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Sunday, October 04, 2015
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News from the industry

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Latest News

  • Phoenix Contact
  • Metallgießerei Karlshütte
  • PQ Plus
  • Kübler
  • JEC Group
  • Microsonic
  • Festo
On 30. 2015 September the SysMik an agreement for the acquisition by Phoenix Contact signed. Thus, the company is part of the Phoenix Contact group of companies, the global market leader for components, systems and solutions in the field of electrical engineering, electronics and automation is. SysMik is a supplier of automation products for distributed automation based on open industry standards, in particular for building automation and building related infrastructure. Read more
For Metallgießerei Schmidt again there is a sustainable future perspective with a new investor: The Metallgießerei Karlshütte has taken over the operation of the 01.10.2015 effective. This also helped 48 jobs be saved. The Metal Foundry Schmidt GmbH had on 23. April 2015 the opening of insolvency proceedings at the Local Court Osnabrück requested. Since then, could the business under the insolvency Sebastian Nolte with support to key customers who will continue their casting needs in Metallgießerei... Read more
PQplus0415The new company PQ Plus represents the entire know-how on the sustainable use of electrical energy, including the necessary technology. Users from industry, building management systems, data centers and energy to benefit from the complete solutions of the system provider for Power Automation. Read more

Kuebler0415The globally active family company Kübler has reason to celebrate: Kübler Kübler Italy and Poland look back on their 10 anniversary. This reinforces the company to further expand its international presence and existing subsidiary companies. For the Kübler Group, the Italian market in the field of automation and packaging technology is particularly interesting.

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Experience composites0315 In the coming year will take place in Augsburg from 21. to 23. September 2016 with the " Experience Composites - powered by JEC "A new exhibition in the" multi-location format "instead. It was in cooperation with the Messe Augsburg JEC Group and the Carbon Composites e. V. (CCeV) launched. The internationally oriented event will thereby provide a platform for the entire industry with a focus on mechanical engineering, aerospace, construction and infrastructure,... Read more
Microsonic0315 The Dortmunder specialist Ultraschallsensorik celebrated its 25 anniversary, the inauguration of the new headquarters at the Phoenix lake with an open day. Today the company is one of the three largest manufacturers of ultrasonic sensor worldwide. So has Microsonic its production capacity at the new location Phoenix Lake doubled. On a round 4300 sqm plot a three-storey building with production and storage areas, laboratories for the development and management of an office floor was built,... Read more
festo0315The Technologiefabrik Scharnhausen Festo is the high-tech location Germany a decisive impetus for the automation of the future. Lean and energy-efficient processes, the highest quality products and a strong customer focus as well as a sustainable and environmentally conscious production characterize the factory, in which the automation company valves, valve terminals and electronics manufactures. Read more

From the fields

Drive Systems

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Case Study of Tsubaki
Drive elements for the high demands of the paper industry


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Articles by Baumer
A 50 years Precision switch moves with the times
Baumer Start

Electrical Engineering

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Expert knowledge of Harting
Measurement made up to the batch size 1  

Harting start1

Fluid Technology

  • Hydraulic Drive with integrated safety functionality

    Siemens0415 High forces in a small space: This provides the Sinamics S120 Hydraulic Drive. It consists of a dynamic hydraulic control and the space-saving interface module Sinamics S120 HLA. Commissioning, operation, diagnostics and servicing of the Sinamics S120 done easily in Sinumerik Operate. For this purpose, the automatic valve characteristics identification in the commissioning screens integrated.... Read more
  • Energy-saving technologies for industrial refrigeration systems

    LR0315 Fakuma A5 Hall, Booth 5308

    With the "Ecopro" series presents L + R Refrigeration Now a series of refrigeration systems and a new standard before. Highly efficient and optimized control modules provide high energy savings, especially in varying cooling requirements. Latest components and control of the systems guarantee at all times the demand provisioning...
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  • Non-contact, dry-running pump with optimized claw profile

    elmo0315 Fakuma A5 Hall, Booth 5110

    Elmo Rietschle shows the new "Zephyr C-VLR / C-DLR" -Klauenpumpen series for use in the plastics industry. In five sizes, this was an application-oriented design improved. The optimized jaw profile of non-contact, dry-running pump sets the stage for a significantly reduced noise level: Through targeted Soundengineering the sound pressure level was compared...
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Article by AS-Schneider
Individual industrial valves for improved system reliability, even under high pressure

