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Friday 31. October 2014
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springer0414 Industry 4.0

The next stage of industrial development, industrial 4.0, requires the mastery of multidisciplinary development and production of complex, intelligent systems. Our industry is not prepared for it. Organization, processes, management - everything is focused on products with only a small proportion of software. The corporate leaders must develop holistic strategies. A simple improvement of individual parts of the company is not enough. In addition to a general analysis of the situation and the resulting challenges outstanding representatives from industry come... Read more
Turck04141 Turck has taken 50% of the shares of its long-standing Canadian distributor Chartwell Automation Inc., which operates since then under Turck Chartwell Canada Inc.. On 1. Mülheim automation specialist is 2017 October acquire the remaining shares and thus be 100 percent owner of the new national society, Turck Inc. Canada. Mark and Steve Boehmer (pictured), the two founders of Chartwell, have signed long-term management contracts.... Read more
Hedgehog Electric has with its "Made in Germany" strategy strengthened on German know-how. The system integrator drive technology planning another production site in Germany and provides both at its headquarters in sending Horst as well as in production new employees. With the expansion of production, the company is committed to intelligent solutions in the electronic drive technology clearly to the business location Germany. Read more
Turck0414 For the current fiscal year 2014 expects the Mülheim automation specialist Turck with a consolidated group turnover of around 470 million euros. According to Turck's managing director Christian Wolf, the family can thus be realized by the end of a sales increase of over 5%. The number of employees rose 2014 world of 3350 on more than 3500. Exactly half of them employs the Turck Group at its German sites in Beier field, Detmold, Halver and Mülheim an der... Read more
jumo0414With the successful groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion of the Belgian subsidiary Jumo Automation PGmbH the way for further growth of the company were asked. The investment volume amounts to around EUR 850.000. At the site Eupen 35 employees produce high quality temperature sensors for industrial use. The above-average growth in recent years has enabled the company to come up against capacity limits, however. Read more
trelleborg0414Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Stein am Rhein has tripled its cleanroom production. Thus, the specialist is for sealing solutions from liquid silicone rubber (LSR) both increased demand for current products as well as increasing demand for new products in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. The Company is a development partner and produces the series products of numerous pharmaceutical companies and medical device companies. Read more
vde0414 Dream job electrical engineer? For Young Professionals of Electrical and Information Engineering, the answer is clearly "Yes". They keep their jobs for much more attractive than that of lawyers and business host. The VDE questioned about 250 professionals for his study "Young Professionals of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology" and these are the results: Around nine out of ten of the respondents electrical engineers describe their profession as varied, exciting, socially useful and as an intellectual challenge.... Read more

From the fields

Drive Systems

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Articles by Mayr
Safety brakes monitoring for Stage Technology
Mayr start


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Case Study of IFM
RFID with AS-i mounting monitors in the cleaner production
ifm start

Electrical Engineering

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Press Conference of B + R
Efficient Power Amplifier with safety function

Bachler start

Fluid Technology

  • Ball valves lock abrasive media safely

    bormann0414 Ball valves ensure the safe isolation of numerous process media. However, abrasive or corrosive multiphase mixtures, vapors and liquids destroy common soft seals quickly. The result is unwanted leakage. Bormann + Neupert now offers ball valves with metal to metal seal for applications where aggressive media meet at high temperatures and large pressure differences.... Read more
  • Exact positioning in the auger filler

    rovema0414 The auger fillers of Rovema are known for their reliability, product protection and metering in the filling. A flexible use of the auger filler allows height adjustment, which is quantified using a hydraulic hoist with manual operation. This meets the current safety standards however, now only inadequate. Therefore Rovema now offers a... Read more
  • High-pressure nozzles for high-speed machining

    ibt0314 The faster the cutting process, the more likely pushes the conventional coolant supply to its limits. The engineering firm Thiermann showed by his own admission on the AMB a world novelty: the " Loc-Line "-Hochdruckdüsen for high speed cutting. The nozzles are resistant to pressure bar to maximum 70 and ensure the process safe and reliable cooling for high-speed applications.... Read more
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Expertise of Deprag Schulz
Guidelines for designers to select pneumatic actuators

deprag start

Development Office

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Lecture VDMA
Study on product: 71 percent affected

zimmermann start

Machine Elements

  • Self-lubricating plain bearings for dry running

    norelem0414 The ready Plain Bearings of a steel-bronze-plastic composite or pure sintered bronze are self-lubricating and therefore maintenance-free. They are both dry-as well as in lubricated applications in a wide range of electrical appliances, machinery and plant in use. The plain bearings have a high chemical resistance and meet the EU RoHS Directive. In Norelem... Read more
  • Robust, powerful and precise ball slewing rings

