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Friday, June 22, 2018
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Updates on the brake

Safety brake, permanent magnet, spring pressure, dampers, rotary brakes

needlesSuccess Story

Bread slicers need anywhere in the world in bakeries and supermarkets in the shadows to eke behind inaccessible to customers counter. Because Daub Bakery Machinery BV from the Netherlands offers in over 100 countries attractive to designed models that allow customers to share the bread itself. For safe, easy operation bear the rotary dampers ACE shock absorbers GmbH at.




"Do you want it cut or whole?" This question can arise at many bakeries and supermarkets in the world itself. Because there shown here bread slicers are increasingly freely accessible to customers without compromising those costs to their safety or the sales figures. On the contrary: The shift from behind the counter in the front of the field reduces the personnel costs, thus increasing the profits of the companies they onset. Sooner or later, is therefore be expected that bread slicers like the D-Self Slicer will prevail more and more. The Dutch have been producing over 100 years back innovative technology to export their products and solutions globally and set themselves the right to make the "tradition of the future". To meet this creed, they put on their own and with the products from suppliers emphasis on quality, flexibility and style. In the production of D-Self slicer they have found a partner with the ACE and its products in the damping sector are known for just these criteria.

Sharp Knives

Perfectly trained and experienced in dealing with bread slicers is not a customer. The safety regulations in Germany and the Netherlands are therefore high demands on customer protection. For the developers of D-Self slicer was therefore the specification that a violation must be excluded, which could be caused by the sharp knife of automatically operating machine. Consequently, as seen optically clear, a fold-down door designed. The automatic bread slicing process will not start unless the door is closed completely. The ease of use and the obvious for every user security lead to a reduction of inhibitions, and thus to an acceptance from the customers.

Rotary Dampers protect

ace2Smooth opening and closing of the door is important not only for safety in the bread slicers - it also ensures the customers, but also comfortable for use. Geschähe the up and down pulling the attractively designed hood to jerky, it would not fit into the design of the modern do-it-yourself bread slicer with rounded, symmetrical shapes and the different colored side panels. That the guard would be slowed down in their end positions of the muscle strength of the operator, or to open and close even with a loud clatter or leaves, was not an option. It had a dampening solution can be found, which rounds off the successful concept and provides a guided, harmonic motion. The designers opted for cooperation with the representatives of the ACE in the Benelux countries, Ralf Küppers. This suggested rotary dampers before the integration into the hood mechanism.

The test positions taken place quickly, the tests were successful, and so now rotary dampers come from Type FDT57 in the double-acting bread slicer used. In the single-acting version work very similar-looking representative of the type FDN57. The latter differ in that they open and close more smoothly than the sides and continuous models of type FDT57. Besides cushioning the maintenance-free, pre-finished machine parts differ even in their braking torque. This is the FDT braking 4,7 Nm and at the one-sided counterparts 5,5 Nm even higher. The key data are chosen so that even 80% of their maximum performance yet sufficient to be able to control the damper open and harmonious as close. For in both cases, the brakes have also yet to 50.000 cycles this 80% of maximum capacity. Equal in both models of the length fields and that the force is transmitted to the shaft or via a gear and the opening and closing of the protective flap silicone oil is passed through an orifice or a slit. The viscosity of the oil as well as the cross section of the choke thereby determine the braking torque. In other cases, is to use the braking torque during operation to be changed, an adjustment to an adjustment screw.

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