Schneider start

Development Office

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Article by PTC
Calculation software with electronic Notitzbuch

PTC start

Machine Elements

  • Kit for direct workpiece clamping of individual parts and small batches

    schunk0315 EMO Hall 10 stand E06

    Especially as they occur, inter alia, in tool and mold applications Schunk has developed a modular system for direct workpiece clamping. In the production of individual parts and small batches, it can be an important piece of the puzzle for more productivity and efficiency. Leave Assistance modular clamping columns...
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  • Removable angle joints for individual lengths from a quantity of 1

    igus0315 Motek Hall 4 stand 4310

    Igus has the removable " Igubal "-Winkelgelenk combined with the user-friendly joining method of crimping. This customized lengths from quantity of 1 are possible. Easily assembled and disassembled the joints also have a high retention force to 300 N - completely lubricant and maintenance-free....
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  • Versatile, compact and reliable clamping technology

    roemheld0315 EMO Hall 11, Stand H09 / G11

    A selection especially with multiple applications, compact and reliable process clamping technology innovations provides Roemheld, including a new centering clamping element that can be used thanks to its Backenhubs for very large workpieces. The direct clamping of components allow Stark zero point clamping systems with integrated balancing function. In 5-axis machining Hilma MC offer Workholding...
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Case Study of Rollon
Linear guides facilitate the unloading of containers

Rollon Home


  • Modular scan frame for optical scanning cells

    witte0315 The optical component testing requires due to their universal applicability, quick referencing and short measuring times in the workpiece receiving solutions that meet the specific parameters for this measurement systems to 100% invoice. Witte has already found these new challenges in the very early stage of development of optical measuring systems and even has... Read more
  • Precise temperature monitoring and control in processes with interface modules

    pepperl10315 Technical Articles

    SPS IPC Drives 7A Hall, Booth 330

    In process technology oriented productions, the temperature is a frequently used physical size. She has a decisive influence on parameters such as efficiency and energy consumption. The same applies to the degree of drying, for example in fluidized bed systems. To use the measured temperatures for control functions,... Read more

  • Roughness for just standard geometries

    blum0315 EMO Hall 5 stand C21

    The Roughness TC63-RG by Blum Novotest was specially developed for high-precision roughness measurements on even standard geometries such as connecting rod and cylinder bores, sealing surfaces or bearing seats. That's according to the manufacturer currently the only machine tools suitable solution for roughness. The measuring system is a combination of analog roughness sensor, standard accessories such as extensions and elbows...
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Article by GfM
Condition monitoring for machine tool spindles

GFD start

Mounting + Joining Technique

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Case Study of Vogt Ultrasonics
Optimization of the welding process by ultrasound

Vogt Home

Materials + Procedures

  • Ceramic Pins for welding technology last longer

    doceram03151 Blechexpo / Schweisstec Hall 6, 6404 Stand

    Like to use that designers and users of sheet metal and welding equipment metallic materials for their machines, is obvious. When it comes to fixing sheet metal and components in automated welding lines, but offers the renunciation of (hard) metal clear advantages. Because Pins made of ceramic hold in...
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  • The future of the metal laser melting

    toolkraft0315 Airtec Hall C3, Stand D52

    The metal laser melting has mastered the leap from Rapid Prototyping to the approved production technology. In a variety of industries parts additively manufactured to be used. To meet the needs of customers more effectively, expanding Tool Craft again its machinery. The company is investing in a multi M2 Cusing laser facility from the...
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  • Rapid Prototyping: Create tools with 3D Print

    poeppelmann0315 Fakuma B5 Hall, Booth 5107

    Pöppelmann K-Tech presented at Fakuma new methods of additive manufacturing To quickly create functional samples for technical injection molded parts made of plastic. These are, for example in the field of renewable energies, in machine and apparatus construction, electrical and automotive industries....
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Case Study of German steel works
Hot work tool steel when tested at die-casting molds

melted start

From the specials

Applied Research

  • Hot electrons have to achieve the perfect light capture

    TUKL0315 Research Report

    Light absorbing layers play a role in many everyday applications - for example in solar cells or sensors. With their help, light is converted into electricity or heat. The layers catch the light a formally. Although these absorber layers are widely used, researchers do not yet understand what mechanism trapping... Read more