    Rodriguez0414 Ball Slewing Rings (CDC) are always in demand when it comes to supporting large tilting moments or if the particular design large bearing diameter requires as bearings of rotary tables. The KDV-portfolio Rodriguez includes single and double row slewing rings with outer diameters of up 100 5000 mm. Here are the kippsteifen slewing rings with outer diameters of 100... Read more
  • Synchronized telescopic guidance for smooth, precise movement

    Rollon0414 Rollon by offering an unrivaled range of linear technology for automation and mechanical engineering. The full extension "DSS 43 Syn" was designed for mechanical engineering. It's part of the family " Telescopic Rail ". The full extension of the product line DS consist of two guide rails, which realize in combination with an S-shaped intermediate member full stroke. There is... Read more
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Success Story of Dr. Tretter
Compact C-Rail Systems in Horizontal Bandsaws

Tretter start


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Article by Micropelt.Fritz
Sensor protects against fires in high power distribution

micropelt start neu

Mounting + Joining Technique

  • Peek-bonding for demanding environmental conditions

    delo0414 The bonding of high temperature resistant thermoplastics such as polyetheretherketone PEEK still represents a challenge for many plastics processors. This is due to their low surface energy, the resulting poor wettability and chemical resistance. Evonik and Delo have now presented outstanding test results for Peek-bonding: The "Vestakeep Peek L4000G" can be fixed with epoxy adhesive... Read more
  • Connects the first hybrid adhesive as a Strukturklebung

    henkel0414 Handle introduced with "Loctite 4090" a hybrid adhesive, in which the main characteristics of structure and instant adhesives are united. Strength and speed are as strong combination for high impact resistance and high strength bonds with a variety of materials and high temperature resistance. Their versatility allows a wide range of tasks in the design and... Read more
  • Automatic high-precision add and other handling systems

    ief-werner motek Motek Hall 1 stand 1420

    IEF Werner shows automation and handling solutions that enable users to work extremely efficiently. These include the Servo presses the "Aipress" series That can automatically perform with which high-precision joining processes. The servo presses generation is suitable for integration into systems as well as for use as a stand-alone system. Users can...
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Article by Tox Pressotechnik
New arc process with Einbrandstabilisator

Fronius Start

Materials + Procedures

  • Nickel and copper plating for models from the 3D printer

    creabis0414 Creabis combines the reprap printing Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) with metal coatings. Printed from PLA or ABS components can be copper and nickel. Who needs a piece with a metallic look, but can do without the features all metal printed, machined or molded components, thus comes much cheaper. Also jewelry from the... Read more
  • Plastic with improved flame protection Type for e + e-applications

    basf0414 The new flame-retardant and glass fiber reinforced polyamide (PA) " Ultramid A3U42G6 "now expands the plastic portfolio of BASF. The light dyeable Type is characterized by a particularly easy to process with reduced fouling and corrosive. This helps to increase the maturity of plasticizing and injection molds and reduce maintenance costs. The material meets the... Read more
  • Electrically insulating locating pins from high-performance ceramics

    doceram0314 Electronica A6 Hall, Booth 145

    In the production of electronic components, work equipment must be used, which do not affect the electronic properties of the individual components. This is true even for the smallest elements such as the receiving and positioning, for example, keep circuit boards perfectly in position. At such a critical interfaces provide components from high performance ceramic...
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Articles by Rio
Coating allows lifetimes of more than 1100 h in the salt spray test

rio start neu

From the specials

Applied Research

  • Shaft couplings for field robots Hochschule Osnabrück

    mayr110414 Cover story

    SPS IPC Drives 4 Hall, Booth 268

    At the international Field Robot Event 2014 the team from the University of Osnabrück occupied with his robot "The Great Cornholio" the 3. Place in the overall standings. Mayr power transmission encourages students and contributed backlash, elastic "Roba-ES" shaft couplings at. This same shaft misalignments, are simply... Read more

  • Live-circuit inside the battery discovered phenomenon lithium plating

    TUM0314 Research Report

    Lithium-ion batteries are considered as energy storage of the future and are indispensable especially for electric mobility. You can save a lot of energy, but are relatively compact and lightweight. When charging the battery, but is metallic lithium and deposits, the battery life may be reduced - or even a short circuit occur.... Read more

