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Wednesday, August 16, 2017
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Bellows made of renewable raw materials

steinbock0316Leather is one of the oldest used by mankind materials. This natural product is, inter alia, tear-resistant, flexible, durable, resistant to aging and temperature resistant. This is based on the three-dimensional micro-fine network of skin fibers, whereby a leather grams can have up to 300 m² interior surface. Capricorn provides for harsh environments Lederfaltenbälge as material protection.

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Klangspiel demonstrated vibration reduction for machine beds

durcrete0314 newAMB Hall 4, Stand A76

Machines must now have a high internal damping to work faster and more accurately. Avoiding unwanted vibrations at the same time extended the life of the tools, optimizing the life-cycle cost of the machine. A high vibration damping leads to higher accuracy and lower tool wear. Durcrete demonstrated the device at a sound game, which makes the dynamic effects audible and thus perceptible to the senses.

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High performance fillers with enhanced thermal conductivity and luminosity in the dark

quarzwerke0913K 8a Hall, Booth H32

High performance fillers of HPF The Mineral Engineers basieren to naturally occurring and synthetic minerals, such as quartz, wollastonite, kaolin or mica. Enter plastics amazing functional or optical properties. New from this group of plants belonging to the quartz manufacturers are "Silatherm", a filler which significantly increases the thermal conductivity of thermoplastics and thermosets, without at the same time to increase the electrical conductivity, as well as the afterglow filler "Silglow".

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Machine beds made Nanodur dampen vibrations

durcrete0613EMO 7 Hall, Booth E 27

Machine beds made Nanodur (Ultra High Performance Concrete UHPC) for machine tools, woodworking centers and gauges dampen unwanted vibrations, enabling higher processing speeds and are also ecologically sound. Durcrete also introduces the new grout "Durfill". The filling material absorbs at hybrid or sandwich structures the vibrations, reduces noise radiation, increasing the stiffness and the thermal inertia.

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Tricky positioning and movement tasks on solid granite bed

epucret0812Motek Hall 3, 3315 Stand

With the Product range Eputronic reacts Epucret on the increasing market demands on machine dynamics and accuracy of future machines. At Motek triggers a speed stacking machine tricky positioning and movement tasks. The machine has been specially developed for the show. It leads - much like humans - the skill sport Speed ​​Stacking (stack quickly) and stacks with the characters defined path movements.

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Machine beds made of new premium cement

DurcreteEMO Hall 7 stand E45

Experience the Company durcrete develops and sells machinery beds from "Nanodur" concrete. As the exhibitor explains, machine beds and tool frames allow the new material from low-vibration machines with higher speeds and reduced tool wear. Made of special cement concrete components dampen vibration. The non-combustible material reacts due to its thermal inertia slowly to temperature changes, enabling high accuracy.

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