  • Floating stations communicate with wireless routers on the Internet

    bfh0315 In the current student project Smoje (Smart buoy) the Berner Fachhochschule stuck technology and consulting the Netmodule AG. Each floating station a wireless router NB1600 is integrated, which enables communication with the Internet. In the vote of the components and protocols, the company contributed its longstanding embedded expertise and project expertise.... Read more
  • Combustion engines with built-in lightweight cylinders plastic housing

    fraunhofer0215 If cars are lighter, and the motor must slim down. For example, by preparing him FRP: Such cylinder housing weigh up to 20% less than aluminum structures at approximately the same cost. Because they can be produced by injection molding in high volume. A prototype of such a motor was at the Hanover Fair... Read more
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Research Report of the CSEM
One cubic meter of small micro-camera based on solar technology

CSEM start


  • Efficient and comfortable seating cooling increases ride comfort and road safety

    papst0315 Modern cars are virtually entirely equipped with air conditioning, which makes for a pleasant room temperature in the car. However, it can cool only where the cool air also reach. In the car seats, no air exchange takes place on the back of the driver practically. Here, only one active seat ventilation increase comfort.... Read more
  • Electronic Stability Control with more software integration

    ZF0315 ZF TRW has continued to develop its electronic stability control ESC. The system not only allows numerous advanced braking functions, but can also act as an integration platform "black box", which software algorithms to control functions for automated driving , Safety, chassis and powertrain hosting.... Read more
  • Platform for automated driving facilitates development

    elektrobit0315 Elektrobit , Infineon and Nvidia facilitate automotive manufacturers and suppliers, the development of driver assistance systems (ADAS), which meet the highest safety standards. The automotive software specialist, the chip manufacturer and the world leader in visual computing present a unique joint development platform for automated driving. The new solution is the high computational power available, which is required to the... Read more
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Research Report of Fraunhofer
Electric vehicles wirelessly load and unload

fraunhofer start

Renewable Energies

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Journal article the Energy Initiative
Development of solar energy and predictions for the future

energy initiative start


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Article by Digital Power
New Level ease of use in Smart Home

digitalSTROM start

Food and Beverage Industry

  • ISO 15552 cylinder and valve solutions for maximum system security

    IMI0315 FMB 020 Hall, Booth A21

    IMI Precision Engineering presents new cylinders for the food industry as well as components, solutions and services for safety technology and functional safety. Cylinders, which are used in manufacturing processes of the food and beverage production must have either closed or rounded surfaces. Exactly on this requirement profile were the new...
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  • Air spring elements stop vibrations in chocolate production

    ACE30315 User Report

    Motek Hall 5 stand 5124

    Belgian chocolates and pralines: Alone at these words returns one a feeling of satisfaction and relaxation at many gourmets. These are now the neighbors of a Belgian chocolate maker brings. Because with the help of ACE shock absorber has succeeded in the formerly calm disturbing production at Libeert... Read more

  • EHEDG zertigizierte gland for hygienic areas

    hummel0315 SPS IPC Drives 4 Hall, Booth 336

    The cable gland HSK-INOX-HD Pro Bumblebee is certified by EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group). Thus, the stainless steel nuts and meets all standards of hygiene and cleanability standards in the food industry. Designed these fittings are visible for all areas in which possible deposits of bacteria and microorganisms...
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Case Study of Schmersal
Hygienic safety technology for the dairy production