  • The fuel cell for home

    fraunhofer0314 neu Research Report

    It converts chemical energy directly into electrical. But the market breakthrough of fuel cell was made so far. Too complex were the systems. Fraunhofer and Vaillant have developed a simple device for home use. The researchers were responsible in particular the construction of the prototype, the design of the overall system, the design of ceramic components and... Read more

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Case Study of Mayr
Shaft couplings for the robot field of FH Osnabrück

mayr start


  • Fully automated non-destructive testing system Cardan universal joint shafts

    vogt0414 Developed for an automotive supplier Vogt Ultrasonics a fully automated non-destructive testing system Cardan universal joint shafts. Center of the system is the flexible "ProIine" ultrasonic testing system. It consists of the powerful "Proline USB" Ultrasonic testing software and the user-friendly "Proline Plus". The testing software allows for easy deposit of the various test procedures for the respective drive shafts in the system.... Read more
  • Cockpit concept ensures connectivity of vehicle networks

    visteon0414 Electronica A6 Hall, Booth 343

    The number of consumers who connect their vehicle wirelessly with their mobile devices and cloud services increases daily. This results in an increasing demand for improved data security. Visteon demonstrates this his new Connected cockpit concept "Oasis". It was specially designed for the secure connection of the entire...
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  • Robust high-voltage connectors for electric and hybrid vehicles

    draexlmeier0414 Electronica B3 Hall, Booth 256

    Dräxlmaier presents a HV connector for cross-industry applications such as automotive, marine or rail and rail transport. It was developed for cross-sectional areas of 16 to 50 in mm² aluminum and copper cables for voltages up to and met 1000 V and high DC all safety requirements. So shows the...
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Article by Röchling
Thermodynamics concept combines engine encapsulation and air dampers

roechling start

Renewable Energies

  • Baumer and B-Command join forces for the Rotary

    baumer20414 The SIL2 / PLd certified Geared "Prime CAM "Is the result of joint development of the company Baumer and B-Command. Both partners have their high level of innovation and know-how bundled in this project, which finds its successful completion of the certification and the start of series production of the Prime CAM. The result of this development... Read more
  • Acceleration sensor prevents swinging in wind turbines

    Baumer0414 The SIL2 / PLd-certified Acceleration sensor GAM900S from Baumer was targeted for measurement and monitoring of vibration and shock loads in Wind Turbines developed. Thanks to the precise acceleration information, a swinging up of the system at an early stage prevented by the parent control. In addition, the SIL2- / PLd-compliant integrated limit monitoring reports to the security system any excess using redundant design relay output.... Read more
  • Housing and enclosure systems for hub and tower

    rittal0314 Wind Energy B6 Hall, Booth 459

    Provides for all areas of wind turbines - whether on land or at sea Rittal appropriate housing and enclosure systems - from the hub on the nacelle to the tower. The standardized, modular system technology is characterized by high assembly efficiency, stability and vibration resistance. More efficiency potentials by...
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Food and Beverage Industry

  • Connectors with signal transmission for beer production

    Odu0314 On Saturday it was time to "O'zapft is" at the Oktoberfest in Munich. The largest folk festival in the world including the beer. Is used in the preparation of the Biermaß ODU with an application-specific connection bespoke solution used. The "Mini-PC Snap" convinces with perfect signal transmission in CO 2 Measurement equipment, which in the... Read more
  • Plastic chain for less maintenance and higher productivity in the industrial bakery

    Tsubaki0314 User Report

    The operator of bakeries must place the highest demands on automated processes for economical and efficient production. Here it is important to avoid unwanted downtime and time-consuming maintenance intervals within the highly interrelated in large part production steps such as mixing, fermenting, shaping, baking and cooling. Tsubaki offers a variety of quality brands, which this... Read more

  • Stainless steel safety switch for the Food Industry

    leuze0314 Motek Hall 7 stand 7526

    If a high level of safety (SIL 3, PL e) is required and cleanliness and hygiene play a major role, for example in the food industry, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics, play the Stainless steel switch S420 their benefits fully from. With the new safety hinge switch in stainless steel Leuze Electronic triggers mechanically and hygienically...
    Read more
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Case Study of Tsubaki
Plastic chain for less maintenance and higher productivity in the industrial bakery

