Read more
KTR0314KTR build the headquarters in Rheine and built a new center for further research and development with multifunctional assembly hall. On 8800 m² arise here-the-art workstations. Completion is scheduled for March 2015. The company building will be one of the most modern in NRW. With the construction of the company realized the largest investment project in company history. Read more
BR10314 69 leading plastic machinery manufacturers have introduced at Chinaplas 2014 new machines based on Bernecker + Rainer Control technology based. The stand was the hub in terms of control solutions for plastic machines on the world's second largest industry event in the plastics industry. Especially in the field of all-electric injection molding machines offers B + R is the only automation manufacturers in the Chinese market a complete solution. By using Powerlink this solution meets the stringent requirements of the industry in precision and efficiency.... Read more
Dassault Systèmes has announced the signing of a definitive share purchase agreement for the proposed acquisition of Quintiq expected 250 million Euro known. The provider of on-premise and cloud supply chain planning and optimization software employs 800 employees. Its solutions are today 250 1000 customer locations in over 90 countries. With the acquisition of the Dutch company Quintiq, with headquarters in 's-Hertogenbosch Dassault Systèmes expands the 3D Experience platform to expertise in... Read more
PTC has signed an agreement, the privately owned Axeda Corporation for about 170 million dollars to purchase in cash. Axeda is one of the pioneers in the development of solutions that can be machines and sensors safely connect to the cloud. Axedas technological competence, extensive portfolio of clients and strong partners complement the business of PTC Thing Worx .... Read more
gkn0314 neu GKN Powder Metallurgy and Mc Phy Energy SA today announced an agreement on a technology partnership that will accelerate the deployment of low-cost solid storing hydrogen. Already, large amounts of hydrogen are used in industry for the future they say the energy an important role in the integration and storage of renewable energy and the development of CO 2 -Free mobility with hydrogen fuel ahead.... Read more
micro-epsilon0314 neuAlloy independent thickness measuring systems which operate on the basis of laser line sensors open up in the production and processing of metal bands new possibilities in terms of efficiency, quality assurance and documentation. Micro-Epsilon provides this technology and other solutions and application examples for the Metal industry in a free workshop before. Read more

Drive Systems

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Article by Tox Pressotechnik
Security Holding brakes for pneumo cylinder

tox start neu


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Articles by Rauscher
Developer library for image processing for simple application development

Rauscher Start

Electrical Engineering

  • Dynamic energy storage in Crossbar robot parts increased transport

    Koch0314 In the recently opened Automation Tech Center at the Schuler location in Gemmingen recently the crossbar new generation of robots 4.0 was presented. With the new robot of press manufacturers new ground not only in design but also in terms of energy management and process monitoring. The improved crossbar robot convinces... Read more
  • Also in case of fire safe communication fiber optic cables

    Helukabel0314 With the series " HELUCOM FS90 "offers Helukabel an optical fiber cable, with which also in the event of a fire, the data communication is ensured for 90 minutes. This is especially important for places such as in tunnels, subway tunnels, data centers, in mining and in all other environments where signal to guarantee security in the event of fire.... Read more
  • Controller for external thyristor power modules

    sprint0314 neu Sprint Electric introduces the series PLXD controller for external thyristor modules (thyristor stacks). These control units are well suited for controlling DC-powered 6 12-pulse or pulse thyristor power modules in 2 quadrant or 4-quadrant operation. A thyristor stack controller in combination with an external power module is used, if a modular drive is not able to provide enough power to... Read more
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Article by Helukabel
Single cable for servo drives with Hyperface DSL interface

Helukabel Start

Fluid Technology

  • Throttle-swing clamp for the speed control of hydraulic fluid

    Hydrokomp0314 AMB Hall 1 stand A14

    HYDROKOMP shows an innovative solution for the speed control of hydraulic fluid in swing cylinders. The throttle-swing clamping element (DSSE) distinguishes itself from conventional speed controlled swing cylinders by a compact, space-saving design. The DSSE ensure better accessibility within the workpiece geometry with lower installation expenses and lower investment costs....
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  • Germanischer Lloyd certified screw and plug candles

    stauff0314 neu Was 2014 In May, an extensive part of the program of replacement filter elements of the Stauff SFK series successfully certified for use in single, double and automatic filters by Germanischer Lloyd (GL). This includes screw and plug candles in stainless steel and plastic design. The filter elements mentioned come from German development and production.... Read more
  • New installation procedures for industrial displays

    distec0314 neu Distec met with the new vacuum-bonding assembly technology "Vacubond" the current trend towards filigree TFT structures, touch screens and front glasses. The previous generation TFT included extensive mechanics such as metal frame or sheet metal housing that could make good use for an assembly with double-sided adhesive tape industry or for the necessary dam construction in the traditional bonding as wet bonding.... Read more
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Articles by Busch Jost
Labyrinth technology in piston valves reduces friction

buschjost start neu

Development Office

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Article by Asus
Monitors performance CAD workstation

asus start neu

Machine Elements

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Video interview with Frank Blase
Igus: Two anniversaries in the plastic forging

