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Monday, June 18, 2018
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ace10413Success Story

8,1 m long, 3,5 t and still operated by children: They are designed for the Dutch Floriade 2012 and "Swing" baptized water toys of the metal workshops of the Baden-Württemberg Deggenhausen. With its dimensions, it was one of the major eye-catcher in the garden exhibition in Venlo. Thus, it was about the joy of children and parents, and is still used today, put the Inventor and designer David Fox the tube-like "Tube "structural damping from ACE.

ace40413Watering cans and buckets are proven means for decades on playgrounds to transport water. Water play areas offer some still piping systems to increase the fun factor. The starting point in pumps, taps or wells. In this particular use case, we are dealing with larger scale: The designer David Fox was awarded the contract on his swings resembling the Floriade site in Venlo in a lake to platzieren.Das principle of the crane arms formations can be tapped by name. They swing from the lake to the shore and back. While the oversized tubes absorb at one end to 30 l, the water, the entire length of the pitot tubes of 7 m lays back on high pendulums and shoots at the other end to the great joy of the operator on the water playground out back. The pipe is in this case balanced by a pivoting counterweight.

Magnetic brake was not enough

First, in the planning stage it was envisaged that a magnetic brake should protect the final positions from forces that would be caused by incorrect handling. This was due to the start of the project based on the data entered in the CAD model. In the test phase, however, it turned out that much larger forces occurred that led to the failure of the magnetic brake and therefore fully punched through onto gear. Of playing children and adult hands moved with this solution would predict improper operation and damage was also not excluded.

But in order to implement the clever engineering of the metal workshop, the company owner and senior engineer David Fox went looking for a savior in need His first stop: The ACE shock absorber GmbH in Langenfeld: "In the Swing similar construction we use since the year 2001 an ACE industrial shock absorbers, "says Fuchs. "Today is not the first example of the use, without it ever came even close to problems."

Shorter overall length brings benefits

ace30413In reliance on an alternative to the shock absorbers Fox asked for a solution to his swing construction. Because due to the rotating motion of the limited space and this time was no working hydraulic damper in question: "Otherwise I would have built it because of the positive experiences in the past from the beginning," said Fox.

His supervisor at ACE punched him in the face of design drawings before the tube dampers. The machine elements made of co-polyester elastomer are an inexpensive alternative to hydraulic dampers, if - as in this case - some spring-back is allowed. Although the producer of the water pumping facility was aware of the existence of this modern machine elements, but not their performance. It quickly became clear later in that for the present task of the seven available structural damper series, TS series would work best.

Operation of the water toy

The toy consists of a dip tube, a Bedienerrad and a transmission gear: To understand this is to look at the water pumping object and its operation is worth. By turning the wheel to the right, the tube submerged in the lake and will soak up water. When this process is completed, you turn to the left, and the tube is slowly moving towards vertical and empties itself. In this case there are no problems. If the youthful exuberance, however, during the pumping process, the wheel turned too far, there is a relatively rapid rollover into the tube to the end position. This needs to be protected, so as to leave no damage to the overall structure.

For such emergency stop inserts the tube dampers are predestined. With several million possible load changes their life outperforms competing solutions such as rubber dampers tenfold and even steel springs still fivefold. Designed as an axially soft damping machine elements has the built-TS series here on an approximately linear damping characteristic. That is, there is a uniform energy absorption along the cushion. ACE has designed the TS-Series for a minimum of energy consumption at a maximum height in the range of up to 2 966 Nm Nm per stroke. The damper of the type used here TS90-47 is weighing 490 g zweitvoluminöseste the TS series and "swallows" on his 47 mm long stroke length up to 778 Nm.

Material has to be resistant to

ace20413Not only are these key figures, but also a maximum allowable impact velocity of 5 m / s made him a suitable candidate for use on the big water playground. They were joined by more positive features of the damping material. This is resistant to microbes, seawater, chemicals, and has a very good UV and ozone resistance. That sea water can not harm the material, is among other things, that the co-polyester elastomer does not absorb water and therefore also does not swell.

Like her other siblings from the other six tube-sets with nearly 150 variants offer the models chosen in this case as a maintenance-free and install panels a constant attenuation at temperatures between-and 40 90 ° C. They are also easy to integrate using a supplied with the special screw into existing constructions. As supplied by the metal workshop after Venlo models could swing in a garden of the most important exhibitions in the world from the beginning reliable service. David Fox had indeed already after the good experience with the ACE shock absorber suspected of metal studio in his older designs. But the cheaper TUBE surprised him not only beneficial because of their large attenuation performance with low space requirements, but also because of their longevity.

Another contribution of the manufacturer          CAD data          This e-mail address is being protected from spambots To display JavaScript must be turned on!

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