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Monday, July 23, 2018
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Measure the temperature of high-temperature resistant thermoplastics

instronThe "Ceast HDT Vicat 500 Aloxide" of Instron interspersed with a Test temperature of 50 ° ° C up to 500 new standards for the Determination of Vicat softening temperature (VST, 306 ISO) and the heat distortion temperature (HDT, ISO 75) of plastics. Hitherto conventional systems use for tempering the test specimen silicone oils, which can be used due to their flashpoint usually only up to around 300 ° C.

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Fast temperature measurement for industry

daysWith the digital pyrometer "PYROSPOT DSRF 44N" has DIAS Infrared an infrared thermometer with fiber optic cable developed which reliably measures largely independent of the emissivity and even in harsh environments. It extends the robust pyrometer through a special lens that even a small measuring field fill to capture in a range of up 700 1800 ° C. The exact temperature.

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IR thermometer with high precision resolution 0,025 ° C

optrisOptris GmbH expanded the product of High Performance Series to the laser optris CS LT hs. In order for the high-precision measurement principle of the established compact sensor optris CS Micro 2W hs in an even more powerful device version is available. The optris CS LT hs laser is used to measure small temperature differences from 0,025 ° C. Exact temperature measurement plays such as the examination of product homogeneity in the semiconductor industry, a major role. But also in other industries, where the temperature is a crucial parameter for the determination of product characteristics, the sensor is used.

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High-precision version of the world's smallest digital humidity sensor

sensirionIn April 2010 Sensirion started serial production of the SHT21. This is the standard version of the new generation of digital humidity and temperature sensors. Now launched the sensor manufacturer, a high precision version for applications with high accuracy requirements. The SHT25 completes the family of digital humidity sensors, Analogous to the proven high-end versions of SHT1x and SHT7x series.

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Micro sensor for humidity and temperature

DriesenWith a diameter of only mm 4 has Driesen + Kern GmbH created the opportunity to realize humidity measurements in screeds, masonry, insulation shells or packaging, etc. with only small holes, or small puncture marks. The DKRF410 probe in a range of ... 0 100% RH are used and has an accuracy of up to ± 2% RH. Same time the temperature in the range-40 ° ... + 80 ° C is measured. For a quick measurement provides the Ansprechsprechzeit of 4 s (T63).

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Pyrometer with fiber optics for measuring temperature

daysWith the new PYROSPOT Series 11 has DIAS Infrared GmbH from Dresden developed four digital pyrometer with fiber optic cables for industrial applications in the steel, ceramic and metal industry and in soldering and in furnace. They allow non-contact temperature measurement in hard to reach places. Configuration can be done completely on the device with keyboard and display or via the RS-485 interface.

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