Tsubaki start

Medical Technology

  • Customized drives for drug delivery systems

    buehler0414 Compamed 8A Hall, Booth K15

    The increase of chronic diseases in particular makes use of new biological medicines is essential. The main focus is on making the therapy for the patient even if the application in the home safe, simple and comfortable. On the occasion of Compamed invites Buehler all interested parties welcome...
    Read more
  • Non-magnetic resistors for audio applications

    WDI0314 Electronica B6 Hall, Booth 255

    U.S. manufacturers Tepro Vamistor, belonging to the EIT electrical engineering group, (Sales WDI) introduces its new RA series resistance. This axial leaded metal film resistors are non-magnetic and non-inductive. They have been developed specifically for purest sound reproduction and high resolution audio signal processing, for example for medical technology. For this series resistance is very...
    Read more
  • Thermal imaging camera prevents spread of Ebola fever

    optris03141 Motek Hall 9 stand 9400

    Virus epidemics as the H1N1 virus 2009 / 2010 and the Ebola virus 2014 are highly dangerous and provide a global demand for appropriate screening techniques, allowing a fast and non-contact detection of potentially suffering from fever travelers. Optris offers with their Thermal imaging camera "PI 160" "PI 160" a cost-effective and easy...
    Read more
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Case Study of IEF Werner
Sonderpalletierer inhalers provide accurate and quick to

ief start neu

Microsystem Technology

  • Extremely small miniature lever switch for dense board applications

    copal0414 Electronica hall B5 stand 269

    Copal Electronics introduces the new extremely small miniature lever switch Fujisoku before the series CF-LD series. The rocker switch with light lever is available with three different mounting terminals PC-type, rectangular and vertical construction. The lever has grooves for secure and reliable operation with switching function: Single Pole ON-ON....
    Read more
  • A New Generation of data formats in the printed circuit board production

    wuerth0414 Electronica A2 Hall, Booth 602

    In June, the company had 2014 Ucamco, the owner of the Gerber format, called in an open letter to no longer use (RS-274-D) standard Gerber. In the area of ​​data formats that allow data exchange between CAD (development) and CAM (production) in PCB production, now draws a is...
    Read more
  • User-friendly systems for editing of printed circuit boards

    lpkf0414 Electronica A2 Hall, Booth 419

    LPKF presents two new systems for UV-cutting printed circuit boards: the "Micro Line 2000 P" for cutting flexible printed circuit boards and Cover Layer and Micro Line 2000 S tipped for cutting boards with minimal cutting widths. Both systems are available with different laser sources and provide a...
    Read more
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Lecture by Physik Instrumente
Micrometer Just position with magnetic direct drive

PI start neu

Mobile Working Machines

  • Magnetic angle sensors in tough harvesting

    novotechnik10314 Cover story

    SPS IPC Drives 4A Hall, Booth 125

    Increase not only in the industrial automation but also for mobile applications, the requirements for the sensors used constantly. Contactless angle sensors are becoming more common in agriculture therefore required. Magnetic procedures apply here often as favorites. They also work under harsh environmental conditions reliably,... Read more

  • Robust camera system for rear area monitoring in mobile machines

    ifm0314 Not only a sealed, weatherproof aluminum housing in protection IP68 / IP69K, a temperature-controlled heating plate has the new Camera system "O2M "By IFM Electronic . Moreover, it offers high shock and vibration resistance nor the E4-approval. The system is also equipped with an analog video output and universal. ... Read more
  • Electric pump with an attachable compact Li-Ion battery

    cemo0314 neu Compact, mobile diesel filling stations allow time-saving refill of fuel in stationary and mobile devices directly on site. Opposite canisters allows the system to safely transport large quantities and by nozzle without spilling refuel clean. The mobile tank units of the DT-Mobil Easy series of Cemo offer with tank volumes of 125 to... Read more
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rbsAutomatic detection and identification

When using the automatic recognition and identifying there is often the question of "how". What's the application, which better suited: barcodes, data matrix, RFID tags, or perhaps the methods of image processing? In the book "technology first hand (tape 6) - Detect and Identify" 19 experts have compiled their knowledge on the subject, the techniques described, compared and application possibilities are demonstrated. The reader, whether novice or advanced, will move safely after reading in this area. Publisher: Dietrich Homburg, editorial office Stutensee, ISBN-13 978-3-9813987-1-7

Personal message

BASF Person

The Supervisory Board of BASF SE today Sanjeev Gandhi (47) with effect from 1. December 2014 member of the Board appointed .. weiter

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