Schmersal start

Medical Technology

  • Print implants with Laser

    Laserzentrum0315 Whether patients matched Microimplants or micro-implants with drug depots - additive method are ideally suited for the production of such components. Scientists at Laser Zentrum Hannover (LZH) have been established within the framework of the joint project "REMEDIS" laser melting process to produce implants made of platinum, nickel-titanium (NiTi) or stainless steel fully automatic or coat.... Read more
  • Individual housing and system solutions for medical technology

    polyrack0315 Compamed Hall 08B, Stand J31

    Polyrack offers cross-technology housing and system solutions for medical technology. Tailored to applications in medical technology are among others Panel PC for HMI / MMI applications, backplanes and microcomputer packaging systems (MPS), integrated solutions for plug-in and desktop enclosure as well as thermoplastic injection molding and sheet metal parts. The product and system development of components and assemblies up...
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  • Ball slewing rings mastering large tilting moments in medical technology

    rodriguez0315 User Report

    The Ball Slewing Rodriguez proven themselves in many applications, as well as in medical technology. Here carry the special ball slewing rings in a C-arm x-ray device to the high precision of the system. Thanks to high performance machinery drive specialists of the precision bearings for a given application can be customized.

    Read more
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Case Study of Mitsubishi
Facts, trends and prospects of the pharmaceutical and medical technology

Mitsubishi Home

Microsystem Technology

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Article by Renesas
Microcontroller for the industrial Internet of Things

Renesas start

Mobile Working Machines

  • Open source protocol for mobile automation

    EPSG0415 Agritechnica Hall 15, Stand H05

    Conventional bus systems in mobile machines are increasingly reaching their limits. Performance and bandwidth are not sufficient for modern automation solutions. Therefore, the industry is looking for a new backbone bus system, which complements the existing CAN bus. The Ethernet Powerlink Standardization Group (EPSG) presents the real-time protocol Powerlink...
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  • Versatile and customized drive chains for harvesters

    iwis0315 Agritechnica Hall 15, Stand E19

    The chains of the brand "Elite" of Iwis Agrisystems have been specially developed for use in round balers. The farm equipment chains offer increased wear resistance and are available in various configurations. So they can be versatile and demand used in various brands. The chains also offer a...
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  • Multi coupling systems for demanding hydraulic applications

    Winkler0315 CEJN is continuously developing quick couplings for pneumatic, hydraulic, liquids and gases. With the introduction of "Multi-X", the company also offers high-quality multi-port solutions for mobile hydraulics. Winkler leads the Multi-X range now available in its range. The multiple couplings have been developed to meet the needs of complex mobile hydraulics and allow the coupling of several hydraulic lines in... Read more
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ghvghv offers direct sales drive and automation components from renowned manufacturers as a system solution based on the components of. The products range of asynchronous motors by frequency, gear motors, brushless DC drives, servo systems, linear systems, control systems for the automation of motion to warning and indicator lights for all industries. Is a separating and positioning used in the manufacturing process, there is a design task from the basic data moving mass, speed, durability and positioning - and, if possible, low maintenance and reliable. CEO Hubert Hausjell can recommend in such cases the pairing A4 / ELM. The motor in the drive must be capable of very accurately output the signals and then to react the axis as the actuator without loss. For a precise approach of the mounting points provide ELM linear axes of El.More, driven by Panasonic servo motors Minas A4. This engine is one of the racers in the vendor program. Its low inertia makes him highly dynamic. The real-time auto-tuning facilitates the configuration and ensures short commissioning times, the sampling time of 1000 Hz enables fast and accurate positioning. Adaptive filter, suppressing vibrations and resonances at different acceleration are compensated.

The axes of the covered ELM series are especially suitable for use in sensitive environments or in continuous operation. Here is also the axis of his own well protected against dirt. ELM axes have a polyurethane Abdeckriemen which runs along and not protect from the outside to the inside and from the inside to the outside provides. The open interface to the carriage is kept very small and durable cover and run. This is made possible by a special design of the Abdeckriemens. Premature lengths and porosity can be avoided thanks to clever attachment.

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