Igus Start neu


  • 3D button for easy tool measurement in the lathe

    tschorn0314 AMB Hall 1 stand G56

    With the introduction of 3D button "rotation plus" of Tschorn has the costly and time-consuming measurement of tools on lathes in all axes X, Y and Z an end. The 3D button is has streamlined and easy. About his shaft with pressure gauge 20 mm, it is in the chuck...
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  • Small pressure transmitter with high accuracy and repeatability

    ifm0314 The extra small designed new pressure transmitter series PT and PU of IFM Electronic are also suitable for very limited installation space. To generate an accurate analog signal (PT = 4 ... 20 mA, PU = 0 ... 10 V) and offer good performance. A directly with the process connection (G ¼) welded thin film measuring cell provides the technological basis for... Read more
  • IR thermometer with automatic snapshot function

    optris0314 Motek Hall 9 stand 9400

    The digital Infrared Thermometer with video module "CSvideo 2M", "CTvideo 1M / 2M" and "CTvideo 3M" of Optris are equipped with the free software "Compact Connect". The built-in trigger function enables the automatic generation of snapshots in a time-dependent manner to be determined interval or upon reaching a defined temperature-dependent limits. These are...
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Article by Micropelt.Fritz
Sensor protects against fires in high power distribution

micropelt start neu

Mounting + Joining Technique

  • New arc process with Einbrandstabilisator


    Cover story

    Fronius draws with four new arc variants for the MIG / MAG welding machines platform TPS / i the technical capabilities of its latest product series continues: The characteristics of "LSC Root" and "Universal LSC" are based on a new algorithm and are characterized by an increased arc stability and reduced spatter. New welding parameters form the basis for... Read more

  • Vibration-resistant, self-tapping threaded inserts

    Norelem0314 neu When screwing in light metals and plastics cut the self-tapping threaded inserts Norelem of their own mating thread. Make such a strong connection with the base material and so forth create the conditions for robust screw and retaining compounds with high pull-out strength. Self-tapping threaded inserts can be installed quickly and easily using pre-drilled locating holes. The... Read more
  • Cross-industry components for locking and closing applications

    roemheld0214 neu Roemheld offers its "rotor lock" components now available for all locking and closing applications with higher requirements for corrosion protection under extreme temperature conditions. Originally, the hydraulic and electro-mechanical components have been designed for the maintenance of onshore and offshore wind turbines. After successful tests in customer use in freeze drying equipment in the food industry, as a door lock in amphibious vehicles, in... Read more
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Article by Tox Pressotechnik
New arc process with Einbrandstabilisator

Fronius Start

Materials + Procedures

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Articles by Rio
Coating allows lifetimes of more than 1100 h in the salt spray test

rio start neu

Applied Research

  • The fuel cell for home

    fraunhofer0314 neu Research Report

    It converts chemical energy directly into electrical. But the market breakthrough of fuel cell was made so far. Too complex were the systems. Fraunhofer and Vaillant have developed a simple device for home use. The researchers were responsible in particular the construction of the prototype, the design of the overall system, the design of ceramic components and... Read more

  • Low-loss design increases performance with plastic gears to 75%

    handtmann0314 neu Together with the Research Centre for Gears and Gear Munich Technical University have researched in the past four years, according to optimized tooth geometry with plastic-steel gear pairs Handtmann Elteka and SPN Swabia precision. Now are the results. Main advantage of using plastic gears is their dry running ability. Disadvantages here are the resulting high friction coefficients in the tooth contact... Read more
  • Li-Fi module doubled data rate - 10 Gbit / s

    farunhofer02214 neu To transfer large amounts of data at lightning speed and without annoying cable from one device to another, the researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems work IPMS from using light as a transmission medium. Optical wireless data transmission is to serve as an alternative to wired data transfer and established standards such as USB 3.0, USB 3.1,... Read more
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Research Report of Fraunhofer
The fuel cell for home

fraunhofer start neu


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Research Report of Fraunhofer
Nano-supercapacitors for electric cars for the mass market

fraunhofer start

Renewable Energies

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Articles by Baumer
Encoders for rolling for big waves

