pfannenberg0216Pfannenberg has the "Ecool "family to cooling devices with capacities of up to 1000 1500 W for the door or side mounting (DTS) and partially recessed mounting (DTI) erweitert.Damit now benefit users in this popular application of the advantages of this cooling device series. Of particular note here is the high energy efficiency that results from the market-leading efficiency of the cooling equipment.

This EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) is defined as the ratio of the useful cooling output of the cooling unit and its nominal power consumption. The cooling units Ecool family reduce energy consumption compared to conventional models by up to 43%, in standby mode even to more 10%.

To the efficient cooling performance and the large distance between intake and exhaust vents contribute alongside specially developed components that ensure an effective flow through the cabinet, thus avoiding the formation of hot spots.

In addition, the cooling units are low-maintenance and easy to service, resulting in reduced operating costs. The concept of cut-compatibility allows easy conversion of the previous generation and the flexible exchange with air / air or air / water heat exchangers of the same series.

At the model with Multi-Controller of the power saving mode is included as standard. An additional temperature sensor allows it to automatically turn on or off the fan depending on the measured temperature in the cabinet interior. The multi-master function of this controller ensures a constant temperature even in large groups cabinet by a simultaneous operation of multiple cooling units. A service interface allows external parameter setting and reading the fault memory via a PC. Optionally, a Modbus-interface to be integrated in order to enable communication with the machine control.

The design of the cooling units is easy to service. Thanks to continuous segment compatibility, users can convert easily to the new series.
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