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Thursday, September 21, 2017
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federalSuccess Story

The new emperor went on 29 lock in Bremerhaven. April in 2011 officially operating. It is more than 300 m long, 55 m wide and 13 m deep and is one of the world's largest lock installations. The Federal-Mogul Deva GmbH Stadtallendorf of the sliding bearings has provided for the huge Tilt and slide the lock gates, and thus breaking new ground. For the first time is used as one of the sliding partners granite. After extensive test is a specially modified version of the application for this material has proven to be ideal deva.tex.

In steel construction, it is the concurrent use of stainless steel components and so-called "black" steel often unacceptably high corrosion attack. IRS Rapsch & Schubert of Wurzburg has therefore sought for the bearings of the vertical sliding doors for the new construction of the Imperial lock in Bremerhaven for alternatives. The choice fell on granite, a native, mineral material, which was first installed in such an application.

The developers of Federal-Mogul Deva have been tasked to find a material that is both under water and in air, ensuring the required sliding characteristics: long life of 25 years, constant friction, renouncing any lubrication during the life cycle. deva.tex, a built-up of two layers of bearing material appeared in the very special requirements best. The base layer of glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin with permits deva.tex high strength, the sliding layer of non-abrasive fibers and solid lubricants provide very good tribological properties even underwater and in edge pressure. This material has proven itself in many applications with high and prolonged static and dynamic loads at relatively low speeds well.

Huge tidal range

federal2In the specific case of Kaiserschleuse were also larger geometric variations such as application-bending deformations due to the applied water back pressure (alone by the tides of 3,8 m it is about 400 t) to take into account. As a direct consequence may arise edge pressure, which would, at worst, lead to overload and destroy the sliding rails. The formation of a transfer film, which is the controlled transfer of solid lubricants to the mating material here mineral follows different rules than in the case of metallic materials.

On its proprietary dynamometers at Deva in Stadtallendorf after some adaptation work could those operating conditions are simulated, which can be expected in the Imperial lock for the lock gates: each 56,7 m wide, 9,5 m deep, 21,2 m t up slowly and 2400. The experiments with the sliding of granite and the more developed deva.tex were successful and confident. Now every gate sits on eight DEVA bearings, called "Kenter runners", with granite as sliding, each 260 x1250 mm and only 35 mm thick - and yet powerful enough for the enormous facility.

Each ship has the Tide

The lock is integral to the functioning of the port infrastructure. For any ship that wants to clear his charge in the inner harbor of Bremerhaven, must be funneled because of the tide. Now, the doors can reliably do what they were designed: They seal the lock chamber and enable the exchange of water in the lock operation. They are divided horizontally into two sections. Hydraulic cylinders raise the upper part of the lock gate by up to 70 cm. Here too deva.tex-sliders set in combination with granite tops the exact guidance safely. Due to the resulting filling gap in the lock gate, the water can flow freely. The filling gap is there below the water surface. Thus currents are minimized inside the lock, and the filling or emptying time of the lock chamber can be accelerated. In the new Kaiserschleuse takes this lock operation on average only 10 min. Then descends again and the gate is on the side of the "capsize Sled" pulled in the designated gate chamber.

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