Baumer Start neu

Food and Beverage Industry

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Article by Baumuller
Automation systems in thermoforming machines increase efficiency

Baumueller Start neu

Medical Technology

  • Completely sealed and clean: clean room chain with ISO Class 1

    igus0314 Applications for the cleanroom industry experience across a growing demand. Here, the technical requirements for the components increase steadily. Igus poses with the new CRC Clean Room E-chain (Clean Room Chain), a specially designed for the cleanroom energy chain who offers a very high protection against abrasion and a complete seal... Read more
  • Ultrasonic sensors for level measurement of drip chambers

    sonotec0314 neu Presented with the clamp-on sensor "SONOCHECK ALD" (ALD Air Level Detector) Sonotec a contactless-type ultrasonic sensor for monitoring the fluid level in drip chambers, which are, inter alia, in the dialysis or parenteral nutrition. The ALD sensors are a modification of the sensors of the ABD series.... Read more
  • Sonderpalettierer inhalers provide accurate and quick to

    ief0314 neu User Report

    After assembly and final inspection inhalers must be quickly and accurately placed in trays and then stacked on euro pallets. For this difficult task, a manufacturer of medical products commissioned the Black Forest specialists IEF Werner. The experts planned and delivered in the shortest possible time, an automated and tailored to the specific requirements palletizing solution.... Read more

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Case Study of IEF Werner
Sonderpalletierer inhalers provide accurate and quick to

ief start neu

Microsystem Technology

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Lecture by Physik Instrumente
Micrometer Just position with magnetic direct drive

PI start neu

Mobile Working Machines

  • Electric pump with an attachable compact Li-Ion battery

    cemo0314 neu Compact, mobile diesel filling stations allow time-saving refill of fuel in stationary and mobile devices directly on site. Opposite canisters allows the system to safely transport large quantities and by nozzle without spilling refuel clean. The mobile tank units of the DT-Mobil Easy series of Cemo offer with tank volumes of 125 to... Read more
  • Large display for mobile machines

    ifm0214 neu The "BasicDisplay XL" for mobile machinery IFM Electronic clearly visualized machine functions and is easy to gauge important system messages. For a variety of communication tasks, the unit has a powerful CAN interface. The E1 type approval by the Federal Motor Transport Authority is present. Protected by a continuous film, the sonnenablesbare display offers a resolution of 480 x... Read more
  • Antistatic hose solutions to promote and extraction of bulk materials

    norres0214 neuNorres presenting its vastly extended range of permanent anti-static tubes. These provide a consistent constant conductivity without migrating antistatic agents. A property which strengthens the reliability of these tubes in bulk everyday use and application areas substantially enhances. Read more
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Case Study of IMC measurement systems
Wireless Monitoring of harvesters in a field trial

IMC start neu

TDK0312With "Z +" brings TDK-Lambda a new series of programmable laboratory power supplies on the market, which has been designed with high efficiency in 2 HE format for a wide variety of ATE and OEM applications. It is suitable for example for use in test and measurement applications, for semiconductor burn-in, component testing, and for the supply of laser diodes, heating devices, RF amplifiers and electromagnets. The power supplies can be operated as a table top or in a rack.

The first unit in the series is the Z + 400 with 400 W output power at output voltages up to 100 Vdc and output currents up to 75 A; 200 with other devices, and 600 800 W follow in the same unit size in the coming months. The Z + 400 is a full third smaller and 40% lighter than the previous generation ZUP and other similar devices, providing 50% more power density. The standard models of the Z +-series are only 70 mm wide and will fit up to 6 power supplies side by side in a 19 "rack. For use as a desktop device options such as front lab jacks and double housing.

Thanks to extensive front operation, the power supplies are easy to handle. The Z + power supplies include a generator for any function curves, which can store up to six pre-programmed functions. They also offer a fast command processing and provide sequencing output and two programmable output pins can be controlled, for example on the external insulation relay.

All models of the Z + 400 Series can operate as constant current or constant voltage source. You have a wide range input (85 265-VAC) with active power factor correction, variable speed fan, and comprehensive safety features, including an adjustable by the user safe-start and auto-restart function. Furthermore, all Z + 400 power supplies via USB, RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces. The built-in analog remote control and monitoring using either 0 5-V or 0 10-V control voltage. Other digital and isolated interfaces are optional: The GPIB interface complies with IEEE 488.2 SCPI and is multi-drop capability; drivers for LabVIEW and LabWindows are available. The optional isolated analog control and monitoring is done via 0 5-V, 0 10-V or-4 20 mA control signals. A LAN network interface according to LXI-C is available.

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